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Everyone endeavours hard for it but only he whom God ordains is successful.  

Smt. Dipti Joshi

Dear Brothers and Sisters,


My Humble Pranams to you all,


This sentence of the Revered Master is taken from the article First Message from Showers of Divine Grace page 5.

The line preceding the topic of the seminar is, “Happy be the time that brought forth the present day which promises fulfillment of the Master’s mission”. Here, Revered Master (Pujya Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur) is expressing His happiness at the fact that the day has come which promises the fulfillment of Master’s mission.

What is His master’s mission, the promise of whose fulfillment fills our dear Master with so much happiness? Revered Master says, “There was a time when India was at the highest pinnacle of spiritual glory, claiming to be the world teacher of religion and spirituality. But with the march of time the degradation set in and almost everything of it seemed to be lost. In course of time we sank to such a low level that even those who previously learnt from us began to claim to be our guides on the path. There have been no doubt, at times higher souls who tried to mend and correct the situation, but in spite of their efforts the degradation went on increasing on the whole. Finally we not only lost everything but also forgot about it altogether; and now if anything comes to our view, it seems to be quite foreign to us, and we do not feel inclined even to believe it. It was however not only to revive this long-forgotten spiritual science that the great master had come into this world but also to bring it again to our practical knowledge and perception. (Silence Speaks Page 12)”

I quote, “Revered Lalaji Maharaj gifted the humanity a radically remodeled system of age-old Raja Yoga to suit the modern man. It was Rev. Lalaji Maharaj who revived the forgotten technique of ‘Pranahuti’ of Yogic transmission which alone can lead the aspiring soul to the highest state of perfection” (Path to Perfection Page - 7). 


Pujya Babuji Maharaj explains in same message, that His master has left a representative though not during his (Pujya Sri Ramchandraji maharaj of Fatehgarh) life time in order to make possible the fulfillment of his mission. 

It was for the purpose of  fulfilling His master’s mission that Revered Babuji Maharaj as the Supreme Personality gave us the system of Natural Path. What is this system that the Master has given us? About the system of Natural Path it is written, “The system aims at balanced way of living and the aim of human life is to ‘mould oneself in such a way as to arouse feelings of love and piety amongst others’. Human life is meant for happiness, which can be accomplished through a life of co-operation, service and sacrifice. His method starts with the meditation on the Divine light without luminosity to be practiced in the morning before Sun rise for an hour. He prescribed a method of cleaning to be done in the evening for half an hour in which the aspirant is asked to clean himself by the process of willing away the impurities in the system. He suggested meditation on two points called 'A' and 'B' located in the chest of the individual which enables him to progress in spirituality overcoming the compulsive thought tendencies of sex and rage. These processes assist the person in moderating the bestial instincts and live as humans. He suggested practice of Ten Commandments, which were given to him by the Divine in his super fine state of Super Consciousness. He prescribed a method of prayer before going to bed, which is absolutely secular and has no religious or regional over tones and in fact no reference to any God so far imagined and projected by the human race”(The Masters Page – 54, 55). He has also asked us to pray at 9 p.m., I quote, “One thing which I like to introduce in our Satsangh is that at 9.00 p.m. sharp every abhyasi, wherever he might happen to be at the time, should stop his work and meditate for 15 minutes, thinking that all brothers and sisters are being filled up with love and devotion and that real faith is growing stronger in them” (Showers of Divine Grace Page 5).

It is with respect to the event of His master merging in Him and the making of the Supreme Personality that Revered Master says that, “Everyone endeavours hard for it but only he whom God ordains is successful”. There are some important things that we can learn about our Master from this sentence.

First is, that it was only Pujya Babuji Maharaj who negated Himself up to such an extent that it is possible for the different spiritual personalities of the past to now work through Him. I quote, “In 1944 his condition reached such a state that he was a perfect vacuum and there was no alternative for Nature except to fill him with all the powers that are there and all the saints of different traditions and all the prophets of different religions merged in him and requested him to rectify their institutions. Such a Special Personality was born for the first time in human history in 1944” (The Masters Page 50). This attitude of our dear Master of orienting Himself to His master with such totality so as to be moulded in the way that His master wanted Him to be, is something that we should adopt in our sadhana.

Second point that comes across is His humility. Even though He himself states that after His master’s merging in Him, the Special Personality has come into existence, He does at no point say that I am the Special Personality. Further on in the story of our Master it says, “The powers of the Special Personality are such that he can direct, co-ordinate, monitor and order all the powers of Nature”. It continues, “Avatars have an exclusive responsibility to destroy while the Special Personality is in charge of over haul through the process of Change. However during the entire life of Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur never did he forget his Master and attributed every effort of his to him alone and preferred to remain as an insignificant servant of his Master” (The Masters Page 51). The above quote highlights the high degree of humility in our Master’s nature which is an important aspect for sadhana that we need to adopt. How easy it is for us to think that we are doing well in our sadhana and become complacent. At such times if we remind ourselves of the goal as becoming like our Master and how He was the epitome of humility, we are sure to feel humble in our heart.

Another fact that we should remind ourselves time and again is that we, as followers of Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur, imperience His consciousness during sittings, satsangs and bhandaras. In other words, we feel it in our hearts that it is His consciousness that we are in the company of. Whether we accept this fact or not depends on our sensitivity and orientation. In this context, I remember the words of my trainer when I had just started my sadhana. In the early days of my sadhana, I was so awed by the experiences in sadhana that it used to fill me with an almost disbelief and I used to look for rational and logical reasons to justify my feelings. It is then that my trainer, in one of our sittings, asked me to believe my own feelings rather than look outside for explanations. In our sadhana when we feel Him to be right in whatever He has asked us to do then He is The Master for us.  

Now having the fortune of getting such a Master what should our role be?

            We, as followers of the system of Natural Path system, should do what is asked of us i.e. we should do our sadhana diligently and sincerely. In addition we can take help from our Master Himself who has given us the clue of how to be a true disciple by being in constant remembrance. He says in the same message, “My only object, and the main pursuit of life, has ever been the devoted worship of my Master and this continues from the beginning to end (i.e., till my present state). I took him into my heart as an object of worship and never took, nor do I take even now, anyone else into my view”. He continues in the same message, “It is, as a general rule, the primary duty of a true disciple and the only key to success. That is the only means which helps the removing of impurities from the heart and the overcoming of all obstructions on the path. It effects the unfoldment of the knots. It is in fact the real essence of all Sadhanas”. (Showers of Divine Grace Page 1). I quote, “The real purpose of being in constant remembrance is to keep the Goal always in constant view while we are engaged in multifarious activities. This makes way for the continuous flow of the Master's force into the heart of the abhyasi bolstering his enthusiasm and interest in achieving the aim of life Another significant advantage derived by the practicant is that he stops forming samskars while performing his various actions in the course of life.” (Wisdom Unfurled Page – 219, 220).

            Stick to the straight and narrow path of sadhana and not to be diverted. If we have our goal of becoming a perfectly balanced person, then we should do our sadhana properly and nothing else should be of relevance to us. Master, Himself asks us to keep our movement direct with respect to the goal by keeping the destination in full view. He says we should bear no other thought in the heart than that of the destination and this is possible by practice. Practice can be made possible through love and devotion and when we are determined to reach the destination by girding up our loins to sacrifice our pleasures and shake off our sloth. (Satya Pathamu Last Page). So when we have made a decision to follow the Master, then little else remains for us to do than to stick to the straight and narrow path of sadhana as even a small deviation from the correct practice will lead us far away from the goal.