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29 Sept - 1 Oct 2006, Narasingapuram, Tirupati. Report submitted by Sri. Vidyadhar Joshi


Abhyasi Name: Sri. Vidyadhar Joshi
Abhyasi ID : 2059

I would like to express gratitude to dear brother Dr. Rajasekhara Reddy Garu, sister Smt Bhargavi Garu for the very thoughtful and kind arrangements for Chit Lake program and to Revered Sir for allowing to participate in the program. I also express thanks to brother Madhavrao for coordinating the program.

We arrived at Sri Rajasekhara Garu’s residence in Narsingpuram on 28th. A distinct calm and quietness was felt in their house itself. Felt contentment and simplicity in the general environment of the village. This is in sharp contrast to what we generally feel in city or urban environments. In cities, I generally feel an unrest and unease during day times, which perhaps I have gotten used to. However, this feeling was particularly missing almost in its entirety in the Chit Lake program. On the evening of 28th, me and Dr Madhava were sitting outside in the quiet porch of Dr. Rajasekhara Garu’s house, when we observed a dog lying on his back with his belly up and mouth wide open. He appeared still with no movement at all. We thought it to be dead. On asking a villager, he said no it’s alive, it’s just resting. And sure enough with a little hush, the dog sat up. Observing this I felt even these rural dogs are more contented and at rest than the urban stray dogs we see in cities. I feel the thought environment in cities is so polluted that it perhaps does not even spare animals, so what about us. It was easy to appreciate Pujya Babuji Maharaj’s words when he mentions “Thoughts have life and they also work on the lives of others.” (SDG-21).

We arrived at the Chit Lake venue which is a short walk from Dr. Rajasekhara Garu’s residence, on 28th night. Dr. Madhava briefed us on the objective of Chit Lake program which I understood to be in tune with Nature and then get accustomed to the language of feelings by observing what we feel in silence being in the natural environment. The format of the program is very simple. While we are to maintain silence for the full three days, there are no fixed timings for satsang or even taking food. Recommended timings for prayers which we observe daily is there but one can sit in prayer or silence wherever in the mango grove and nearby fields. There are no formal satsangs or individual sittings during the period. I am making a sincere attempt to give an account of my experience, with the feelings and thoughts I prominently could record.

29th Sept - Chit Lake Day 1:

Woke up in the morning around 4:30 AM and started meditation at 5:00 under a mango tree. Initially felt unease with the physical environment. Insects (mostly ants) were crawling on the feet. Besides, sweet chirping of the birds that we don’t get to hear much in cities, also distracted attention from Divine Light. I opened my eyes and sat for about 10 minutes and then started meditation again. Few times I was distracted again by insects and the unease did not go but gradually felt more at ease. Felt uniform and subtle for the remaining period. Felt ajapa for a few moments towards the end.
After meditation, there was a feeling of happiness, gratitude to Master and reverence towards Him. The environment was soothing and serene and there was uniformity in the heart that we are integral part of Nature. Feeling of Master’s Love for all.

In the morning hours, spent mostly taking a walk in the picturesque surrounding and then lying under a mango tree. It felt a great relaxation and happiness to just “be”. Therein felt no compulsion to do anything other than just being there. Enjoying the nature, thoughts started to reflect inside. Looking at the big mountain, it reminded of waiting. That is an attitude we need to have in sadhana. Then the trees which were swinging to the tune of the gentle breeze, remind of the dynamic balance we need to have in life while being rooted in Divinity. The pleasant air reminds of the pervasiveness of His presence. There was a feeling of Love for all and that all are moving towards Master.
“Purity starts from being and impurities are the result of the wrong suggestions and improper utilization of the inner environment.” This message of the Master, reflected in thought and I could appreciate it little better in this environment on the first day. When we are in complete silence and just free to “be” in the very moment, it is easy to feel the purity.

Afternoon time, lying just under the tree I dozed off. I woke up after sometime after ants started crawling over. There was no feeling of drag as I get when I sleep at home. There was freshness after the sleep.
Later in the afternoon memories of college days and school days surfaced. Mind would go back and forth between enjoying some event and then ignoring it. Also some film songs that I had liked in the past would continuously play in my mind. This was not very bothering as I consciously made no attempt to struggle with them.
In the evening there was a feeling of lightness and balance after cleaning. The songs stopped playing. However there was lot of tiredness even though there was no physical activity. Felt so tired that I slept very early at 8:30 pm.

30th Sept - Chit Lake Day 2:

In morning meditation at early hours, felt more at ease with Nature. Experience of Ajapa in the morning meditation. After meditation reverence for Master and feeling of happiness which is abounding in the environment.
In the morning hours, feelings to be at His feet alone. May I ever be mindful and at His feet was the prayer I felt in the heart.
The body and mind was more attuned today. I did not put a wrist watch also, so that the itch to keep looking at time does not bother.

Remembrance of Pujya Babuji Maharaj’s simple life was there. How simple He was in his physical life and what great Love He has for all! Simple incidents about His life as narrated by senior brothers were coming to memory. The heart felt at awe at merely remembering these.
Afternoon just spent lying under the tree. Lying on the bare ground is a good reminder of transience of our existence that most things we get too attached to, have to eventually come back here.

Oct 1st - Chit Lake Day 3:

In morning meditation, feeling of Ajapa throughout.
Felt plainness in the heart and prayfulness towards Him.
In the morning hours feeling of fraternity was prominent. We are all brothers and sisters moving towards Him. Tried to remain in this feeling for as long as possible.
Thereafter college day memories of NCC camps I attended, came. NCC camps used to be conducted in quite similar natural environments.
Sat for prayer at noon time. After prayer, felt gratitude towards Master and thought to dive deep.
Afternoon sat idle with more memories of college and childhood days surfacing. Later just kept watching trees and ants. Some thinking started perhaps in the itch to do something. The tree seemed to me a good model of His creation. It has roots as its source in the ground that are hidden, akin to Divinity which is at the source of everything. The tree has trunk, branches, leaves and flowers giving expression to the root. They all depend on the root to provide them succor and root depends on them for its expression. The tree aspires to grow and produce leaves and flowers to give expression to its root. It withstands whatever weather it is tormented and gives whatever it can give and stays in balance. If we think ourselves as the tree, our thought becomes the trunk having the other end in Him. It draws succor from there but it has to be purified from its grossened state to its subtlest state. It is only then we can stand in full expression of Him, as Revered Dr. KCV puts it that we have to lead a life in God, for God and by God.

Oct 2nd 2006 4th day morning at Chit Lake

After morning meditation, the feeling echoed the following thought of Pujya Babuji Maharaj.
“My heart remains connected with you all, here and elsewhere, giving impulse in unbroken silence to affect the hearts naturally in due course.”
Feeling of Oneness. Felt assuredness in the heart that all are moving towards Him.

Amidst these feelings, I felt my smallness and insignificance. I felt I am to some extent relieved of the self professed arrogance that I am any superior to anyone. The heart feels mellowed down.

I would finally summarize the following points of my experience which I observed after the Chit lake was over

1. The heart feels light and humble and the experience is purifying.
2. Positivity reigns high in thinking.
3. Determination to be with Master and following Him is very high.
4. Aspiration for the Goal has grown more stronger in silence
5. His presence is ever assured in us provided we get attuned to silence even at other times.

None of the above points came consciously to my knowledge during any particular time in the 3 day period but are felt afterwards very distinctly. Surely then it is the Chit lake experience.
I felt, not everything need come to our awareness and just keeping silence with the orientation towards Master in the heart is good lesson to learn from silence.