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23 Dec - 25 Dec 2006, Nagaram near Bhadrachalam. Report submitted by Sri. C.V.M. Ravi Prasad


Abhyasi Name: Sri. C.V.M. Ravi Prasad
Abhyasi ID : 1624
Practicing Since: 6 Feb 2000

First day consisted of lot of thoughts (Thoughts pertaining to money, family and work related). By the end of the day it was progressively calm.

Second day the thoughts were more on the idea that We should be in tune with that of the Divine and Nature (the sentence that we should walk in the will of God was rotating in the head).

Third day was more on following the commandments of the Master in Toto and to treat everything coming to me as coming from Him.

Mostly I felt that the days were as if I was meditating all through (though not literally the meditation on Divine light, but letting the thoughts go and being in silent with the idea of Divine at the back).

Overall the trip was successful and better to me from the last time in the following ways:

  • Thoughts of fear of snakes/scorpions did not exist even on the first day.
  • Facing the self (over pouring thoughts) is got used to and learnt to live with them and let them go to some extent.
  • One thing that I feel that I should take away from this visit is the practice that we should be able to be in the Master's thought while doing light-weight activities.

The facilities were really good with fresh fruits, fresh milk and fresh air. Thanks to the host and to Imperience for giving me a chance to look into myself at leisure and helped me learn that with a moderately quite pooja room I should be able to dwell in silence even at home.

Feedback to Imperience:
Thank you for giving me an opportunity to participate
There was lot of lighting (thin shade). It could have been better if the seats were arranged under thick shade.