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Pujya Babuji Maharaj Birthday Celebrations 140 L.E. (2012) - Talk delivered by Pujya K.C.Narayana on 26th Prabhu 140 L.E. (10/05/2012)


“My heart remains connected with you all, here and elsewhere, giving impulse in unbroken silence to affect the hearts naturally in due course.” 

That is exact message that is quoted. 

The next sentence is “But it is for every living soul to wake up to his spiritual needs for the realisation of the Ultimate“. 

The message itself starts with the sentence “It is owing to my profound attachment with humanity that I lay down the feelings of my heart to be bubbled up into the hearts of my fellow-beings, the very part and parcel of my own being, in order to make every heart over-flooded with peace and bliss”. 

Some time back, when I was talking to Brother Anjaneyulu, I quoted this sentence and said that is the Master. The Master is one who lives in all of us. Therefore it becomes our duty to keep ourselves all the time oriented to that central essence rather than wasting our time with activities of sorts. Activities are generated mainly because of thoughts. Thoughts of sorts, is the problem. 

A question has been always there with me that why should we disturb silence? When that is the very nature of God, why should we try to disturb it. From my point of view, it is an effort we are making to keep our thoughts on the Master and around Him all the time. If we don’t talk this, we will be talking something else. It has been my observation that after every congregation, when we completed Satsang or a session, we tend to talk all sorts of talks and activities which do not connect us with the Divine. We have had occasions to observe that the Divine is more eager to embrace us and we seem to be deficient in our orientation, thereby we miss the opportunity of always being in bliss. ‘Mana Ananda’ is possible only when we are oriented towards the Divine. Other types of Anandas are there; somehow we seem to feel they are more concrete, more practical. People tend to enjoy activities and thoughts relating to the lower plane of our being rather than getting into the thoughts and activities of the Divine plane, which is our birth right to dwell in. I never wanted to talk today, but I thought I should, it is some sort of impulse that came from inside, and I felt like disturbing the silence for some time asking you to get back to that as early as possible, as often as possible.  We had an earlier occasion, we have mentioned that we should not disturb silence unless we are going to better that. 

The spirit of ‘Bodhayanti Parasparam’ is drawn as you know from one of the slokas of Gita, The Lord says 


So these congregations are occasions when we will be talking about the Master ‘KATHAYANTASTU MAAM  they talk about Me, TUSHYANTI CHA RAMANTI CHA they enjoy,  they dwell in My thoughts, their activities are oriented towards Me. Each one of us have got our own way of embracing the Divine but my appeal is to embrace, don’t run away, however tight the embrace may be; however choking it might be as we find many times in meditation. Still, we should be prepared to get embraced by Him, and we in turn should always be embracing Him. Purity rises only when our thoughts are oriented towards the Divine. The work of Pranahuti is only that. While the Master is trying to push us to the higher plane all the time, but there is no point in thinking about the role of the Master, it is better you think about your role. Because, He will always do His job, He will definitely perform His task. Are we prepared to do our task that is the question! Are we prepared to get ourself oriented to Him?  Are our priorities all that clear? These questions are referred not to suggest that any one of you is lesser, living in a lesser plane. No, I do not mean that. I am only cautioning in a world like this where the materialistic impulses or stimuli are disproportionate to their value are disturbing us.  Congregations do help us to live in the higher plane at least for the time that we are in the congregation. Silence is the language. The lesson is love. Carnality is always confused with the word love, I don’t know why? Concern, commitment, Commitment to the welfare of humanity; that would be love. All other sciences will automatically fall in line under that.  Any amount of our saying that we love the other person or we love God will make no sense unless there is some concrete action or very very concrete thoughts that you would be transmitting for the good of others. The 9 PM Prayer is the one of the most important lessons, we learn with love. That lesson is tough particularly when we have got all sorts of prejudices and notions against others. When we try to ruin our heart, actually we try to strangulate our heart with thoughts which are absolutely undivine. If our way of our life, if our moulding of our life is really good it will definitely culminate in the 9 PM Prayer. As one of the initial steps, those who would be concerned with all sorts of materialistic things, or self interests, they alone tend to forget the 9 PM Prayer. And the Master’s command was ‘stop all activities and do this Prayer’. I am aware of some abhyasis who are very serious about it. One gentle man, who is no more, while coming from his place of work to his residence in his scooter, because it was 9 PM he used to stop it by the way side and sit on the platform of the street, meditate for that 15 minutes, offering this Prayer and then go. It may appear a bit odd, but I see there, a person who is sincerely concern and sincerely believing the Master. That this is the method for the betterment of the world. He is always available with us, as He says, in this message, this morning,  which I read in our dairies, which is a part of “Easiest way to God realization”, a talk given by Master at Gulbarga in 1957. One of the earliest talks. We have tried to give the ‘Showers of the Divine Grace’, one of the first classifications we have made for the messages of the Master. It is an earnest appeal to all of you to read this as often as you can. To aid further, most of the sayings of the Master are taken from this book only so that you will read the article again and again. One has to sink into these thoughts and get himself totally soak. I know, I have no business to go on talking like this, because all of you are already in that state of mind, but I felt like telling. If I have taken away a few moments of your contemplation, pardon me for that.