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“Faith, in true sense is a lively link connecting the mortal with the immortal”

Faith, in true sense is a lively link connecting the mortal with the immortal

(Basic Writings of Sri Ramchandra, Reality at Dawn, Page 250)


Sri. Prabhakar Chintapalli


Dear brothers & sisters and my revered guide Sri. K.C. Narayana Garu,


Namaste.  I feel it is a privilege to present this paper before you this day. I have tried to capture my understanding on the topic of the seminar that is gained through experience.


It is evident from the face of the topic that faith plays a predominant role in keeping the connection with Divine live. One might ponder over the fundamental aspect of why is this connection necessary, the simple answer could be:

-                                       to realize the true purpose of life as an expression of divine

-                                       to make ourselves deserving to receive the grace of the Master


How faith helps in this endeavour as well as in nurturing this connection is being discussed in this paper.

When we refer to faith the immediate question that one might come across is faith in whom or what? That is in Goal, method and Master.


Faith in Goal:

Before we even talk of faith on goal, it is essential to have the clear goal before we embark on means to achieve it. This is true in all endeavours in life and is also emphasized in corporations we work (worked) for that they have well defined and understood goals. It is also observable that many of the failures to achieve the goal are due to lack of clarity on the objective itself.


When it comes to spiritual aspiration it is even more important to have this clarity due to existence of variety of methods each one promising a specific purpose. Although setting a goal is a primary requirement, it is equally important that we have (or develop) right faith and confidence in achieving it, if we are serious in our aspiration. The goal that we have assumed or set for ourselves is the one of highest that is complete oneness with God. This very nature of the goal or understanding of it in its true sense may not be very evident to start with as it being all spiritual. Hence this requires a good amount of faith to be developed in order for an abhyasi to be steadfast in their efforts to achieve it. This development of faith is a journey by itself and it grows with the experience through the means followed. The faith when matured should lead to a state when abhyasi gains confidence that the goal can be reached in this very life and works toward it relentlessly. Thus faith plays a crucial role in keeping the goal in approach with confidence and keeping the connection live with divine.


The lack of faith or undeveloped understanding of the goal gets reflected in various colours such as goal confusion, lack of interest, lapses in following the basic requirements etc.


Lack of faith in achieving goal leads to:

-                                       confusion on goal clarity

-                                       lack of interest towards the efforts needed

-                                       weakening will (or determination) to achieve


During these times faith in the means and Master would help alleviate those fallacies to a great extent while providing for an opportunity to develop required faith on goal. This would require a firm WILL XE "Sankalpa"  and determination to overcome those difficulties then we can develop greater understanding, willingness and regularity. This is the role we must set for ourselves as part of sadhana towards achieving the Goal  XE "Life" and must implement it with faith, love XE "Love"  and devotion XE "Love and devotion" .


Faith in the means/method:

Then comes the faith on the means or the method we adopt to seek the goal we have set for. After having set the goal it is critical that we latch on to the right means to achieve it, without this not much can be accomplished in realizing the aspiration. The lack of right method or lack of faith thereof on the method causes:

-                                       discouragement

-                                       move between different methods

-                                       weakens the confidence to reach the goal set


There may be several methods in vogue but the right one is the one that puts directly in touch with the very thing we aspire for. Once we come across such a method and verified its efficacy through direct experience then we should never part with it. The system of meditation that our Master has proposed is the best one I have ever come across which fulfills the above criteria. We are fortunate, by the grace of the God, to have come across such a system which is a key to reality. Many of us who have stumbled upon this path some way or the other have the similar experiential observation about this aspect.


This system of natural path is direct and is oriented towards the goal right from day one. As we know clearly that our link with divine is reestablished with the process of introduction and this is the very indication that this is the right means for the purpose. It is up to us to build up on this connection (support) from then onwards with the help of Pranahuti & meditational practices. The development of faith on the method, as the right one, is necessary as this is the effort put in by the abhyasi to achieve the goal. As any serious seeker doesn’t like to adopt or spend time on the means which doesn’t provide the confidence that it is taking him in the right direction, this development of faith becomes a key to the success. Although the system is scientific and proven it requires certain effort on the part of an abhyasi to gain this confidence and is directly related to earnestness with which the abhyasi proceeds.


The development of faith on the method is really a conglomerate of development of certain virtues through our sadhana as that is the only indication or reflection of our reorientation or advancement towards the goal. As we proceed on with our meditations earnestly one develops adequate clarity on the method, its purpose, faith & confidence in Master. This improved clarity further fuels the WILL to undergo the transformation within. Then the typical difficulties in sadhana can easily be dealt with determination.

Initially the development of sensitivity and purity helps the abhyasi in springing the right faith on the method. Thus developed sensitivity would enable sadhaka to understand the imperience in its true sense/sprit at every step to aid further and co-operate with the process of transformation. This further enhances the faith on the method to an extent that it grows by self-fed mechanism through the experiences felt. Apart from the daily meditational practices, our system of meditation includes following the commandments given by the Master. The unflinching faith so developed will enable an effective observance of the commandments  XE "Faith" with strong will and firm determination on the part of the abhyasi to reach the goal.


Thus we can see that the faith on the means or the method adopted helps a great deal in realizing the goal with confidence and determined will.


Faith in the Master:

The third aspect which is foremost & highly crucial is the faith on the Master from whom we seek the required help. Since the goal being all spiritual we invariably require a help of a worthy Master who can lead us through the various stages of the journey upto the final stage. Hence the faith in the Master plays a pivotal role besides that in goal & method. It is our fortune and is a boon to all of us to get associated with our Master Rev. Sriramchandraji Maharaj, who is all spiritual and is guiding the destinies of all.

The development of faith in Master that He is guiding us and is ever ready to take us to the next step through providing the necessary support happens naturally when we follow the system earnestly. This is felt through our system with ever flowing Master's support provided an abhyasi makes himself deserving XE "Deserving"  by love XE "Love" , devotion XE "Devotion" , XE "Devotion,"  sharing and sacrifice XE "Sacrifice"  in addition to the adherence to the Commandments. When this faith in Master develops we should seek in him the real thing we crave for and not any petty things. This very development of faith in Master leads to restlessness with a constant state of prayer. Thus faith developed acts as a lively link whereas the prayer enables the abhyasi to feel it constantly.


Importance of faith / role of faith

-                                       One may have WILL but lack of faith will not lead anywhere.

-                                       Some level of faith is needed to start with

-                                       Faith truly fills the gaps in determination (due to direct experience)

-                                       Faith improves steadfastness of our efforts with confidence

-                                       Regularity in sadhana is in relation with the faith one develops

-                                       Faith develops or strengthens through the experiences that reinforce confidence and reindicates the movement in the right direction.

-                                       Faith when developed springs love, devotion and reverence which in turn takes the abhyasi on an accelerated path.

-                                       Faith is the one that keeps the destination in view (on the horizon)

-                                       Faith breeds reliance, sureness, conviction, devotion

-                                       Faith is the underlying (connecting) link while prayer is the medium / way to feel that connection

-                                       the dynamism of connection is felt in proportion to the extent of faith one develops



Thus we can see from above that faith plays an important role of connecting thread between man and divine inherently in every aspect of sadhana and leads the individual in the right direction towards the goal. Faith must be genuine and lasting not shaken by adverse (under all) circumstances. The lack of faith in any of the above makes one stray away from the path.


Following meanings I have used in the topic to base the understanding of the topic to start with.

Faith: Complete trust or confidence

Lively link: Active or dynamic relationship or association