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M A N A S A R O V A R   R E P O R T S

11-15 Jan, Kanukunta Village. Report submitted by C.V. Koteswara Rao


We are very happy to participate in Mansarovar for five days. Days passed by in no time. It is a lifetime experience. Let me first say thanks to Sri K.C.Narayana Garu and the organisers for giving me this opportunity. It is all with Master’s blessings on us.

It is very good we start our programme in Mansarovar with morning meditation. It is good exposure to nature, to know how insignificant we are and how every thing is nature co-exist with happy feelings. We are all expressions of God. Let me share my experience in those days in two parts - meditation experience and other than meditation experience.

First part:

On first day after morning meditation, its only silence and orientation towards Master up to afternoon. Some thoughts are there, afterwards complete calmness and deep silence.

Feelings of

  • Every thing is an expression of God
  • To be calm all the time as our true nature is like nature.
  • Orientation towards Master continued the day.

On the second day some thoughts disturbed during morning meditation, afterwards it is complete calm and orientation towards Master alone.

On third day it is complete calmness and orientation towards Master, felt most of time in the company of Master.

On fourth day again calmness and orientation towards Master, felt we are most insignificant being in the universe, felt happy as Master’s Grace on us. I felt it is possible only by following the system of PAM and continuous support of Master and guidance of Sri K.C.Narayana Garu.

On fifth day it is calm, pleasant and orientation towards Master. Felt four days are over in no time, to carry this experience and implement in day to day life. As we are part of Nature and His expressions, make others to participate in Mansarovar by sharing experience.

The experiences stated above is limited that I can express in words but there is beyond that which I am not able to express in words but only with experience one can feel.

Meditational Experiences:

Day one 11-01-06:

Morning meditation: Complete blank and nothingness for most of time, feeling part of Nature and in no time meditation over.

Evening Satsangh: It is calm and blank for most of time. Feeling of Master taking in to whole universe. In no time satsangh completed.

Day two: 12-01-06:

Morning meditation: Disturbing thoughts initially and afterwards deep silence and in no time it is over.

Afternoon meditation: Complete orientation towards Master, calm and silence. Meditation on Chit Lake where complete orientation towards Master and Master alone nothing else was felt.

Evening Satsangh: Feeling of complete orientation towards Master. It is calm and deep silence.

Day three: 13-01-06:

Morning meditation: It is quite calm from the beginning, felt nothingness for some time, deep silence for some time.

Evening Satsangh: Very good. Complete orientation to Master, felt calm and nothingness, thought that the distance is undetermined. To reach Master only with the help of the Master and system we are moving on the path.

Day four: 14-01-06:

Morning meditation: It is calm and pleasant.

Afternoon meditation: Calm, feeling that we should always in the thought of Master and we are insignificant beings.

Evening satsangh: Calm and pleasant. Orientation towards Master and service to the Master.

Night meditation in moon light: I am able to meditate in open air under Full-Moon for 30 minutes and it is calm.

Day five: 15-01-06:

Morning meditation: Calm, feeling Master is giving sitting and Master is around us. At the end felt Master wants us to pray “that all men and women are brother and sister and are all developing true love and devotion towards Master” continued for 10 minutes after morning meditation.

Morning Satsangh: Felt continuous flow of Master’s Grace, was calm with a thought of orientation towards Master continuously all the time.

Afternoon meditation: Calm and deep silence.

On the whole it is a great experience at Mansarovar program for five days.