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M A N A S A R O V A R   R E P O R T S

29 Sept - 1 Oct 2006, Narasingapuram, Tirupati. Report submitted by Sri. Bharath Ramanathan


Abhyasi Name: Sri. Bharath Ramanathan
Abhyasi ID : 740

First, I would like to thank Rev. KCN sir & the Imperience for giving me an opportunity to attend this program.
It was a learning experience for me. Before I started to this program, the predominant thought was that whatever benefits that I get out of these 3 days, I should carry them further & progress in Sadhana. The predominant feeling was a sort of impatience to attend this program.

The Manasarovar program commenced on Friday, the 29th September 2006. We were provided with raw vegetables & fruits for the 3 days, no cooked food. It took more than a day for me to get settled. Felt severe headaches towards the end of the day, for the first 2 days. I felt that this may be because of the change in the diet. But I never felt hunger & urge to talk for these 3 days. I had dreams on all the 3 days as mentioned below.
o About my office colleagues to whom I was attached more.
o Sexual dream
o Seeing an accident in front of me. I was in a state of shock during that time.

During this program, I could identify the following deficiencies in me which hinder my progress.

o Trying to judge others most of the time. Used to criticize others for their wrong doings, particularly in their absence. Many times, I felt helpless to come out of this problem because I was unable to keep my mouth shut. Easily I get provoked to unnecessary talks.
o Expecting praise for what I do.
o Wanting to do better than others. This is because of comparison of my spiritual progress with others.
o I always felt that I am not expressing my true nature by trying to be humble thereby not hurting anyone & also getting a good name. I was also reminded by the words of Rev. KCN sir “HUMBLENESS IS THE CLOAK IN WHICH THEIR IDENTITY IS HIDDEN”, from the talk Craving of the Soul.

The following were the positive thoughts that came to my mind during the 3 days.

o Accepting whatever difficulties that comes in life as gifts from God.
o To use our thought for the betterment of others i.e., if we find any defect in the other person, we should pray for the removal of the same.

During the first 2 days, I felt the chattering of my mind most of the time. There were irrelevant thoughts such as hearing to cinema songs, devotional songs, sexual thoughts & some absurd thoughts which I do not remember. There were also moments of blankness.
During the 3rd day, the thoughts were mostly goal oriented such as yielding to the Master & about the commandments of the Master. At that time, I felt very determined to get rid of my defects & progress faster. Felt silence towards the afternoon. At this point of time, I did not want to leave that place & wanted to stay for some more time.
I am now determined to expand the benefits I have gained in this program by the Grace of the Master.