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M A N A S A R O V A R   R E P O R T S

11-15 Jan, Kanukunta Village. Report submitted by S.S. Janardhan Rao



Morning meditation after point ‘B’ meditation: Felt calm throughout except for a stray thought. During meditation bent to left side twice and came to balance.

Every thing is good. Total rest (Mental & Physical) for all of us is a gift by the Master. I thought Blankness is felt most of the time. Did not feel like doing anything. Observed for some time the sky and tried to see and feel inside – what is going on – nothing felt.

Evening satsangh: No thought condition was observed after the satsangh. During meditation bent to left side twice and forcefully came to right side to keep balance.

9 PM prayer was done and slept looking to the sky in the open after med time prayer.


Got up suddenly and saw the watch in the dim light and thought that the time was 4.35 AM. When I came to shed and saw to wall clock it was only 1.10 AM. I went to the tent where I was sleeping & looking to the sky from the window of the tent, slept again upto 4 AM.

Morning meditation after ‘B’ point meditation: The state of mind is calm and thoughtless. Almost blank.

On enquiring with one of the abhyasis about waking up in the middle of the night, he said that whenever you wake up in the middle of the night and feel / see Master working, understand that Master is working on us. So it is our duty to meditate at that time. That is what I understood from him.

Noon satsangh: No thoughts for some time and suddenly felt the meditation is over and opened the eyes and found it is only 12.20 hours. Closed the eyes again and then thoughts about SSS – Vocational Wing came for some time. Now it is again blank. Today also during meditation bent to left side and forcefully came to right side to keep balance.

Evening taken sitting from Br. Dr .A. S. Rao. Thoughts about SRCM & ISRC came and finally the thought is, each is traveling in their own direction. Let them go as the Master wills. Finally all have to culminate as we are all brothers.

Evening satsangh: Thoughts came but did not disturb.

Night before fire in the open 9 PM prayer was done by all of us and it is thrilling experience – something new.

Bedtime prayer was done at 1:12 AM and slept. Got up at 4.30 AM.


Thoughts during meditation are less and not able to remember them also. Now calm and peaceful except for the loudspeaker voice towards the end of meditation.

9 to 9.30 AM, sat for meditation. Normal. During meditation bent to right side and came to normal.

10 to 10,30 AM – ‘A’ Point meditation off and on with breaks.

Noon meditation: Thoughts were there but passing only. Do not remember any.

Evening Satsangh: Some thoughts came, but not disturbed.

9.00 PM Prayer before fire in the open by all of us, felt happy. Bed time prayer and slept.


Morning meditation: Due to severe spondilitis pain could not sit (i.e.) has to change the position, otherwise calm.

Spent the day happily and with enthusiasm. Looking for a better way of living.

Noon sitting under the tree. Normal.

Evening satsangh: Peaceful and normal.

Sat before fire and all of us prayed at 9.00PM by sitting round the fire. Then meditated for sometime upto 11.00PM.

I sat in easy chair in the open & meditated under the full moon thinking of the vastness of the sky and the infiniteness of the Master’s consciousness and our insignificance. Slept at 1.00AM & got up at 5.45 AM.


Morning meditation: Thoughts were, before the infinite Master’s consciousness, we are nothing and our so called problems are nothing and insignificant.

Satsangh at 8.00 AM: Felt indebtedness to the Great Master. Thought was about the smallness of self and infiniteness of the Master’s consciousness. Pains were there in the legs and neck which disturbed a little. Thought I should have sat on chair.

Noon sitting: Calm and quiet.