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M A N A S A R O V A R   R E P O R T S

29 Sept - 1 Oct 2006, Narasingapuram, Tirupati. Report submitted by Sri. M.S. Neelakandan


Abhyasi Name: Sri. M.S. Neelakandan
Abhyasi ID : 1180

Dear brothers,

I am submitting the report for the Manasarovar programme held on 29th sept to 1st october 2006.


Felt very calm, fresh and lighter

Felt no disturbance and also felt lighter and fresh after meditation.

Felt a little restless and then by around 7 PM felt good after doing the cleaning session.

My major thoughts during the day was about my attachments to my parents and also a certain homesickness as I developed headache during the evening and felt the need to be at home. I was given medicine and I felt better the next day.

Morning felt better that the headache had subsided and during meditation had thoughts about office work and felt a little disturbed.

Contemplating on my condition and trying to ignore the thoughts which were bombarding me and the thought patterns were mostly related to my office and my own notions about what is in the future for me. There were some thoughts about my own interactions with my colleagues and how I had reacted to certain situations and also how my ego was involved. Felt that a determined effort was required not to react to such situations and be
balanced under all circumstances.

Felt lighter after cleaning and I was oriented to the Master.

The last day of the program. I went to meditate at the place where there was the beautiful view of the mountains and the atmosphere there was very calm and cool in the early morning. Felt very calm after meditation and also thoughts were about the need to maintain silence atleast for one day in a week and also having proper priorities.
During the day I had thoughts about certain personal events which lay buried for more than 15 years and I was really surprised that I had such thoughts which I had not contemplated before. Sensuous thoughts were also present and I also felt ashamed that I was having such thoughts in such a holy and serene atmosphere.

The intensity of the thoughts had decreased to a considerable extent and I was also experiencing blankness for some time.

Summary for all 3 days:
On the very first day I had problem adjusting to the food which was primarily of fresh fruits and vegetables and because of which I had developed a headache and which was mildly there on all the three days and I was able to accustom myself to the routine from the second day onwards. We were allowed to do whatever we liked to do and there were no instructions. The mood that prevailed was very free and I felt very happy and liked the program very much and would like to attend the program again which I have been immensely benefited. It is definitely a must for all aspirants as it is an opportunity to understand the value of "silence".

Arrangements with regard to food, sleep, bath and also with regard to the meditational aspects have been excellent.

I am grateful to Imperience for allowing me to participate in this program.