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“Faith, in true sense is a lively link connecting the mortal with the immortal”

Seminar Jan.2009

                                            Sri. K.C.Srihari.


Faith, in true sense, is a lively link connecting the mortal with the Immortal



Dear Brother and Sisters


I seek you permission to share a few of my thoughts on the topic of faith


Mortality is a fact of life.  All living beings in the world have this.  It signifies that things are temporary and transient.  We observe that during our lives, there is a change in our physical appearance, our relations with people, our place of work, our place of stay, the types of food that we eat and so on.  Even though one observes all this, there is something inside that seems to be constant.  It is this something that is connected to the immortal that brings about an awareness of that immortal.


Immortality is a characteristic of Divinity.  It means ageless, eternal, unending and perpetual.  This holy land knows it by the word ‘sanatana’.  Abhyasis know it by the name of Sriramchandra Consciousness.  Whenever this consciousness is poured into us through Pranahuti by master, the qualities said above are felt by us.  This absence of time, the continuity of feeling is something every abhyasi can relate to.


The lively link that makes us aware of our true nature is the master.  In the beginning, we follow the instructions of the master due to the trust that what he says is good for us.  As the Master says “The abhyasi's part is to be perfectly obedient to the Master. I mean to say that he should comply with the directions given to him, having faith, or at least trust, in the Master, and confidence in himself”1

The two aspects here are confidence in ourselves and faith in the master.  We start with a confidence that what the master says makes sense.  We may not know for sure, but a gut feeling is there.  Fortunate are those who do not have to unlearn the old ways and remake themselves.  The constant play of the mind to somehow retrofit the system of Sriramchandra into other systems is something many struggle with.


The second aspect is the faith in the master.  Faith is akin to a child that jumps into the arms of the parent.  Initially there is hesitancy.  After some attempts there is no hesitation and one is convinced of the fact that the parent will not let go.  Our faith in the master is also similar.  The trust we started with initially slowly develops into a faith where the feelings that ‘The master knows what is correct for me’ and ‘The master is always right’ are felt.  Once this feeling comes, there is an openness felt towards the master where everything is placed before him.  From here onwards, it becomes an implicit conviction in the system and an unquestioning attitude is adopted. 


Seeing the parent in front of you and jumping requires faith to a certain degree.  Jumping with the parent on the back side requires implicit faith.  You just know.  There are no words to describe this feeling other than saying that the parent is always there, at all times.


Once this feeling gets established firmly, the courage to follow the Satyapad Marg develops.  The Satyapad Marg is the path where we walk with a sense of being.  The One who creates the sense of being in you is God. That is truth. It is the master who put us in touch with this feeling everytime.  The sense of being increases with increase in faith. 


The faith in the master makes us trust others.  Master says “Some people talk of love while others complain of fear. To them, I have to say that fear and love both have the same centre. If we drag ourselves towards the world, things of fear begin to display their character and when we are towards the Divinity, Divinity plays in Divinity itself.”2  The faith in the master makes us take decisions confidently trusting the other person.  There is an example my revered father that I would like to cite.  Once there was a person who was known for his corrupt ways in the office.  When my father took over, knowing fully well that the person was corrupt, he gave the keys to the person saying ‘I know that you are corrupt.  But I trust you and am confident that you will not make the mistake again’.  There was never another complaint on him thereafter.  The unshakeable faith in the Master is such where decisions are taken boldly and decisively.  The strengthening of will happens by such unshakeable faith.


Truth has been put to test at various times but it has always prevailed.  It is faith that we are following the path of truth that makes us depend on our master.  We pray to the master with this faith so that we may not falter on the path of duty.


It is the master who gives us the sense of being – the state that we seek in our prayer.  The faith that we have in him takes us to a state where our individuality is burnt to ashes and a new life is ushered in where service is the only feeling left.  Then we start obeying the commands of the master in all matters and submit to his will.


In the words of the Master “True faith is really an unspeakable virtue which is beyond the scope of religion, it is the dauntless courage which lead us on to success, it is that ubiquitous force which makes our path smooth, it is in fact the only thing that solves our problem of life”3




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