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"We must never be disappointed of the Divine Grace"

(Silence Speaks, Page 313)


Sri. T.V.Rao


My Revered guide, Pujya Sri K.C. Narayana Garu and dear brothers and sisters


I seek your permission to share a few of my thoughts on the topic- ‘we must never be disappointed of the Divine Grace’.  Our Master further stated in continuation of the above statement, ‘God is the supreme Master and His will must be carried out in every respect. We should think ourselves to be bankrupt and remain ever busy with worship and devotion, not minding the interruptions and disturbances that happen to come in our way’.

  • When the thought came to me, that I can share some views on the above topic, based on my understanding, the following came to my mind-

What is divinity?  What is the link that we have with divinity?  Why we always expect the divinity to help us, support us, be with us, whether we do or do not do our duty in our day to day life. 

After spending some time in contemplation, after reading some of the articles, hearing talks, etc., graciously provided to us by our Master and our spiritual guide, Rev. Pujya Sri K.C. Narayana Garu, on various occasions, I would like to share my views further on this topic.

In the above statement our beloved Master used certain key words which, I feel, are very important to comprehend, understand real meaning and spirit of the same.    They are Disappointment, Divine grace, Supreme Master, His will, Worship, Devotion, Interruptions and Disturbances.  I wish to elaborate a little on these words, as I understood, from various articles, talks, etc.,

  • Disappointment (A feeling of dissatisfaction that results when your expectations are not realized-dictionary meaning)

Master states that- “Problems are so many with all humanity; and as such as one remains attentive to a problem, it becomes a stumbling block for him. Disappointments make us cowards. If somehow we remove the prefix 'dis', 'appointment' remains. That means we have been appointed for something; and when appointment for certain job has been made, we can never think that we are unable to do it. That means a sort of a wave is working smoothly, and you are carrying on with it. In that case, there is no idea either of the past or of the future. Be like a tiger in the realm of God, and progress is assured.” 1

“No doubt the world will be paradise, but for that we have to work very hard. What we have to do is only to have a strong grip always on Divinity. I never felt disappointed and worked single handed and the result is before us all. I have full confidence in myself, with the Master's hand at my back; and it has always worked. The same thing I want from all of you.”2 

  • Divinity (God)-  

Divinity is JUST and BALANCED

God is quite plain and simple, devoid of everything, not to speak of any solidity.

We have a relationship with the divinity, which is inseparable.

  • Supreme Master 

We all know that Rev. Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur, U.P. India is the Supreme Master and HE is the LIVING MASTER and will continue for next millennia.  We feel HIS presence in our heart and Imperience HIS Consciousness (“Sri Ramchandra Consciousness”) continuously.

“Sri Ramchandra Consciousness”- which encompasses virtually everything in this Universe, is a life force which is eternal and the nature of this consciousness is Pure and unalloyed love. This consciousness does not distinguish between any entities of the creation. 

  • Will (The capability of conscious choice and decision and intention)
  • Worship and Devotion-

“Prayer is the sign of devotion. It shows that we have established our relationship with the Holy Divine. When the idea of Divine Mastership is established our position turns into that of serf. Now service is the only concern of the serf. Take for example the case of Bharata. He never allowed his heart to be contaminated with anything but the esteem, regard and devoted worship of the Master. This example must be kept in view for maintaining the relationship which is the true form of devotion. This is the connecting link between the Master and the serf.3

  • Interruptions and disturbances-

“Almost all religions unanimously agree that whatever happens is the result of our actions. Nobody ever suffers in contravention of this principle. When such is the case one will naturally be led to the conclusion that it is really the fate which he himself has built up. Truly speaking, we ourselves are the makers of fate. When we do something by applying our head and heart we form impressions thereof at the base, which remain there in seed-form till they are washed off by the effect of Bhogam (the process of undergoing the effects). The Bhogam is thus essential and indispensable.4


