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M A N A S A R O V A R   R E P O R T S

29 Sept - 1 Oct 2006, Narasingapuram, Tirupati. Report submitted by Sri. Prasad Shintre


Abhyasi Name: Sri. Prasad Shintre
Abhyasi ID : 2332

Dear Revered Sir,
My humble pranams to you,

First, I would like to humbly express my gratitude towards you for your kindness in permitting me to attend Mansarovar program. I would also like to thank Brother Dr Madhava, Brother Dr Rajasekhar Reddy, Brother Madhavrao and all the others involved in the organization of the program for their kind help and support given to us for this program.

Before joining this system of Natural Path, about 12 years ago, I heard about similar program being conducted by another institution. Some of the ISRC members have attended that program though I do not know the details of its content & usefulness. I was very much interested in attending such program since then. So at the very first opportunity I planned to attend Mansarovar program.

We reached Mansarovar site on 28th Sep around 10PM. Weather was very pleasant. I was experiencing it after several months. There was small house in Mango Garden constructed in village style with basic amenities. All the arrangements related to food and shelter was organized as planned. Brother Dr Madhava explained to us details of program. I had certain questions which I deferred asking them specifically thinking that let me go through experience or rather imperience and then see if it gets answered or may not arise again.

Through experiences shared by other Abhyasis, who attended previous program, I had little idea about content of the program. I thought that it will be very much mind opening experience.

However first experience was not that pleasant. On 28th Sep night I had very violent dream related to close relatives, which I never had in the past. I woke up in the middle of the dream and was little scared. Then I could not sleep for some time. The pleasant cool breeze from garden put me to sleep then.
29th Sep – After getting ready for morning meditation at 4.30AM, I was afraid of going into dark fields as I was not used to. So I did morning meditation sitting under nearby tree. This was first experience doing meditation under a tree in the open air before sunrise. There was natural fragrance in the air, uncontaminated like in the city. There was fragrance of sand, tree and cool air from fields. With such conducive environment, by the grace of the Master, I could easily get absorbed in the thought of meditation. After Meditation I felt condition of silence for a while.

After some time I felt that I have long day to go with no activity planned which was little unusual. There was no work, no newspaper, no morning tea, no radio, no TV, no phone, no books, no family around, no talking, not even thinking. I became little restless as mind was not ready for such situation earlier. I felt that this may be grossest form of vairagya or may be not. And not just 1 day but 3 days like this to go. I also had some expectations that I should learn something out of this ‘Nothing’. Helplessly I remembered Master with prayer. As Brother Dr Madhava mentioned earlier day that this will help us understand 4th Commandment better, I thought that let’s try to be in the company of nature and see if I can understand or feel anything. Very first thing I experienced with by bare feet is the pleasant feeling of cold sand spread around the house. A cold wave passed through my body from bottom to top. Then I started walking in the mango garden and listened to bird chirping. I also saw few insects & ants moving around, frog playing in small water pond. I had a thought that they are telling me something but I am not able to understand. Though I remember one thing which was told by my grandmother when I was a kid that ant’s tell something to each other when they cross, I could not understand anything. I felt that they saying ‘work, do not stop’. They all were working & I was trying facing situation of inactivity.

I sat under a tree and started meditation again. After few minutes I got absorbed in divine light thought. Then I found myself thinking about regular office work planning, team dynamics etc. I turned back my attention and continued meditation. I remembered listening to Rev Sir’s lecture where he said that everything in this world has a purpose whether we know or not aware of.

After that there were remembrances of Masters help in various occasions where I could not control myself and Master helped to do that. I also thought that I should keep good health with the help of some exercise and so should be able to do Master’s work without any physical discomfort. There was a feeling of getting into whirl with light coming out of its center. Then I saw some Red hot objects similar to burning coal.

In the afternoon, despite warm weather there was cool breeze and I felt silent. Everything around was calm & quiet. I felt that while I am here Master is taking care of my worldly duties back home which He always does that however I, being ‘moodha’, has a feeling of doer ship. I felt grateful to the Master. There were a few occasions of plainness and moments of silence during the day.

30th Sep – Second day started with similar thought pattern mostly related to worldly responsibilities and issues. I felt that I have too much attachment with work life thinking that I have more responsibilities than what I should carry and I should make an attempt to balance it with my rest of the priorities. There were some moments of thoughtlessness and silence within thereafter. I expressed my gratitude towards Master.

I had a long thought about meaning of worldly life. From our birth till end of life, lot of people control or try to control our life at various instances by their wishes. They drive you or your interests, make you happy or unhappy depending on their own interests. During childhood, parents, brothers, sisters, and elder relatives and afterwards to add to that, as you grow, teachers, friends, bosses, peers, employers, customers, sub-ordinates drive or try to drive you, sometimes crazy. But we have the Master, who is capable of doing best for us. Why don’t we leave everything to Him to take care of it & just do our duty? Simple to say but struggling to implement. I again came back to basic principles of the system and understanding of our role. Finally thought that let me play my role & let Master do His work.

There were some stupid thoughts of possessiveness without even sense of having so much extra which I already have compared to others. Once I had a question that is there a better place to meditate other than where I was sitting? In fact I should have understood by now that there is nothing like good or bad in nature. Nature does not compare.

During noon time meditation I felt that heart is with filled with white colour and solidity in the heart is melting away in the form of transparent fluid.

There were few songs coming to my mind due to its attractive lyrics & rhythm. I was observing these thoughts after several years. I felt that they were trying to go out.

I also had a thought when Master’s will is at work without any impurity added by us, things happen effortlessly and whenever we do something without his support we feel like we are moving mountains even for a small piece of work. Felt gratitude towards Master after this thought.

While looking at Saptagiri of Tirumala, I felt that despite being so huge how humble it is and being so small how egoistic & proud we feel about ourselves.

1st Oct – On the third day thought of overhauling myself was predominant. In this programme we are asked to unload our thoughts. It is easy to unload something when we have idea of how much is the work. But this is not ending anytime soon I guess as we have such a huge bank of thoughts that only Master can help us in that regard.

At 12noon Satsang
I felt sheer plainness and joyful in the company of nature. I then felt gratefulness towards Master. At the end of meditation feeling of deep silence and near thoughtlessness. I had no words to explain the imperience of simplicity. I thought that I should be in tune with nature to imperience it always. It was a great feeling. Feeling of floating in cool breeze from garden with weightlessness continued for some more time as if being lifted by nature. Here after attending this program I tried to unlearn myself by trying to learn how nature works.

I think I learnt somewhat of following
Silence – Just like the state before dawn.
Contentment – Just like nature has no effect of having nothing or everything with it.
Humbleness – Being so huge & with so much powers within, how nature is humble.
Forgiveness – Accept everyone as they are by pardoning all mistakes.
Determination – Be rock solid in determination.
Service – Provide selfless service to others in whatever capacity you can.
Other – Be punctual & sincere in your duties and sadhana like seasons.
Interdependent – Live & let live.

As days passed I felt more & more lighter with plainness and simplicity within. I felt that it is difficult to explain simplicity than to actually imperience.

Now with better understanding, I am more determined to imbibe within and help others to develop natural attributes which I observed during Mansarovar Program.

I feel that, programs like Mansarovar are going to help me greatly to understand system & my role more clearly.

In the Service of the Master
Prasad Shintre