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“Faith, in true sense is a lively link connecting the mortal with the immortal”

“Faith, in true sense, is a lively link connecting the mortal with the Immortal”

(Basic Writings of Sri Ramchandra, Reality at Dawn, Page 250)


       Smt.A.V.S.Sita Lakshmi


My Hearty Pranams to Revered Sir and all my brothers and sisters.


The topic of the seminar on this auspicious day is taken from the article ‘Faith’ graciously given by our beloved Babuji Maharaj (SriRamchandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur, U.P.,India)to the sadhakas in His book Reality at Dawn – Basic Writings of Sri Ramchandra –


When I first thought of presenting a paper in this seminar I felt that I should share my personal experience in understanding this ‘topic’. Faith is individual. So it gains meaning when it is relevant to the individual experience and practice.  In this paper 1st person has been used to explain and share with you all my individual feelings and experience rather imperience in some places.  Kindly bear with me.

I tried to write the development of faith from belief through trust in the following lines –

1.  The effect of Pranahuti and individual sittings including satsangs and Bhandaras

2.  How the method  has helped in developing ‘Faith’

3.  The way of living

4.  Progress occurred.

5.  Difficulties and miseries which enhanced the ‘Faith’.

6.  The role of the Master in my life

7.  Path of Service.


I joined this system when I was 19 yrs old in the year 1977 by seeing my husband practicing the system.  Previously I was doing the traditional worship at home.  I got introduced at Tirupathi.  After introduction within 2 months I had an opportunity to have the darshan of Pujya Babuji Maharaj in Chennai.  I attended few Satsangs conducted by Pujya Babuji Maharaj and returned back to Tirupathi along with my husband.  There was continuous happiness in the heart.  Now I am able to express that feeling in words but at that time it was a state of mind.  During the visit to Chennai I heard so much about Pranahuti (Transmission) from fellow brethren who were all abhyasis.  During introductory sittings I had the experience of Pranahuti and I was wondered at that time.  In those days I did not know any thing about, how Pranahuti is offered, and the ‘will’ of a person etc.  I simply knew that it was something given and we could feel it.  I thought that I should test it whether it works on me or not.  During the day’s work  I tried many times to get the pranahuti by stopping my work while washing clothes, cooking food etc. Every time I felt smooth vibrations in the heart and felt a wave like experience. I was amazed at this. I thought that I was getting Pranahuti and I was happy. I strongly felt that there was some thing in this system. Later on I understood that it was the continuation of the effect of Pranahuti. The reason for narrating this experience is that, at that time I was novice to the system, I did not have much acquaintance with the Master and I did not know how the Pranahuti is offered. But still the internal experience made me to believe that there was something special in this system and the Master. I am sure that every abhyasi here and elsewhere definitely might have had the internal experience of Pranahuti, the Divine influx in their introductory sittings itself.

All glory to the Grand Master who revived the method of training with Pranahuti and gifting humanity   Pujya Babuji Maharaj .the ‘Special Personality’ for the transformation of ‘man’.


In the words of the  Master “…..We must be thoroughly considerate in judging the merits of a thing, applying all possible means at our disposal. We should never come to a hasty conclusion without due consideration and trial, through the help of reason and experience. When we are, finally convinced of the merits of the thing we may stick to it with faith and constancy.”1 


My belief in the system encouraged me to attend Satsangs and Bhandaras. Few months later had an opportunity to have individual sittings from the trainers. The  imperience (internal experience) during and after receiving Pranahuti in individual sittings changed my belief into trust in my Master and the system. I started yielding to the Great Master.


From 1982 onwards I am under the training of Sri K.C. Narayana Garu along with my husband. From then onwards I started learning about the system and my understanding of the system had begun.

The result of the individual sittings was that I developed interest and started following the system with enthusiasm. This gradually changed my trust into Faith in the Master then, now, and forever.

During this journey on Natural Path at one stage I felt that ‘For every body in this world He is the Only Master and this is the Only system that is available and every one must follow it which is the only solution for all problems of life’.  Later the emotional tinge of the feeling has gone and more deeper understanding of the system had begun.


Regarding the system all the components of the method helped me in developing faith in the Master.

Meditations in the morning over a period of time gave many feelings like-

1. Wonderous    

2. Blissfull   

3. Lightness  

4. Calmness   

5. Absorption  


7.Love for Master 

8. Aspiration  

9.  Devotion   

10. Surrender 

11. Confidence


13. Balance 

14. Expansion  

15.Transcendence of time and space

16. Love for others

17. Concern for others

18. Duty towards others

19.Servant of Master

20. He is every thing 

21. Entire being is yours

22. He knows

23. He does.

24.  Balancedness.

25. A feeling of liberation from many things  like binds, bonds and entanglements along with growing levels of Freedom.


Along with these positive feelings and states of consciousness, certain negative aspects like disgust, dejection, depression ( depressive mood ), dullness, disinterestedness, questioning, diffidence, indifference, attachments, self pity, over concerns were some of the feelings and states of mind  that were experienced  during sadhana. But I was helped  to overcome and over coming such states of mind through guidance in the form of counselling and the support of pranahuti  from my trainer.


Purification –

Observations after attending to purification in the evening –


       Experience of lightness and freshness. Gradually it has become one of the important parts of life activities.

       Progressively learned to leave unnecessary things getting into our mind.

       Over reaction, emotional outbursts, unnecessary involvement in one’s own affairs and also others etc. have come down.

