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Dr. K.Madhava


My Dear Brothers and Sisters,


My pranams to all of you.

           On this auspicious occasion of the Birthday celebrations of our Revered Master Rev. Babuji Maharaj we are trying to understand the seminar topic ‘every one endeavor’s hard for it but only He whom God ordains is successful’.

            The seminar topic deals with the advent of the Special Personality.


 If we carefully follow the history of humanity and human evolution more so in the18th and 19th centuries we cannot but help noticing the moral degradation and complete materialistic orientation of the mind of man.

            Man is over burdened with misery and unhappiness and full of tensions in the physical, vital and mental planes. Violence, distrust, fear, insecurity, greed are prominent in the atmosphere of human consciousness.

            People are preoccupied in their selfish pursuits of pleasures of sensory nature disregarding the finer sensibilities which Divine has granted him. In this frenzied consumerism and hedonistic pursuits he is causing an almost irreversible ecological destruction. Humanity’s sense of discrimination is totally lost and he does not even know that he is inviting a calamity upon himself.

            Education has failed, religions have failed, prophets have failed in reforming mankind. To restore peace, balance and happiness back to his children and make them realize their true Divine nature, has become compelling for GOD and for the survival of the line of humanity itself.

           Nature chose Rev. Babuji Maharaj as a special Personality in May 1944 to overhaul the entire structure and restore spiritual life.

           Now the question- why God ordained one amongst many of His devotees (If we are permitted to raise such a question about God which could be blasphemous) is raised?

 Firstly it is God’s will and all devotees have to accept whatever is the Will of God. But unfortunately some persons questioned Rev Babuji Maharaj being chosen as the successor representative.

Secondly Rev. Babuji Maharaj was structured by his Guru in such a way that he became dearest to God.

Thirdly Rev. Babuji Maharaj’s practice was such that he was hailed by the greatest spiritual personalities as one of the finest and noblest and humblest being ever to grace the earth.


          In the entire spiritual history of human kind only Rev. Babuji Maharaj reached the rarefied levels of negation which made Nature utilize Him as a Special Personality.

          How Rev. Babuji has attained this stage is best stated in his own words “For myself I may say that since I stared practice at the feet of my Master Samartha Guru Sri Ramachandraji Maharaj of Fatehgarh,U.P.  I have taken him to be my all, and may this feeling of mine continue forever. It was he who brought me deliverance; so I remained unattached with everyone else. Now I come again to the point. God taken in the sense of the centre or Bhuma, does not possess mind or Manas. Had he had it, the law of karma-action-would have applied to Him as well and He would have been in the world like us. Mind (manas) is an instrument which He has bestowed upon man. A part of it is with us and the other end extends nearly up to Him. Our attention is towards both of them. With the former we attend to our daily affairs and with the latter to the Divine. When we connect the former with the latter the same one current begins to flow all through. For this we have to practice, so that a throb in the latter may begin to resound in the former-the human mind. Now imagine what the condition of the man would be when, after making his heart like that, he hits into the Central Region and crosses the seven rings to acquire swimming in the Infinite Ocean. He shall definitely be near most to Bhuma and further on if contact is developed which is nothing but the stage of merging or Layavastha in the Bhuma, then everything is accomplished and all his activities in the spiritual field comes to an end. Whatsoever little remains may be beyond the grasp of imagination. The life which is acquired after this final merging is the real life which is attainable only after complete negation of self. Now if we dissolve that, the life would then be refined existence and if that to is merged then whatever remains would be the Real. Words fail to picture that which comes after the ultimate merging of that last state. At this level there remains but a nominal difference between him and the Bhuma… When we arrive at the final condition and begin receiving commands, our understanding fails to decide as to wherefrom they have come. When this condition dawns we must realize that we have arrived at the state where it can be rightly presumed that God does not move till moved by the devotee. When we enter this ultimate state we are in a state of  oneness.”… “ I will simply say that all powers originating from below the Centre come to us  and an abhyasi at this state of attainment can do all that Nature does. All the forces of Nature are under his command and he supplies them power to keep the work of Nature going unimpeded… His will shall work in all matters, though it may take time.”   (PG page 273)


Now when such a Special personality is steering the ship of humanity then the Master’s mission of installing spirituality in the prevailing materialism is bound to succeed.


Why I am saying this boldly is I have personally seen the transformation taking place not only in me but in many of my friends and associates, due to the blessing of pranahuti. This is a boon to humanity.  Pranahuti after it is introduced into the abhyasi slowly transforms him from a beast to a human being and finally to a divine being.

