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29 Sept - 1 Oct 2006, Narasingapuram, Tirupati. Report submitted by Sri. R. Sharath


Abhyasi Name: Sri. R. Sharath
Abhyasi ID: 739


• We arrived at the venue the night before the program was scheduled to commence i.e., Sep 28th and were given instructions related to the program. All the arrangements were very nicely made and were very convenient. I was a bit tense as to whether I will be able to maintain complete silence for three days as it is something I have never done before. Even before the program started, I started to think when the third day will get over and when they will say the program will conclude.
• On the first day, the program commenced early in the morning with Morning Meditation. This was my first experience meditating under a tree in a natural surroundings and it was unique. The natural environment was very pleasant and only the sounds of birds and insects and gushing winds were heard. I was a bit nervous about snakes in the beginning, but got over that fear immediately. I felt deep silence within. Feelings of Reverence and Devotion to Master were present. There was no awareness of any thoughts and immense peace and calmness was predominant. There was a feeling of being in tune with nature.
• Apart from adhering the regular meditational practices, I meditated at 12:00 to 12:30 and evening 6:30 to 7:00 PM on all three days. After the noon meditation, I was maintaining Silence for half hour before going to lunch. I also undertook an Inner Balance test once in the morning and once in the evening. At other times, I tried as much as I can to remain in Silence. Took short naps in the afternoon.
• The experiences during meditation were profound. There was a depth and a vastness in Silence. Predominant feelings were Nothingness, Void, looking at grey colour. Thoughts of Rev. Master and Rev. Sir were present.
• On the first day morning, I did not have any thoughts for a while and I got worried. Since we were told we cannot take any sittings, I became restless and I was walking here and there and still not getting any thoughts. Then I just suggested to myself to remain calm. During the afternoon I was sitting quietly trying to remain in Silence and I was amazed that I was able to actually be in Silence. Thoughts about goal and feelings of dependence on Master were there.
• During noon meditations, felt a mild heat at sometimes. Felt a strong will. Feeling of being embraced by Nature and Kindness of Master was felt during one occasion.
• Evening cleaning sessions was very effective. Felt extremely light.

• Thoughts were very simple without any weighty effect. Feelings of simplicity and plainness were there. I got reminded of Master's statement that we use cranes to lift needles. There was a strong feeling that all the problems that one faces is mostly one's own creation and one gets into to trouble often only due to one's own indisciplined mind.
• The environment was marked by purity. Felt that the current day pollution in environment is only because of the unregulated minds. Felt that I have to respect Nature and keep the surroundings pure and clean. Feelings of Reverence and submissive attitude to Nature were there.
• Change in food did not have any impact. Felt very comfortable and was able to get up in the morning very easily. Feeling motivated to change my food habits.
• Lightness and feelings of Divine presence inside was predominantly felt. Feelings of wonder were there. Felt that life is meaningful only if spent for God.
• After looking at the natural surroundings, the purity and lightness, clear and vast skies, felt very insignificant. Awareness of the Almighty and my own puny stature was there.
• Felt that I cannot find any faults against anyone. Many times, I could not express clearly my true intentions and make the other person understand what I really mean. I felt that this must be the case with all and therefore I cannot really find defects with others.
• There was a feeling that Silence is the best form of expression and am feeling motivated to be in Silence. I am also feeling at ease to remain silent after attending this program.
• Felt suddenly cut off from the whole world and sitting face to face with God. Thoughts of my family were there but suddenly felt that relationship with God is the only relationship and feelings of longing was there.
• After being able to remain long hours in Silence I felt very happy and confidant. Realized the power of Will and felt that if I can do this, then I can attain the Goal, however humungous a task it may seem like.

Overall, it was a very humbling experience. I felt very cleansed and very light and dynamic after spending the three days. Felt that the inner flame has been brightened by Master and will surely strengthen my Sadhana. There was immense joy but I felt sad that I had to leave from there so soon. At least two more days would have been surely great. I am extremely grateful to the Institute for this opportunity and I am eagerly looking forward for such opportunities in future.