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Volume -4
Sri Aurobindo and the Vedanta
Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy and a justification of Mayavada
Sri Aurobindo and his Philosophy of the Individual Self
The Individual Self in the Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo
Sri Aurobindo and its Philosophy
Sri Aurobindo's Theory of Evolution ( A Criticism by Prof. Malkani examined)
Divine Evolutionism
Sri Aurobindo -1
Sri Aurobindo -2
Sri Aurobindo or the Future of Philosophy
Sri Aurobindo and the Future of Philosophical Studies
Sri Aurobindo's Eighty-Seventh Birthday
Kalidasa and Mysticism and Sri Aurobindo
Indian Philosophy and Modern Psychology
Does Indian Philosophy Need Re-Orientation?
Human Progress - Its Reality and Meaning
"Progress Strikes a Path" The Indian way
A Critique of the Philosophies of History
The Quest for Unity - An Organistic Approach