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M A N A S A R O V A R   R E P O R T S

18-20 Jan 08, Nagaram Village. Report submitted by Sri Vidyadhar Joshi


Abhyasi Name : Vidyadhar Joshi

Abhyasi Id: 2059             Practicing Since:     16th Dec 2001

Trainer’s Name: Pujya Sri K.C Narayana Garu


Dates:      18th January 2008 to 20 January 2008

Place: Nagaram, Near Bhadrachalam, Andhra Pradesh.



Thanks to Brother Ramarao Garu for the kind arrangements for Chit Lake programme.

We reached the Chit Lake location in the night around 9:00 pm on Jan 17th and started with the universal prayer at Brother Ramarao’s ancestral house in the village. The house’s ambience was quite calm and soothing.

Day 1:

In the morning meditation, felt a remarked steadiness and alertness. Feeling of interconnectedness with all echoed after the meditation. Later there was blankness and silence felt. Adjoining the house, there is a big mango grove and a river that flows by the other end of the grove. In the early morning after spending some time under a mango tree, roaming around the beautiful misty groves, felt happiness and harmony. Nature reflects harmony. Try to be plain and simple to be identical to Nature. This commandment came to mind. Life can be simple and need not be struggled with and can be partaken in harmony remembering the Master as the goal. There was a sort of continuum felt amidst the inner feelings and the surroundings and I was feeling quite nominally just a part of it. Later throughout the day, felt blankness within but at surface several memories just kept flashing by and passing by the mind. As a 3rd party observer, I allowed it to come and go.


Day 2:

In the morning meditation, felt centered on Divine Light. After meditation, feeling of harmony within was felt with a thought that the original life force expresses this harmony.

Taking a stroll on the banks of the beautiful misty river, again feelings related to harmony echoed. The Life is a flow, flow of prana that beautifully binds things and expresses its oneness. 

In the afternoon, felt prayful towards Master. His thought “No doubt the world is in us and we are in the world, but we have to search out who is behind the scene”, reflected and there was a restlessness of a subtle kind in the backdrop of a silent feeling. In the evening felt gratitude and devotion for Master. Whenever, I got consciously aware of His thought, there is a spontaneous flow felt towards the heart.


Day 3:

After morning meditation, I felt prayful and to remain in this thought throughout the day. Whole afternoon various events from past surfaced. I tried to remain in prayful mode. In the evening felt blank and later as I retired back, felt gratitude for being in His fold.


Next day morning, we went to the river bed for meditation in the open. Meditation was quite alert and heart felt very light. There were few thoughts and feelings that surfaced regarding situations which I must certainly let go. Towards the end, I felt a sublime feeling of His Grace. The heart felt replenished with Love of the Master.


In summary, in this second Chit Lake programme I attended, I feel more determined to carry with this inner silence and do my duty as servitude to the Master. External silence acts like a mirror and is a good reminder of the inner silence we can have in the midst of work and action and nature’s beauty is a good reminder of beatitude of our true nature of balance and simplicity, towards which we must necessarily and continuously aspire to live with support of the Master.