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“Faith, in true sense is a lively link connecting the mortal with the immortal”

“Faith, in true sense, is a lively link connecting the mortal with the Immortal”

(Basic Writings of Sri Ramchandra, Reality at Dawn, Page 250)

Dr.A.Subba Rao

My Revered guide and dear brothers and sisters


The topic of the seminar is taken from the book ‘Basic Writings of Sri Ramchandra’ –Pg.250.

The evolution of consciousness and its further refinement to subtler planes which grant the mortal the capacities to sacrifice, share, serve, co-operate, and discharge fraternal duties towards all as a humble servant of the divine with growing love and concern to all creatures is the backdrop on which the edifice of spirituality is built. The humanity in general has been struggling and wriggling to develop these few above said noble traits which belong to the realm of man. Therefore as the first line of Prayer says ‘O Master, Thou art the real Goal of human life’ gains meaning in one’s life.

The Advent of New Era with the birth of Pujya Lalaji Maharaj and revival of the forgotten technique of yogic transmission or Pranahuti and His structuring of Special Personality in the form of Rev Babuji Maharaj are the greatest of the great gifts offered to humanity. There is a paradigm shift from the obsessive desire of individual well being to the well being of the world at large. Of course, individual transformation precedes transformation of the world. The New era demands that we rise up to the expectation of the Divine and it has great hope on us having sacrificed itself to become we and every thing.

The great Master Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur, U.P., India., in His infinite compassion gave us dynamic methods of Meditational practices and assured support of Pranahuti and discovered Points A and B for us to raise ourselves with ease and naturalness to the plane of altruism - material and spiritual there by relieving us of the enormous burden of practice of austerity and penance to discipline the lower which our elders in the past used to resort to. In addition, Master’s statement that He has taken good from all systems and removed superfluous and unwanted is most encouraging and motivating factor which helped all of us to fall at His feet and seek solution to the problem of life. The great aptha vachana of the Master “ The soul, is longing to feel its characteristic which has gone out of sight, and this insignificant being is seeking fellow pilgrims to march on the path of freedom. My longing to get fellow travellers is only for the sake of rendering service to help their safe arrival at the Destination.(SDG-pg.98,Edition-2003)” is the most enlivening and inspiring. We have taken a conscious decision to grow and transform willingly submitting ourselves to the will of the Master and co-operate with the Master and influxes of Pranahuti from the trainers permitted by Him to prepare and empower us to participate the Divine work of transformation of man. This very decision lifted us up to the plane of arrow as depicted in the Emblem of the Institute, below which are the realms of names and forms and so on. There was no attempt by most of us to stick to and linger still in the planes of religion and conflict and it was a profound sigh of relief from oppression and fear coupled with undaunted courage and abundant hope. This is due to the impact of Pranahuti on the willing, seeking and co-operative psyche with an open mind in non prejudicial mode.

Coming to the topic proper ‘Faith, in true sense, is a lively link connecting the mortal with the Immortal’ we are aware how our Faith which we inadequately understood in the beginning of Sadhana evolved over a period of time into the present state according to one’s understanding and seriousness. As mortals we know how we have been helped by the support of the Master under trying circumstances strengthening our trust in Him and in developing the attitude of trusteeship, stoic attitude, patience, resilience and so on. The trust further got refined consequential to growing discriminative intelligence and determination. We have been helped to move to Upper heart and flow of consciousness was diverted to Atman which we perceive as profound calm and lightness with the help of pranahuti resulting in the states of Shama and Dama. The journey in the Knot 1 and 2 and systematic, methodical practices on Points A and B helped us to remain stable in this plane where the beginnings of confidence in oneself and confidence in Master are imperienced. This is also the realm of beginning of Faith and constant remembrance which grows in scope and dimension during our march on The Path of Grace. Further on the journey through Knot 3 (devotion and love), and Knot 4 (Surrender) where capacity to forbear(Uparati) become evident., Growing dependency and the state of surrender strengthen the Faith in the Reality and Faith in the Master leading us to a state of dynamic balance, vibrant hope, deeper spiritual insight and state of fortitude (Thitiksha) during our journey in Knot 5. So far it has been our experience of Faith in the realm of Pind (mortal) which through several inversions progresses further in the realms of Brahmand and Para Brahmand till we reach Knot 9 where the Faith gets transformed into Shraddha which is really lively. This is the beginning of higher form of Faith which continues and evolves to make one a true Prapanna and states beyond entirely dedicated to the service of the Master by living in His consciousness, by His consciousness and for His purpose.

It is also experienced concurrent with this development of Faith there is more naturalness in constant Remembrance which is profound and deeper. Here dedicated service to the Lord is the only concern of the mortal and by this very posture becomes dearer to the Immortal (The Divine ) and it is lively which is a matter of Imperience.

All glory unto the Great Master and my most revered guide Sri K.C.Narayana Garu for guiding this mortal to the realms of Immortality and continuing to guide beyond. Billions and billions of salutations to them.