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M A N A S A R O V A R   R E P O R T S

11-15 Jan, Kanukunta Village. Report submitted by Faculty (Dr. A. Subba Rao)


Reached the location around 10.45 P.M. on 10 Jan 2006. First impressions are positive, Happy, Weather was fairly cold. All arrangements made by Imperience for stay, Prayer and food were excellent.

  • The program commenced with morning meditation on 11.01.06 by all the participants.
  • It is observed that all the participants finished the prayer/meditation before sunrise.
  • Participants dispersed to different areas in the garden and continued their contemplation and observance of silence etc
  • Two Brothers requested for individual sittings and they were attended to.
  • Another Brother also complained of rush of thoughts on day-2 and he was reassured.
  • During the first two (2) days, it was felt that almost all the participants were restless due to rush of thoughts, although their post meditative status and after satsangs in the evening are profound, peaceful and happy.
  • By the 3 rd Day all the participants were found to be beaming with joy, balanced and happy.
  • All the participants have found enjoying real freedom after dispensation of regimentation
  • Freedom to meditate
  • Freedom to relax
  • Freedom to eat whatever has been made available and whenever they feel inclined to
  • Freedom to contemplate and maintain silence.

In short, it is a “liberating experience”

  • All the brothers maintained their unique relationship and orientation to Master and are happy and the work was carried in silence.
  • It was found that, by the Grace of the Master that the Pranahuti sessions during satsangs were from very high plane of consciousness – Overwhelming Love of the Master and the reports by the participants corroborates the same.

Overall, all the brothers were found to be contended, happy and balance after the session. They maintained the needed discipline, dignity, decorum and cooperated. Mango grooves were made use off by all for Prayer, meditation and in maintaining silence. All were effectively taken care by Imperience staff with Love.