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M A N A S A R O V A R   R E P O R T S

11-15 Jan, Kanukunta Village. Report submitted by R. Radhakrishnan


The first 2 days of the program enabled me to come out of so many negative tendencies/attitudes towards people, ideas etc. They came out on their own or rather I felt being emptied of these. Deservancy and becoming worthy of Master’s consideration was a simple task brought about because of such expulsions.

First Day:

Feelings of

  • deservancy & becoming worthy
  • feeling of total submission
  •  Well Oriented
  •  helplessness
  • thought about Rev babuji's birthday celebrations                

Second day :

Being Swami Vivekananda’s birthday, serious thought was on his bringing to the world at large about his Master’s glory at such an young age with so much of courage and determination. And where do I stand in bringing our Master’s glory doing yeomen spiritual service to mankind who is always ready and willing to serve just for the asking.

Feelings of

  • deep calm & subtle  
  • Humble
  • orientation to master  
  • insignificance
  • nature of life

On the third day I was mostly immersed in Rev Babuji’s thoughts – our maiden visit to his residence at Shahjahanpur – prayer in his meditation room – which was a real experience of bliss and I was lost. The warmth, affection and concern really enveloped me, the reflection of which I see, feel and enjoy in Sri KC Narayana garu – as I encountered the financial and professional chaos in my personal life recently, which we should also imbibe and express.

Vast expanse of the sky which is limitless make us feel how insignificant we are in the scheme of things created by Him.

I am happy to feel that I belong to SriRamchandra gotra, a new civilization where cooperation, sharing, sacrifice and service are the prime aspects of life.

I am sure such silent sessions are really worth having.

Meditation in the open near the fire – the chill atmosphere is really very good.

Feelings of

  • Due attachment to the extent required    
  • nearness to master
  • A sort of Blankness
  • warmth, affection & concern
  • undisturbed  

On the fourth day there is a perceptible reduction in the thoughts.

I felt as if I was attending a Bhandara.

Being Poornima day, today also we sat near the fire, in the open. Thought was, moon is the reflected glory since it gets light from Sun. So also, we should reflect Rev Babuji who is the Sun and gives us light.

Feelings of

  • settled feeling  
  • happy disposition
  • thoughts were nominal                
  • well oriented                
  • All pervasiveness                

Fifth and concluding day is the best for me. Feeling happy and joyous, a sort of blankness, oneness with nature, relaxed beyond any point of imagination, just be yourself – a direct experience worth having and not willing to break the silence enjoyed.

Master’s presence felt throughout the session which I want to carry on outside also.

Feelings of

  • very calm & balanced  
  • overwhelming gratitude
  •  Happy & Joyous  
  •  Oneness
  • yielding attitude to some extent
  • purity
  • willingness to get corrected                


I wish to thank Sri KC Narayana garu for conceiving such a program and also imperience for implementing it so meticulously.

I sincerely wish all serious sadhakas should make use of this golden opportunity.