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M A N A S A R O V A R   R E P O R T S

18-20 Jan 08, Nagaram Village. Report submitted by Sri T V Rao


Abhyasi Name : T.V. Rao

Abhyasi Id: 60         Practicing Since:     11th  Jan 1995

Trainer’s Name: Pujya Sri K.C Narayana Garu


Dates:      18th January 2008 to 20 January 2008

Place: Nagaram, Near Bhadrachalam, Andhra Pradesh.

  • Reached Mansarovar on 17th January at about 8.30 PM.  A peculiar feeling of homecoming, calmness was felt within during that night. 
  • First two days did our morning meditation in the house of Sri Rama Rao garu and reached the mango farm around 6.30 AM.
  • Last day of program and also on the day of departure (January 21st) we went to nearby river Kinnersani and did the morning mediation on the banks of the river.
  • It was a wonderful experience to mediate in the open surroundings with cool atmosphere and natural surroundings.  Only chirping sounds of birds was prevailing and no other noise (except internal noise) was present.
  • We used to spend time in that open, quiet and calm surroundings till 6 PM daily.
  • The simplicity of food habits has been quite comfortable and really never bothered me during the period of the programme.
  • While meditating and attending to purification process, in open place, felt ease in that new surroundings.
  • We used to retire to bed after prayer at about 10.00 pm and to a very great extent we have maintained the silence.   It is very difficult to recall and explain how each day has passed without any sensory inputs to the mind during the day and it is quite peaceful and refreshing experience in my life.
  • Started feeling the presence of outside silence right from the day-1. 

Predominant Thoughts and Feelings:

        Felt extreme happiness being midst of the wonderful creation of the God. 

        Contemplated on the objective of the course, namely, to feel oneness with all forms and also develop the capacity to live in natural surroundings. 

        Thoughts have not disturbed me continuously on all these days and to my surprise, my nature of brooding of past, present or future events (both personal and official) did not trouble me much. 

        To a great extent I tried to ignore thoughts all these days.

        Last two days I had a disturbed sleep with many dreams mostly related to past events.  Some of these incidents are sensuous, irritable and attachment to relatives, friends, etc.,

        I have a fear of snakes and to my surprise though I have noticed a dry skin of snake nearby my place, I totally forgot about my fear and recollected again only when I am writing this report.

        Felt a sense of determination to orient as much as possible to the Master during the day and felt the necessity to make a conscious effort to implement the concept of “HE is the Doer, am not”.  (This small message I always keep at my work place).

        Felt silence and vastness of universe and felt my insignificance whenever I looked into the sky.

        At times, I felt as if I am part and parcel of this vast external silence.

It was really my fortune to be given this opportunity to participate in this program.  I feel that I am immensely benefited and I am very happy with the outcome of this programme.

I sincerely offer my profound gratitude to my Revered Guide Pujya Sri K.C. Narayana Garu for giving me this opportunity and Imperience for this wonderful and unique experience.  I also sincerely thank Sri Rama Rao garu who has taken lot of pains in making our stay comfortable during the period of this program.