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Pujya Babuji Maharaj Birthday Celebrations 2006 Talks - SERVICE by Sri M. VENKATA RATNAM



Beloved Guide, Dear brothers and sisters

Service is the chief instrument in spiritual life, with out which there will be no progress in spiritual life. They can be broadly classified into three categories such as manual , intellectual and spiritual.

In fact service sector is the main sector which controls and dictates most of the economy of every country.

Pujya Babuji Maharaj puts it in the chapter constant remembrance of reality at dawn “Service and Sacrifice are the two main instruments with which we build the temple of spirituality, love of course being the fundamental basis. Any kind of service, if done selflessly, is helpful. Service to fellow being is service to God in the real sense, if it is not done out of any selfish motive. What ever we do in our daily routine of work, is in relation with some of our fellow beings, be they our children, friends or relations. If we think that while doing a work we are really serving one or the other of the God’s creatures and not our own purpose, we are all along following the path of service, although we are out worldly busy with our usual routine of work. Almost all our activities in life are connected with providing means of livelihood for our children and dear ones. So, if we treat them as children of God, who are entrusted to our care and whom we have to provide for and look after as if duty bound, we are then serving His children, and there by God Himself. We shall there by get rid of undue attachment too and shall thus remove one of the greatest obstacles from our path”.

The process, though easy and simple will lead you also to constant thought of the Supreme MASTER in all your activities. If this thing gets rooted deep in your heart, every action of yours will then seem to be a duty mearly for duty’s sake, in accordance with the Divine dictate with out any selfish, interest or personal attachment. Universal love, then becomes predominant and we begin love every being of the Gods creation with out any feeling of attachment with it. It leads us to devotion and sacrifice”(DR 87, 88).

People are groping in darkness with mire of undue attachment with wealth, wife and son (Dhaneshana, Dhareshana and Putreshana)

Though not impossible it is very difficult even to control eshanatrayas those who are not spiritual in real sense. If we connect the thought of Supreme MASTER in all our activities every action of ours will become duty for duty sake. There by we will be free from all worldly entanglements and we can better serve all our fellow beings duly thinking them as our own with out being prey for eshanatrayas.

Out of all services spiritual service is superior. In his letter dated 23rd March 1955 to Dr.K.C.V. Rev Babuji Stated “When my MASTER made me his representative, he demanded guru dakshina from me which is prevalent among Hindus form the time immemorial so as to spread spiritualism throughout ……….. I solemnly affirmed that through out my life I shall devote myself for this sort of service. As such all my spiritual energy is secured for the service of you all ………. So if anybody comes to me for the spiritual service I think myself indebted to him. I do not stand as a guru to impart training but as a servant of humanity”.

‘Eakoham Bahushyami’ one becomes many. At the time of creation Divinity has sacrificed itself through manifestation and came down to this planet to serve his subjects and see that they are happy.

Master puts it Divine love as “We see everything tending towards the center, and the center itself yawning towards the circumference. After our adventure, we initiated the vale of our existence and felt the co-operation of the highest power that is around us. Now this was the main current of our thinking which diverted our attention to the main theme that is being played. Gradually we could know the function of the movement in the human body. The way is made open to lead up to the central region”.(Sruthi P-247)

Service carries with it a sense of worship, and we should be as busy with it as we are with our daily routine of life. For cultivating the habit of selfless service, the easiest method is to think everything we do as the order of God and treat it as our duty. Meditation on point ‘A’ and point ‘B’ regularly as prescribed promotes universal brotherhood in us and ultimately leads us towards selfless service.

Offering of universal prayer as prescribed by Babuji regularly at 9 p.m by all the abhyasis creates enormous power in the entire cosmos to bestow peace to the people around the globe, which is a Maha Yagna performed by us for the benefit of others with out any self.

Pujya Babuji’s letter to UNO on World peace and universal love he suggested a method that “Let us all brothers and sisters sit daily at fixed hour individually at our respective places and meditate for about an hour thinking that all people of the world are growing peace loving and pious.

This process, suggested not with exclusively spiritual motives, is highly efficacious in bringing about the desired result and weaving a destiny of the miserable millions.” (Event Horizon P-110-111).

Through the system of Pranahuthi Aided Meditation (PAM) Babuji aimed at the total transformation of man form animality to humanity and from humanity to Divinity. For this the chief instrument he is using is “Pranahuthi” which is an un adultrated energy of Yogi working through pure mind.

For spiritual service purity of mind is essential. How to acquire purity of mind?
1. By cleaning impurities of Mala, Vikshepa and Avarana by assiduously practicing cleaning methods prescribed.
2. Mediation on point ‘A’ and point ‘B’ as per procedure. The two meditations on point ‘A’ and point ‘B’ are very helpful in curing the disturbed tendencies of mind.
3. Whole hearted devotedness to the service of the Master with love keeps the mind pure.

“We should maintain our selves at the height and pitch of our real status. We should not allow our selves to drop to lower levels of existence, corrupted by bestiality, jealousy, envy, avarice and greed. We are to be always attentive to the MASTER and never miss an opportunity for service trying to come up to His expectations by accepting the work whole heartedly”.

Finally I conclude with an opinion that purity in thought and serenity in action is a must for self less service. For that we must whole heartedly dedicate every action to the MASTER with real faith, true love and devotion. Every one of us shall do the practice of PAM assiduously without any exception. Taking doses of Pranahuthi from our trainers regularly helps us in purging out most of the impurities and promotes purity in thought and action.

Trying to live according to the commandments of the Master and practicing them to the maximum possible extent in daily life develops in us most of the noble qualities like service, sharing, sacrifice, cooperation etc, true love devotion and real faith for the Master. When we grow out of our self we think about the welfare of others i.e., Parasukha and Parahita. Then only we can better extend our services with fraternal obligation without any selfish motto or pride of any doer ship behind it.