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Volume -7
  PART - 1 (Idea of God)
The definitions of Religion
Oneness of God
Vedic Conception of the Godhead
God in the Upanisads
God in the Darsanas
God in the pancaratra
God as Mother
The Divine and Mother and Maya
God in the Philosophy of Ramanuja
  PART - 2 (Bhakti)
Aspects of Bhakti
Bhakti – Its Philosophical bases
Bhakti – Sadhana – Bhakti Yoga
Bhakti – Historical
Bhakti Cult in South India
Concept of Lila in Visistadvaitic
Evolution of the concept of Sesa
Some contributions of the Alvars to the Philosophy of Bhakti
  PART - 3 ( Development of Visistadvaita)
Bhagavad Gita
Philosophy of Agamas
Pancaratra Agama
The Theory of Fulguration and Emanation
Philosophy of Vyuhas
Vaikhanasa and Pancaratra
The Acaryas
The Philosophy of Yadava Prakasa
  PART - 4 ( Saranagati – A Critique )
The Ontlogy of Saranagati
Methods of Saranagati
Saranagati – Certain Questions and Doubts