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“Whatever act you do, do it in the thought “It is the Divine’s command and therefore it is my duty to do so”  - Smt Bh. Devasena

“Whatever act you do, do it in the thought “It is the Divine’s command and therefore it is my duty to do so”

- Smt. Bh. Devasena

The above message was given by The Revered. Master in the article “Way to Perfection” at Tinsukia centre on 25.11.1977.

1. The Revered. Master mentions that it is very essential to adopt this procedure because retaining the remembrance of God at all times engenders in us a deep attachment to the Divine and leads to the state in which Love for Him develops and overflows.
2. Even though Pranahuti is an unique tool/support given by The Revered. Master for our progress, yet He hints that the factors that get left behind are Love and Devotion. The Revered. Master says “It is your responsibility to engender these factors in yourselves since by doing this the sadhak may be able to reach his goal very soon.
3. Next question for us to think over is to how do we develop Love and Devotion to Master?
4. During Pranahuti sessions the experiences of calmness, peace, absorption etc., felt by every abhyasi makes him /her feel very happy and joyous and it gives confidence that, God resides in one’s own heart and that He need not be searched anywhere else and can only be felt beyond the grasp of our senses . This experience enables us to develop Love for The Revered. Master since it is He and He alone who could give such experiences. This Love of The Revered. Master alone keeps us on the path and propels us to continue sadhana.
5. While offering prayer to The Revered. Master we understand His highness who is our goal and our lowliness and at the same time. By this we understand our incapability of reaching the goal without His support, and this understanding develops into devotion.
6. Love and Devotion contribute for developing faith in the system given by The Revered. Master.
7. Now coming to the topic of the seminar The Revered. Master says “Whatever act you do, do it in the thought “It is the Divine’s command and therefore it is my duty to do so” (Page 128 of SDG).
8. Does every act of ours can be treated as Divine commands. No. We have to clearly distinguish the acts we perform. All acts which are against the divine will cannot be thought in such a manner though the society in which we live accept such acts.
9. We cannot take part or even accept in thought the acts which are against the divine will. We have to abstain ourselves in doing such acts even if we have to face problems. Eg: Taking bribe in Govt offices may be a common feature for the employees working therein but still it is an act that is against the divine’s will as it is against the principle of truthfulness and honest living as stated in commandments of our Master. Hence it cannot be accepted or even take part in it.
10. Some times we tend to miss some of our meditational practices out of sloth, attending some obligatory social functions social friendships etc,. The reasons are mostly because we like to be good to others to keep up a social prestige. We are not confident and frank enough to tell truth to others because of the fear that we may loose name fame and the relationship. We should be courageous to face criticism and humiliation in the social life to stand on truth. Such participation in unwarranted social events which does not come under proper viveka should not be confused as acts done under divine commands so as to justify ourselves. However support of the Great Master is giving lot of confidence to face such problems in life. By following the method we develop viveka and this helps us to understand the difference between need and greed.
11. The acts which are performed to maintain the rhythm of Nature can only be treated as Divine commands and any other act which are against the will of the Divine and not in tune with the Nature are only the results of the misdirected tendencies of the mind.
12. In this connection The Revered. Master says ”Diversion from the path of duty is in fact not due to circumstances or outside engagements, but only due to the misdirected activities of the indisciplined mind.(Page 86 of DR)
13. Hence every individual’s mind should get regulated. For achieving this, the method of ‘Pranahuti Aided Meditation” helps. As a first step. mind of an individual gets regulated if he practices the system and follows it with sincere effort. Gradually it increases and along with it, viveka also develops to distinguish between Sat and Asat.
14. To understand any message of our Great Master we should have goal clarity and determine to follow the system seriously to achieve the goal.
15. In the above message The Revered. Master makes us understand that we should do every act as a divine command as our duty because by doing so, we are in constant thought of The Revered. Master and this gives us a special benefit of stoppage of further samskaras. Hence it is very important to develop this practice to reach our goal quickly. Getting rid off the already accumulated samskaras to bring out the Divinity hidden in our hearts so that our acts are in tune with Divinity is itself a very big task. Further we cannot afford to add more samskaras through our thoughts and actions. Hence the statement of this seminar assumes significance in this regard.
16. Hence The Revered. Master suggests that every work we should perform as duty to God in His remembrance. For this, one should understand the concept of trusteeship given by our Master. Otherwise we develop undue attachments in our acts which further adds to our samskaras.
17. In this regard The Revered. Master says, ”It does not mean that we should become unmindful of our worldly responsibilities and neglect our duty in that respect causing trouble and misery to those depending upon us for support. We must remain alive to our sense of duty to them as much as to God but without any undue attachment”. (Page 85&86 of DR)
18. For developing this condition The Revered. Master explains that we should pray to God (at bed time) with a heartful of love and devotion for His guidance and support on path of duty.
19. Hence we understand that bedtime prayer is very important for understanding our sense of duty.
20. Our way of life should be moulded according to the commandments given by our Master. This is the only yardstick by which one can evaluate one self of the sense of duty he is having. Hence all the efforts of the practicants of PAM are only to follow these commandments in both letter and spirit to express the Great Master and live in tune with Nature to bring happiness to oneself and also to others.

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