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Pujya Dr. K.C. Varadachari - Volume -10


1. Has the effulgence of Thine face expanded as the effulgence of Thine crown?

Has the effulgence of Thine feet pervaded Thine lotus – seat1

Has the effulgence of Thine waist mixed with the effulgence of Thine yellow garment and ornaments ?

O Mal, Speak Thou ?

2. O Mal! Supermest Light! Speaking (truly) the lotus is not equal either to Thine eyes or feet or hands

Even the purified gold cannot equal the effulgence of Thine divine body.

To praise Thee with analogous drawn from the world, being mere word will express faults alone.

3. Thou art the supremest light which is transcendent. Because there is not one other equal light, art Thou called the Incomparable Light transcendent. O Thou of transcendent Light, who through Thy will hast created the universes, have revealed Thy Form to me. Govinda! I cannot verily describe Thy nature.
4. When it was incapable of keeping Thine flower-like treasure-form in whose navel-lotus this great universe has its source, then Thou gavest an intellect to various philosophies incapable of attaining Thee. If Thou keepest mind in the blossomed tulasi, will not the great (vast) universe suffer?
5. How can I speak fully Thy qualities who art attained without effort (but who is) to be got with difficult tapas, who have an effulgent body with rays of light spreading all round, who have knowledge without effort, who pervade all objects without limit, who is the knower-destiner (determiner) of the past, present and the future, and who protect the universe in a uniform manner.2
6. Since the Vedic hymnist’s hymns and all its different branches in all the worlds, greatly, Thine qualities describe, but cannot go beyond, O Spouse of Sri, how can I with what speech praise Thee, who have Thine head adorned with red hued Tulasi on thy flowery head, and have Sri who has abandoned the lotus and taken abode in Thy chest?
7. There be many praisers! Out of Thy will Thou hast brought forth first Brahma to create all the water girt worlds.

If the increasing knowledged Hara and other gods who are immortal joined together and praised Thee, will Thine innate qualities be exhausted3

8. Oh Thou of faultless radiant form, neither, increasing nor decreasing, without any uncertainly and other faults, conscient, being all things and controlling all!

When the taintless superconscient head of the gods begins to praise Thee, does the light of Thine perfect lotus-feet become tarnished ?

9. Having in Thine beautiful left hand the disc of unbluntable points, hast Thou not shone by going with Garuda to save Thy service-loving elephant?

If Thou shewest mercy to Thy devotees in the world that is within Thy navel lotus that is caused by Thy illimitable knowledge alone, wilt Thine supreme effulgent light not get enshrouded?

10. Thou who art the effulgent light, flower light enjoyable inner meaning of the four Vedas that veil! O Thou who creating all this universe, separated, eaten up, revealed and measured it! knowing Thy lordship(causality), is it a wonder that the moon-crested matted haired (Hara) and the four faced (Brahma) and Indra are standing (before Thee) for the sake of singing Thine lauds?
11. These ten verses out of the Thousand composed without any doubt as the devoted slave by Sathakopa of the big Kurukur, where dwell in joy men who have won knowledge etc., on the wonder producing qualities and deeds and on that real-knowledge granting Veda-expounded Lord, who is other than the wonderful, will, emancipating those who are on this earth of the three kinds of loud-sounding waters, cut off birth (in samsara)


1 The Lord stands on the Lotus. The effulgence of the lotus does not add beauty to the Lord’s feet rather the effulgence of His feet casts its radiance on the lotus and makes it shine.

2 The world is governed impartially and according to Rta, the One Law, the law of truth, satya. That is why the world is a cosmos not a chaos. There is one law-giver and one supreme Law whose expressions are the many laws pertaining to the several planes of existence and worlds.

3 The qualities are not exhausted either because they are inexhaustible in number or because of their infinite depth and significance. The qualities may not be falsified or distorted by being praised by finite though immortal souls even.