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10-12 Oct 08, Narasingapuram. Report submitted by Sri G Srinivasulu


Abhyasi name: G SREENIVASULU
Abhyasi ID: 3085
Practicing since: September 2006

First and foremost my heartfelt gratitude to Revered Sir, Pujya Sri K C Narayana garu for his indefinite grace pouring on us through out the program and Imperience for giving me this unique opportunity. My sincere thanks to Rajappa and Bhargavi amma for their unlimited kindness and love towards us in all these days, they made all the arrangements. Rajappa regularly monitor us whether we took fruits and vegetables properly or not, but we did not hungry much and we felt energetic throughout all the days.

Thursday – 9th October, 2008

Me, Prof Murty and Chandu started in Prof Murty car from Chennai at around 1.30pm and we picked up Ravi Prasad from tirupati railway station and reached Gopalaiah house at Tirupati by 4.30pm. We attended evening cleaning and satsang at 6.30pm at his place. After satsang we moved to Rajappa’s house at Narasingapuram and had a delicious dinner along with other abhyasis. After dinner we reached the Rajappa’s mango form at 8.45pm to participate in the Manasarovar program and the other brother Harish subraya joined us there. I have offered 9.0pm prayer, point A meditation and bed time prayer with deep supplicant mood and went into sleep in the open atmosphere by simply putting mat on the soil at 11.0pm with the remembrance of the Master. I was oriented to the Master from the morning and while traveling felt some vibrations in my head and flow of energy with vibrations in the heart.

Friday – 10th October, 2008

I get up at 2.0am with fresh mind and with the remembrance of the master. I attended morning meditation at 3.0am and continued till 5.0am. I felt flow of energy to the heart with vibrations and this flow of vibrations felt continuously from the forehead to the throat and to the heart. After lot of vibrations felt some expansion in the head and heart and observed medium (50%) gray colour, intermittently some goldish brown colour observed. The first day of silence was started after morning meditation. I went into mango form to observe the nature. We found some cement rings filled with sand and some stones laid like a table to sit comfortably for doing meditation. From the morning I felt some kind of pressure in the head with expansion and flow of vibration to the heart. As the day progress felt deep silence in the head and heart. This was continued throughout whether I sit, stand, lay down or walking. None of the thoughts allowed naturally, my thoughts are contemplated on the inner feelings throughout the day. I was very exciting to be silent. Nature’s nature is silent and I felt the same being with the nature. How silent the trees are, I started deeply looking at them I too felt more and more silence and became a silencer, remembered 4th commandment. Evening cleaning went with lot of intense vibrations and found some lightness at the end. I offered 9.0pm prayer, point A and bed time prayer with supplicant mood and went into sleep by 10.30pm. My head was busy with dreams which are not fully noticed and some of them are relevant to meet school day friends and buying some groceries.

Saturday – 11th October, 2008

I woke up at 3.30am with fresh mind and with the remembrance of the Master. I started my morning meditation at 4.0am and went on up to 5.45am. I felt lightness with mild vibrations right from the beginning and felt small jerk with some thing pulled out from me. I went into deepness during meditation and felt deep silence and calmness prevails. Light grey with sky blue shade environment observed. I felt continuous flow of energy with mild vibrations to the heart and in the fore head throughout the day. My thoughts are naturally contemplated on my inner feeling and moreover heartfelt reverence to The Great Master (Revered Pujya Babuji / Dr KCV/KCN) through out the day.

My observation, in fertile land continuous ploughing of the soil will not allow to grow any unwanted plants/grass and allowed to grow useful plants healthy and happily. No one will put any unwanted seeds to grow unwanted plants, like wise with out doing any thing wrong the impressions still may form. If one follows practice assiduously, like regular ploughing, will not allow forming any impressions further and helped to grow quickly in the path. Before I stat evening cleaning I felt very lightness. I felt heavy vibrations during cleaning and became lighter at the end. We went to long walk along with Rajappa. He is so kind and love on all of us. As the day progress, I felt deep resonating silence in my head and heart with mild vibrations. I really enjoyed sleeping in the moon light with comfortable breeze and with deep silence in head and heart. When the thin white clouds moving across the moon I was also felt moving along with them. I offered 9.0pm prayer, Point A and bed time prayer with feeling the presence of the God and went in to sleep at 10.0pm. My head was very busy with dreams and I found some sweating in my head and neck even in the cool breeze. I did not notice any one of them except saving a brother from the thefting of his asset.

Sunday – 12th October, 2008

I started morning meditation at 4.45am and went up to 6.20am. From the beginning I felt lightness and expansion with deep silence and calmness and it continued through out the meditation. The same condition continued even I stopped meditation and this state retained throughout the day. Goldish light brown colour was observed at deeper state of meditation. During 8 to 9.0am meditation, I was bit uncomfortable to sit because lot of mud every where due to heavy rain in the morning. I continued and felt some vibrations in head and heart and I went to deep sleep about 5 min, rest is normal.

The discriminative faculty of my mind had given utmost preference to the natural being so that any other thoughts did not entertain me throughout. I was so surrender to and contemplated on the deep resonating silence. There is rain again started at 9.30am and continued for long time, Rajappa and Bhargavi amma came with fresh fruits in rain. I have seen them drenched in the rain at that time I just felt what a kindness and love showing on us I felt uncontrollable tears towards gratitude and it continued about 15min. At around 3.30pm I sat in one corner of the garden and felt heavy vibrations in my head and heart. I have noticed them like my body is moving like a pendulum and some heat and orange with reddish shade were observed on the forehead.

During evening cleaning from 5.30pm to 6pm I felt intense vibrations in my heart and at the end of cleaning I felt my body is so light and became transparent. I attended evening meditation from 6.30pm to 7.0pm. Initially I felt intense flow of energy with heavy vibrations in my heart and after some time felt some grayish fluid in a big channel moving from left nipple to right nipple then vibrations came down and became light and calmness for quite some time and again vibrations started. I offered 9.0pm prayer, point A and bed time prayer and went into sleep by 10.0pm. I did not get proper sleep and I woke up 2 to 3 times, I felt my head is very busy with some thing which I did not notice what was happened to me. I woke up at 4.45am and attended morning meditation, Rajappa came around 7.0am and we came out from the silence, at the end of silence my voice was not opened fully to speak. At the end of the program I felt my body, head and heart became very light and pure with deep silence and calmness and continued there on. I am sure I will habituate to maintain in all walks of life. I was very motivated to be silent by attending this program and I will continue to attend in future if I get permission again. Undoubtedly it is really excellent coordination by ISRC Imperience wing.

I beg forgiveness, if any thing of my misapprehension in this manuscript.

My humble pranams