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M A N A S A R O V A R   R E P O R T S

10-12 Oct 08, Narasingapuram. Report submitted by Sri C.V.M. Ravi Prasad


Dear Brother,


Please find my report from the visit of Manasarovar. As per your instruction through Br.Chandu I am sending this report to you only.

I sincerely thank you for providing me with an opportunity to attend this program. I’d like to sincerely acknowledge with Thanks the “Loving” care provided by Raja Sir and his family members.

With Best Regards
Ravi Prasad.

9th night:
The moment I entered the garden, the first feeling is "Mother Earth", "Mother Nature" and with feeling of Love towards it and a very happy feeling. I wanted to embrace everything there: the sand, the trees, the flowers and stones. There is a feeling of joy and
Reverence towards Nature.

The happy feeling continued through out the night. Did my purification, attended to point 'A'. It was a very good feeling and I did meditation for around 2 hours in the night.
During that I felt a clear flow to the Atman point continuously.

The feeling was dependent on the Master and the thought that it should become my nature. Got up again at 12:30 AM. Did meditation till 1:30. The meditation was very deep with very subtle awareness.

3:00-4:00 AM: meditation was very peaceful and absorbing.
Thoughts during the day:
In the garden there are wanted plants and unwanted plants. I should nurture only the right thoughts in my brain.
A Big fly started to revolve around me. By habit I took out my scribbling pad to hit it. But I felt it was telling me "I came to greet you and welcome you to my home" and it went away. I felt sad how many times I have hit it when it came to my home. How did I hit it even when it did not do any harm to me. Does the Master not love it too equally well? Then I felt "Love Him who loves all"- All is everything in nature, both
animate and inanimate.

As a guest I just eat what is kept and live with what ever is provided. I remembered a sentence " We should be like a guest in our own home". I felt I could and should do a better job at this.

I remembered Pujya Sir saying "meditations should not be sessions of brooding. If we are not brooding, we are silent". What to do next. I remembered the 4th commandment and in that Him saying "we should be connected to Him with love and devotion" and then another daily saying" we should simply be connected to him whose mind, senses and faculties are thoroughly regulated".

I have decided I will just try this during the three days.

Evening: after attending to my purification lied down on a rock plank there and was watching the sky. Fresh breeze, moon light and leaves shining with that. What a blissful scenery. Then I suddenly felt that the entire garden is being filled with the ocean of
Bliss. I felt it to be the presence of the Master and sat up and went into meditation again(20-25 mins). It was a very good experience as if it was like in Bhandara. Very light very oriented and happy from within and after the meditation the flow was felt towards the Atman point again.

Bed time prayer: absorbed and slept on the mat.

11th: meditation: absorbing.

Thoughts during the day:
The first thought was “the whole day yesterday was as if in meditation”.

End of the day what all I need is some food and it could be as simple as the raw fruits and some shelter and it could be as simple a tree shade

When I am not talking, there is nothing to show off as there is nothing to express / convince / argue. I listen and wait. I have decided to look for opportunities to be
silent at home and at work in reasonable occasions. Most of the things can be just got away with a simple yes/no. But how much does the ego play? I want to be silent at least in some places.

In the evening saw some one cutting a branch. The tree is still giving shade. Though this is not the first time I have seen this, I felt that the tree is determined to give shade even if it has pain. I felt I should be determined to help others even if it pains.

Rest of the day the thoughts are not observed/ not remembered and it was calm everywhere
both in and out.

Meditation: absorbed and very peaceful.

Thoughts during the day:
Observed everything in Nature to be happy. God wants us to be happy and we want to be happy and the straight line connecting these is the method of following the Commandments ie. Natural Path and our System enables people to follow this easily.

It started to rain heavily outside. I came into the hut and started to watch the rain.
Though it was showering continuously, the ground below the tree is taking the shower intermittently. I felt though the Master's Grace is showering on me continuously because of the coverings of my wishes I am taking it intermittently. in the evening I saw some
one on the road making fun of someone else. I started to remember all the incidents I made fun of others/ irritated about with others behaviour and noted all these things have come in my life too.

Did it not promote humbleness yet in me, I still occasionally make fun of people at least internally. I have determined to Revere all from now on.

I was sitting in meditation and I suddenly felt a field of Master’s love beside me and I opened my eyes to look there and Br. Raja Sir was sitting there. As long as he was sitting there I felt some intense motherly love in me too.