If we enter into this field with an intention to purify our heart and make it fit by practicing as Rev. Master has advised then the transformation is very rapid. It is astounding. One is overwhelmed with a feeling of wonder at the mercy and love of the Special personality towards humanity. You cannot but feel grateful to be born as a human being and that too at a time when the blessing splendour of the Great Master is reigning. In deed we are blessed.


Rev Master has repeatedly appealed to us to work for making up the deficiency of spirituality in the world. How to cooperate and participate in the Master’s mission is the raison-de- taire of the existence of ISRC.


The very fact that we are the recipients of pranahuti is a confirmation that we are blessed by God, it is silly and stupid to worry about our future after having His blessings. The question that should dominate our heart is what we can do for the Master, what will make Him happy?


The idea that our practice is meant for universal human transformation should be embedded firmly in our heart. By repeated exposure to Divine consciousness through pranahuti this idea will get strengthened   and we become infectious and spread the message of the Master. Thus we live the 9th commandment also.


It is not easy to overcome our attachments, prejudices and various shades of egoism and thus become a pliable instrument of The Master, but success tastes much sweeter if we overcome obstacles. If there are no challenges and obstacles the journey is unexciting, but the help and blessings of the Master in the form of ladders is always there. So we have to be always conscious of the love of Master towards us and feel Him and His mission as our own, then the journey is less tiresome.

 Here I quote Master’s words which indicates His deep love for Us “It is with the feeling of deep pleasure that I take this opportunity of sending you a message. It may be short but it has gushed out from the deep core of my heart with love and affection.

The soul, is longing to feel its characteristic which has gone out of sight, and this insignificant being is seeking fellow pilgrims to march on the path of freedom. My longing to get fellow travellers is only for the sake of rendering service to help their safe arrival at the Destination. The idea may look foreign to you at first sight, but if you pause a little to consider the problem (the Destination) you will surely come to the conclusion that you are sailing towards your own Home, wherefrom you have been snatched away by the irony of Fate.(solution to the problem of life SDG  may1970)



Recently I started liking the lingo which modern management gurus are using “ walk the talk.”


Do we just talk or is our talk backed by feeling, attitudes and behaviour.


When we talk to fellow beings that we are abhyasis following the system of the Great Master .Do we really practice with sincerity all the practices including the 9 p.m. universal prayer? Do we have the attitudes which Master wanted us to possess to practice Ten commandments. We need to put such questions seriously to ourselves and search in our hearts for the answers? As we learn to introspect more seriously we will notice that frivolous, and flippant talk will dry up. And if we live up to the talk, our thought acquires power and start influencing people around us  and in this way we will be really participating in his  mission.


Better to accept and project our true state of ignorance rather than trying to impress others.   Actors and charlatans are already too many in this world, and we need not be anxious to swell their numbers.


As we are on the internet and as we are entering into more frequent interactions with society to spread the message of the Master the necessity for the brethren who are practicing the system to keep abreast with the literature assumes paramount importance.


Every practicant has to master the basic concepts underlying the various spiritual practices like meditation, purification, 9 pm prayer, bed time prayer, practice of commandments so that they can confidently explain the system to beginners. Repeatedly reading of books like Three Truths and Trillion doubts helps one to equip in this direction. (this does not mean that other books are to avoided)


In this way we will be striving to practice constant remembrance which Rev Master has mentioned it as a primary duty of an abhyasi and a surest means of reaching the homeland.

The aim and goal of keeping alive the feeling of His presence has to occupy the centre stage of our consciousness. .Then our attention will be easy as it will be attracting our attention. Peripheral things loose their power and fade away and then we can live in His consciousness easily and naturally.


By studying His  works, contemplating on its meaning, striving to live up to his ideals and ideas and somehow woo Him and sneak into His consciousness  and aspiring to become close to Him with one’s entire being we will be able to own up the conditions  and then be the part of his team in transforming Human consciousness.  As our rev guide KCN says we should be mad and obsessed with this idea of human transformation then only we can work for the Master.


It is well worth remembering the following quote of Rev Babuji Maharaj “The work of the Mission will save the humanity from its doom by carrying the teachings of Master to every heart. Mankind today is groping in the darkness of materialism. Fear, greed and jealousy have gripped the man and every sense of value is lost. Only the torch of spirituality can remove the oppressing gloom and restore the real man. Let the light of the Real, shine in the heart of everyone so that we may rise up to the expectations of the Divine!”  (SDG real light 1974)


I beg your pardon if I have transgressed my limits.