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18-20 Jan 08, Nagaram Village. Report submitted by Sri Ramakrishna T


Mansarovar Program Report

Abhyasi Name : Rama Krishna Tiruveedhula

Abhyasi Id: 2395 Practicing Since: April 2003

Trainer’s Name: Sri. Rajesh Raina

Dates: 18th January 2008 to 20 January 2008
Place: Nagaram, Near Bhadrachalam, Andhra Pradesh.
My humble pranams to the holy feet of our Revered Master
I want to express my sincere gratitude to Revered Sir for giving me this opportunity.
This is a report of my experiences during Manasarovar program from 18th to 20th January at Nagaram village near Bhadrachalam.
Date: 18/1/08
Got up after 4. Came to Mango garden after doing morning meditation in prayer room in the house. Felt very refreshing to be with the trees, birds, sky etc. in the morning. Felt silence all around and activity of trees, birds etc going on smoothly. Felt they all express their true nature silently. Question appeared before me , What is the real purpose of my life ..?
Saw some people coolly working in fields. Felt that what a difference between city and village. These village people are more near to Nature. City people are living noisy life not having peace and silence in their life.
Felt some churning going on in head. Lot of thoughts trying to go out. Thoughts about my mother, brother , family and my native village gripped for longtime. Thought that why don’t I remember Master as I remember family members.
Felt lightness after afternoon meditation under tree.
Felt why should I worry about temporary issues in family but instead accept whatever comes and submit to Master as we are all His children.
Went to see the nearby Kinnerasani river. A small stream of water flowing with lot of sand around. All streams travel to merge in ocean. Similarly, all individual streams crave to merge into Master’s consciousness. Felt that my direction and journey should be towards Master like this stream.
Contemplated on commandment 4 and 5. Felt I created a strong individual network as Master described and I need to attach firmly to our Master to shatter that and become pure. Felt fortunate to follow our Master.
Felt restless. Random thoughts kept coming in the evening, some are very old.
Came back to house after 6 pm and did cleaning after taking bath. Lot of cleaning happened with countless past thoughts going out as high speed of wind. Sat there for more than 1 hr.
Slept happily after doing 9 pm prayer and prayer to Master.
2nd Day
Got up after 4. Felt restless uneasy during first half of meditation and lightness and centered during rest of the time.
They arranged hot water, gave us hot milk and then took us to the river bank carrying mats and chairs. Felt that these people in village are very simple and ready to serve others.
Waited for sunrise. Observed how silently the day starts and activity revives in Nature as the sunrises. Our Master is like that sun and giving light to all of us. Meditated on the river bank but felt restless inside. Tried to maintain silence.
Felt pinching pain with some activity in head. Remembered Master’s words “What is self? It is gross state produced by the charge of the mind” Felt the urge to get rid of all my grossness.
Thoughts about family especially problems of my mother kept repeatedly coming. Felt restless in chest region.
After 3 PM felt very calm and lighter inside. Felt that I am part of Nature. Thoughts about our system , goal, Master and universal consciousness etc came. Felt that all other relationships are temporary compared to our Master. Went back home after 6 happily.
After completing purification, sat silently in prayer in the verandah of the house. Felt grace of the Master drenching me. Felt grateful to Master for everything. Felt lot of repentance for forming lot of individual network. Repented for undue attachment with family, brooding on everything, tendency to belittle others (in thoughts), seeking self importance. Begged forgiveness.
3rd Day
Felt uneasy inside but not many thoughts during morning meditation. Went to river bank and meditated there before sunrise. Felt calm and absorbed for sometime.
This morning also some family thoughts came now and then. Felt that I am feeling burden taking too much responsibility for others problems due to undue attachment. This is my immediate bottleneck that is to get be eliminated. Contemplated about trusteeship for sometime. Felt restless till noon. Slept for sometime after noon meditation. Felt some vague scenes, thoughts going out during that nap.
Felt de-tensioning after 3 PM and thoughts about Master came. Felt He is like Buddha , who changed lives of people and the need to yield more and more to Him forgetting my petty wishes accepting whatever comes. Felt trusteeship is great virtue as it is reality. Thoughts related to 4th commandment and need to be plain and simple. Some thoughts came about my habits of brooding and my hesitation to speak frankly. Thought that brooding is nothing but the habit of mind which takes something as an issue and treats its as a puzzle seeing things in magnified lens going round and round the same issue but not really solving anything and I get trapped by this mind many times. In reality, many times there is no issue to worry about but just a negative play of mind. Thought that I fear to talk plainly because of some childhood fears. Remembered Master’s words to ignore all thoughts and remember Him. I want to imbibe this practice sincerely.
Felt that 3rd day passed just like that and wanted to continue to sit there even after dark for more time.
This night I could not sleep properly as some vague thoughts and dream like scenes kept haunting for sometime having fearful content. Remembered Master and maintained calm.
Conclusion :
Felt that our real is nature is to be silent and also work in silence but spoiled that due our wishes, undue attachments, imaginations and wrong habits of mind. Felt also that during past 5 years, developed some inner calmness compared to the chaotic condition before joining the system. Felt fortunate. Felt that purpose of trip is to learn to be silent from Nature gaining more practical experience of commandments 4, 5 and I think that this program really helped me.
Felt happy for all the arrangements of food and stay. I express my gratitude to Imperience and brother Rama Rao Garu for all the planning and arrangements during this training.
Rama Krishna Tiruveedhula