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Pujya Babuji Maharaj Birthday Celebrations 2006 Talks - Gratitude by Dr.K.Madhava


My dear brothers and sisters,

My pranams to all of you on this birthday of our beloved Master Babuji Maharaj. I have chosen the topic of gratitude as a subject for study and understanding.

All of us who have gathered here are having the attitude of gratefulness towards the Master for the peace, bliss and happiness he id showering on us. But we need to go a bit deeper about our attitudes and understand how they influence our behavior.

Attitudes are a particular way of thinking we learn to develop to respond to day to day situations which avoid unnecessary burden on our cognitive faculties. Attitudes can be positive, negative or neutral towards certain situations. The strength of particular attitude also matters in influencing our behavior.

Since the aim on goal of life of all of us who have gathered here is to become a real man. Which is possible by living in tune with Sri Ram Chandra Consciousness. The attitude of gratefulness is very essential for our success.

Gratefulness is closely associated with the attitude of humility. And if these two attitudes occupy your heart, divinity finds a convenient place in your heart. And if the two attitudes are missing or weak or neutral it is difficult for divinity to thrive.

Attitudes are learnt by observing others and also by what our parents and teachers teach us to adopt in early life. But if we have a practical experience in life that shapes our attitude strongly. For example it is commonly advised to avoid smoking and do exercise as a part of a healthy attitude. But this attitude is adopted more in breach. But when somebody develops a heart attack he gives up smoking and starts doing exercise. So practical experience has shaped his attitude.

Before I started meditation my mind was plagued by fears, frustration, insecurity and very many bad thoughts which tormented me. But under the influence of pranahuti mind was lifted to a higher plane and consciousness. Where it was peaceful and joyous. Now this practical experience all of us had. If we contemplate and meditate on the experience and the enormity of help rendered by Master we are bound to develop gratefulness. Attitudes which are developed by a result of practical experience are bound to be strong and permanent. The more we contemplate on the blessings we have retrieved from the
Master the more stronger our attitude of gratefulness becomes.

We should all be grateful to the Master for giving us an opportunity to meet so many brothers and sisters who harbor love for the Master and we can learn so many good attitudes by their influence and behavior.

How will be our behavior if gratefulness takes strong root in our consciousness.
All our actions and behavior become an effort to please the Master and live as per his will. We practice more sincerely because we will feel more personally responsible for the health of human consciousness in general. We develop strong faith in the reality that existence is one and that we are all inter connected and strive sincerely for the negation of self.

We start living the Ten Commandments. This is how the attitude of gratefulness influences our behavior.

Before I end my paper a few personal experiences. I had during the last 4 weeks. This directly relates to the 7th commandment which deals with gratitude. I had a brief illness but inwardly I was happy because I knew some samskara burden was being shed and I felt grateful. This again is experiential because all of us have the experience of lightness after the cleaning session. Which is due to removal of grossness. So know that suffering an illness invariably will be followed by lightness and nearness to Master. But another aspect was the violence in the society, riots and bombings which disturbed me. But Revered Babuji Maharaj saying that nobody ever suffers in contravention to this law used to bring immediate peace. The more I contemplate about the 7th commandment the more peacefully I am able to live in thus apparently violent and unjust society. So pain and suffering should enhance our gratefulness so also joy and peace should enhance gratefulness.

Thanking you