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M A N A S A R O V A R   R E P O R T S

29 Sept - 1 Oct 2006, Narasingapuram, Tirupati. Report submitted by Sri. Vittal Puvvada


Abhyasi Name: Sri. Vittal Puvvada
Abhyasi ID : 2043


I participated in the Mansarovar program conducted by Imperience wing of ISRC. The program was conducted at Sri. Rajsekhar Reddy’s mango farm in the village of Narsingapuram near Tirupathi. It started at 4am Friday September 29, 2006 and concluded at 4am Monday October 2, 2006. Including myself there were eight participants. Sri. Madhava Rao and Dr. Madhava also participated throughout the program.

My Expectations

When the program was announced I wanted to participate in it. I wanted to find out whether I really can bear prolonged silence and aspire for it. I also wanted to live in nature for a few days and find out its effect on sadhana. I thought through the program I can develop a taste for silence.

Overall Experience/Summary

My foremost experience is the effect of the immediate natural environment on the mental state. Right from the first day I experienced an almost serene and smooth mind with very less thought invasion. That is markedly different from my normal routine thoughts I get everyday back home. I cherished living in Silence every bit and never felt to get away from it. I experienced for 3 days what it is to live in Silence in natural environs and observe its effect. My understanding of Commandment 4 I feel is enriched further. I developed some feelings of reverence towards nature. I understood that I also do have sensitivity, however occasional it is, and I found that to improve it I must include silence as a part of my regular sadhana. I had fears of the unknown when I was meditating in pre-dawn and post-dusk hours but I was able to overcome it quite quickly. Meditations seemed to be a bit long drawn compared to what I am used to in my puja room. It took a while to get adjusted to do meditations out in the open environment. The quality and depth of my meditations did not seem to be significantly different from my general morning meditations. I prominently noticed some kind of light/fire localized in my heart during prayer sessions. This feeling persisted all the 3 days.

Day 0 (Thursday September 28) Report:

I arrived into Tirupati at 9:00pm. I reached Sri. Rajasekhar Reddy’s residence and had a tasteful dinner along with other abhyasis. The ambience is full of love and concern. We reached the venue at 11pm. Did the trataka method along with the other abhyasis for 10 min. Brother Dr. Madhava briefed the participants on the goals of the program (mainly being: Development of Sensitivity; Appreciation and Implementation of Commandment 4). We slept outside in the open air after a long time. I did not attend to the evening cleaning. I attended the bed time prayer.

Day 1 (Friday September 29) Report:

I attended to morning meditation at 5:30am. Fear of the unknown for almost half the time. Not used to the sounds of the nature and ants on hands/legs. The meditation was not completely oriented but at the same time I do not feel disturbed. Lot of thoughts of recent past crossed mind during the meditation but cannot remember the specific thoughts after the meditation.
Toured the mango farm where this program is conducted. Thoughts of stoicness and patience while looking at distant hills. Thought that when nature was being itself we call it beautiful crossed my mind. Saw two big bugs with bright yellow spots, may be mating but no related sensuous thoughts crossed mind. One line of a mantra heard a long time ago and an old movie song repeatedly coming into memory.
During the 8am prayer observed yellow color surrounded with orange hue. I felt the prayer long drawn.
During the silence thought that trees seemed to be living in state of vairagya and altruism came. No rush of thoughts throughout the day contrary to my expectation that all sorts of buried thoughts would spring up.
Noon time meditation is not as deep and as oriented as I notice the same at home.
In the evening had a thought that irrespective of the location/situation trees grow the same and does not distinguish between good person’s ground and bad person’s ground. I felt it one way of expressing plainness and simplicity.

Day 2 (Saturday September 30) Report:

Morning meditation was centered but not completely oriented. Several small thoughts were present related to recent past. The meditation did not appear to be deep. After the puja I felt calm and relaxed.
During and after the 8am prayer the condition was very light.
During the 12noon prayer also the condition was light. Most of the thoughts during the meditation appeared non-repetitive and related to recent past.
During the post lunch silence had thoughts on goal of life.
Evening cleaning session was very assiduous and felt lot of heat towards the end.

Day 3 (Sunday October 1) Report:

During morning meditation thoughts (some intentional) were dwelling on Master and God and confusion between the same. Very clear mind with not much thought invasion.
During the 8am prayer condition was very significantly light. Very few thoughts observed all through the prayer. After the prayer felt a sort of deep inner calmness which I could clearly make note of. I decided to take only a glass of milk without filling my stomach with any solid food. I did not feel like upsetting the condition with the food. I tried to remain in it for 1-2 hours.
During the silence one thought that came is that perhaps continuous proximity/exposure to those physical elements of nature such as earth, wind, akasa must have their influence the some knots in the pind desh in addition to the Sadhana and Pranahuti.
During the 12 noon prayer one or two gross thoughts came. Felt very much centered.
During the afternoon silence got a thought that the same trees/nature which I once considered “jada” helped me maintain a clear and light mind all through the 3 days. In that aspect I thought the trees kept the environment purer than me. Felt reverential towards nature. Got thoughts on “rest” and did some thinking on its meanings vis--vis Oct 1st message. Thought about rest and inactivity/sloth/sleep; restful life vis--vis Commandment 3.
Cleaning was assiduously done but for few minutes lost in the thoughts about the report writing on the program. Towards the end of the cleaning I felt very light and also a kind of heat/glow in the heart.


I offer my sincere thanks to ISRC and Brother Rajasekhar Reddy. The arrangements during the program were made with so much care and love. Brother Rajasekhar Reddy has visited us on all the three days and enquired our well being.


I think you can continue to have the program for 3 days only so that there is wider participation among all the abhyasis. The program may continue to limit participation to 7-8 abhyasis. Having raised pedestal/platforms for meditations was I think a very good idea and may be continued. That I should neglect each and every thought and maintain only silent orientation to Master in the heart did not clearly register in my mind and therefore I entertained contemplation. A small note posted in the notice board, in addition to the oral instructions that are normally given once at the beginning, would be very helpful in that respect.

I have definitely benefited from the program and plan to make silence a part of my daily routine.