Master also wants us to know that-

  • One of the fundamental truths in spirituality is that God grants us what we need and not what we seek.
  • God is quite plain and simple, devoid of everything, not to speak of any solidity. So, it is absolutely necessary for us to free ourselves from grossness and solidity in order to achieve Him.
  • The goal is not something else other than this God. Where do we find this God? We find Him in our own heart. We are not going to search Him elsewhere; so the goal is not far off, it is within us only. Then why is it we say he is the goal of human life? As on date, we have found other things as goal of human life: to become rich, to become powerful, to become popular and the like. As against this, we should see that the goal within us has got a full command over our existence. The yielding to that Divinity that is within us, is the only way to reach the real goal. To be aware of the presence of the Divinity in us and to see that Divinity percolates into every action of ours is the way to express God. The Divinity should be allowed to have influence on everything we do from getting up from the bed to retiring to bed. We should share whatever we have thinking that the Divinity has given us and therefore we share with others. This type of sharing is fundamental ethics, which we should develop. Whatever work we do, it should be treated as a trust reposed by God in us, so it should be excellent and in accordance with the norms both in letter and spirit. Lord Krishna said "Yoga is skill in action". Whatever work that is given to us is to be done with a feeling that it is the Divinity which permits us to do the work as a 'trustee'. No work stops for any person's sake and goes on without any interruption under the Divine Order.

Rev. Sri KCN garu has once mentioned that ‘if we cannot find the Master in our heart, we cannot find him anywhere”.  He asserts that HE resides in our heart, guiding us all through and this being the TRUTH, we sometimes keep HIM away from our heart and gets into the hands of maya of our mind duly exposing us to all sorts of problems in our day-to-day life.   

When we think that we are the doers, keeping the divinity away from hearts, we become victim of maya of our mind and at times we get disturbed and think that we are not getting the required grace from the Divinity for no fault of us.  At this point, there is every chance to feel the “disappointment of the Divine Grace”.


Reason to feel the above point-


  • When we do/attempt certain things in our day-to-day life we always expect something good or pleasant thing as an end result.  We firmly believe most of the times, that we are doing only the right thing (for someone’s sake) and hence we deserve the predefined favourable result sooner or later. 
  • When the result of the action is not what we had expected or anticipated, generally we get disappointed and if the same action and result gets repeated it  results in frustration and finally we conclude by saying or feeling God is not kind, I am deprived of God’s grace, etc.,


My spiritual guide, Pujya Sri K.C. Narayana garu couple of times cautioned me about the ‘doership’ which is one of my odd notions and advised me ‘to accept everything in life as a gift from God and most of my woes will vanish’.


In order to remember HIM as much as possible and also to reduce the ‘doership’ in me, I started practicing to keep a small note on my computer at my work, which says “HE is the Doer, am NOT!!”  This process helped me to a great extent not only at work life but also in my personal life.  


Since we feel the presence our Master always in our heart, we should really try to be with God and in God all the time, and never be away from Him even for a moment. This simple process, if followed in the right spirit, love and devotion, will keep us in touch with the Ultimate. 


The purpose of our life and our real goal is to see Divinity in all and express Divinity in all its grandeur, love, fraternity and compassion. It is not seeing the Master in some far off place but to feel HIS presence in our heart.  This helps us to realize our Goal, which is, to ensure ‘Happiness to one and all’ and maintain ‘Balancedness under all circumstances and situations’.


I conclude, with an appeal that all of us should remember and imbibe the true spirit behind the below mentioned points, which helps us practice “Constant Remembrance” more efficaciously as advised by our beloved Master. 


         Divinity is just and balanced

         We are an absolute dependent expression of God

         Inseparable relationship with the Divinity

         If we are totally dependent upon HIM, it does not matter much what happens to us.

         By going through the results of our actions we are reducing the load on our being.  Whatever happens (miseries, difficulties, etc.,) is the result of our actions only

         Oneness with one and all

         Divinity loves us more than we love Divinity

         Divine Grace is available in abundance, ever willing to help us and it is for us to make ourselves more and more deserving to receive the same

         Proceed towards Unknown.  Love HIM who loves all. Destination is far off.  Remembrance is the instrument.


When we understand the true meaning and spirit of the above points, I feel, they help us follow the instruction of the Master i.e., “We must never be disappointed of the Divine Grace".


Let us use as much as possible the instrument provided to us by our beloved Master, i.e., Remembrance, which will help us remove all the obstacles which we come across in our journey towards our Home Land.




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