       Greed, jealousy, competition were removed resulting in contentment, interdependency and harmonized living.

       Over attachment to due attachment.

       Loosing interest in worldly charms.

       Gaining simple and unassuming nature.

       Regaining a state of balance.

Purification is done not only by sadhaka as a part of regular sadhana, and also being attended by the trainer during individual sittings, and happens during Satsangs and Bhandaras. This resulted in strengthening the foundation of Faith in the Master.

Observations of doing night prayer –

                   Feelings of repentance

                   Acceptance of faults and wrongs committed

                   Bowing the head before Master and gradually to everybody

                   Development of humility , submission

                   Petitioning to less petitioning to no petitioning. Prayer for others.

                   Accepting others reactions are the results of our faults or faulty behaviour

                   Expectation to acceptance.

                   Silent communication with the Master through the feelings of the heart.


This resulted in developing more faith and submission to the Master and also developed internal intimacy with the Master, The lively link connecting the mortal with the Immortal.

The efficacy of the meditations on Point’A’ and ‘B’ and 9 P.M. prayer contributed to the transformation.


All this led to have a way of life that is the following   of Ten commandments given by the Master which also helped as a yard stick in evaluating myself in terms of progress in the Path. So the Practice of our system which most importantly is supported by regular influxes of pranahuti enabling sadhakas   to come out of selfish and self-centeredness so that we become more and more other centered and world centered and further on Universe -centered and for that confidence in oneself, faith in the system, the method which includes Pranahuti is most vital.


The  progress that is  experienced during the march reflects in a change in  attitudes, in  behaviour pattern,  perception towards the life as a whole and  develops the personality  which is  ever changing to finer and finer degrees of subtleness and humility. I feel that one become spiritually and socially relevant displaying human dignity. This is more felt as one starts imbibing the noble traits of service, sacrifice, sharing and co-operation.


Every person faces difficulties in his /her life. It is a common experience that every one of us had and is having our own personal problems, afflictions, miseries and sorrows. How this system and the Master are relevant in such circumstances? Does our Faith in the Master and the system get affected?

I observed that during difficult times we get the inner strength to face them, to rise above them and to transcend them. We become more resilient and accept the situation as it comes. I observed that the ‘Faith’ in the Master increases with leaps and bounds and we develop more conviction in the system we are following. Here the main thing is that we are neither afraid of situations nor getting away from our responsibilities. We are more sincere, serious and committed to under go the situation. This has resulted in practicing the commandments 5 and 7 with ease and naturalness.  The capacities had to forebear and display fortitude are due to faith of the mortal in the Immortal and this is the lively link.  This is not just my experience, similar is the experience of all sadhakas who are following this system ‘The Natural Path’.


In this connection I recall a story  which goes like this- There was a disciple.  He had lot of ‘Faith’ in his Mater. They were always together. The presence of his Master was felt besides him. The disciple could see only the foot-prints of his Master. Once the disciple gets into lot of problems. When he looked for his Master he couldn’t find the foot-prints of his Master next to him. He gets worried. After sometime when his situation becomes normal the foot-prints of the Master reappeared next to him. The disciple got amazed .He asked his Master that where was he all those days when he was in troubles. The Master replied that he was with him only. The disciple said that he couldn’t find his foot-prints. The Master replied that He was carrying him (the disciple) all the while when he was undergoing the troubles. The feet with which he was moving were the feet of the Master and not of the disciple.


Our experience says that our Master is present always in our hearts and assures us of His presence. When Mother is there child is not worried. That is why when some people ask ‘Are you following the same system and still meditating?’ I confidently reply with a smile that “Yes, That is my life”.

The life stories of our Masters inspire us to live the life meaningfully and fruitfully under all circumstances in the thought of Divine and in the company of Divine.

The adverse situations help us to understand, empathise and feel the pain of other persons who are undergoing their difficult times in life and we can respond to them with concern and compassion naturally, which we have felt, experienced and learned from our master in his training.

Here I feel that the role and the support of the trainer is very vital. It is not only the concern and compassion we get from our master, it is the inner strength that is given to us through pranahuti by means of development of viveka, love for divine by diverting the flow towards Atman and development of Faith and dependency in Master which results in Surrender to the Master.

Therefore the support of the master is very important in development of ‘Faith’. He is the role model who is living in His Consciousness (SriRamchandra Consciousness) always.

It has been my experience that ‘faith’ is growing gradually and progressively. The conviction drawn out of this faith make me feel that every sadhaka can become an embodiment of ‘Faith’ and should spread the message of the Great Master. In the words of Pujya Dr.K.C.V. “The New Darshana is for those who participate in the Divine work of Divinising  Man – rather than those who seek individual transformation. The assurance of Master that He is taking care of every abhyasi and that every abhyasi should spread the message means that every one should actively participate in bringing about simplicity, purity and fraternal feelings in all, not worrying about his own realization……..”, “…….If every abhyasi really believes in the Master, he has the onerous responsibility of shedding through his actions and behaviour the Radiance of the Divine Personality deeply imbedded in him. He should be conscious of the fact that he is walking temple, in as much as Master is in his heart.”2 Therefore the mortal (individual) needs to be moulded in terms of Immortal (Divine) for which ‘Right Faith’ is a must and it is the ‘Lively link’.

Thanking you.




1.    (Basic Writings of SriRamchandra – pg.246).

2.    (Complete Works of Dr.K.C.Varadachari – Vol.I pg.583 and 584)