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Sri. B.V.S.K.Sastry


       The above sentence is taken from the Advent Chapter, First Message.


       Let us look into the words here in detail. “Endeavors hard for it.” The context of the sentence it means Master's Mission here. A few of the Masters statements are collected here for better understanding of Masters Mission and about the Happy time that brought forth the present day.


       Masters Mission stands for service of highest rank through yogic process of Pranahuti for the spiritual regeneration of mankind and emancipation of the pining souls. To awaken the sleeping masses to divine consciousness, the Natural Path is propounded by Pujya Sriramchandra ji of Shahjahanpur. (Abstract from SS Pg 11-14)


       The message from the light burns on from Special personality chapter (Pg 105 of Silence Speaks) “There have been numerous saints, sages and teachers in the world who did something or the other for the upliftment of the people. They spread the light among people in general but they were all like candles lighted up at times at particular places to give light to the people near about. They did good to the people who thereby improved spiritually. But the Divine lamp gets lit to light up the whole world at one time on rare occasions only, when God so ordains it.”

       A few more sentences from Divine Lamp (Silence speaks Pg123-124) “The Divine Lamp gets lit to light up the whole world at one time, on rare occasions, when God so ordains it. It has already come down and is aglow all around. Only devoted hearts are required to gain it and be profited. Nature with her hands outstretched, is eager today to take you in her lap. Divine grace is flowing with full force. Such a time as it is today may not be repeated again during the course of thousands of years. Even a little sacrifice today may count much in bringing forth the greatest result. May all be up with at least as much of sacrifice as might enable them to get up to the shore of infinite ocean where they might be able to breathe in the cool refreshing air of the Divine. “

       The Divine Lamp is lit in the form of special personality born for overhauling the nature of human consciousness in 1944 and the Natural Path system is established by Him. Thus getting 2 irrefutable truths i.e. Master and Method. The happy time that brought forth the present day is due to the arrival of these changes to the world.

       In his own words REV Master stated, The Personality now come down for Nature's work surpasses all previous ones in respect of potentiality and the scope of Nature's work entrusted to him. The world of today is in need of such a personality. It was Nature's demand and so it has come into being. But few seem to be coming forward to avail of it in full, though for His own part He is ever for giving you all the highest life. Let God's Will be done. This may be a surprising disclosure. (Pg 106 Silence Speaks)

       To “awaken the sleeping masses to Divine consciousness” means We need to add the third truth of self to the two irrefutable truths mentioned above, as the world consists of individuals and then look at the context of it and apply to individual level, Now it means our goal i.e. to reach highest planes of consciousness.

       REV Master’s system of Natural path is a reawakening of a completely new system, a no copy of any older method. It is a new thing offering great possibilities of reaching highest planes of Consciousness. The today’s world is waking up and beginning to get interested in these possibilities.


       Transmission gives a new life to the sleeping condition of man, and prepares for the highest approach reserved for human beings. Not only that; it transforms the whole being, shattering all the obstacles in the way of progress. (SDG Pg 104)


        Ignorance is always afraid of change. It fears the unknown and sticks to its rut, however miserable it may be there.  Once the aspirant is introduced into the system of PAM (With the resultant effect of Flow Diversion to True Self), one begins to examine the existing conditions and comes out of the clutches of bondages one by one. Also with Viveka developing there comes a measure of knowledge and the eyes are partly opened.


       The game of life prepared by Imperience is a highly valuable tool for all the abhyasis to understand various states one passes through in the journey. As we all know this Game of Life starts only when our effort is zero and Gods grace is 1.  With God’s grace only the journey starts is a point we should always remember and be grateful to Master for enabling us to receive that grace. Also every ladder we climb is his blessing.


       The Conditions of Ajapa, starting of the Yatra, Passing through various spiritual states and conditions are all the blessings of the Master.


       The Natural path system given by the Great Master is a great boon to humanity with many components addressing all the problems clearly so that the transformation of human consciousness can happen naturally. The self evaluation tools developed by the institute for the individual is very unique and one is encouraged to visit the ISRC web site more frequently.


       How far the success that came to humanity is getting continued, in this regard, wish to draw attention of the readers on the message delivered on REV Masters 80th birthday, the opening statement is “We are here again to take stock of our work on the path of the Master Almighty for the benefit of His children of all ages and climes”(SDG Pg103).


       REV Master stated in (Master who leads Realization), “The effect of our deep devotion begins to resound in a way, that we feel the Ultimate is remembering us. That is the justice of Divinity. When you have played your part fully well, the Ultimate cannot fall short in playing His part. That is only a beginning of the higher sort of spirituality.” (SDG Pg 29)


       A remarkably efficient method of improving collective consciousness of the world proposed by Pujya Sriramchandra ji is totally a new approach and the opportunity is provided to all to participate in this endeavor. By doing this Universal prayer at point A, One can see the improvement in one’s own consciousness at a rattling pace in a short possible time.


       Humanity is always challenged with maintaining the purity of any system, method. Remembering of Pujya Dr K.C.V article is a very important step here. The breadth of his knowledge awes one. (Human Destiny in Sri Ramchandra's New Darshana, Complete works of Dr K.C.V Pg 581) “Too easily the old habits and practices creep in and pollute the pure spiritual atmosphere sought to be perpetuated by Master in his infinite zeal to better humanity….”. It is very important to maintain the purity and the context of REV Dr K.C.V ’s Order is to be contemplated to better understand how uniquely it maintains the connection to Master and helps successive generations immensely.


       In 1997 April, Pujya Sri K.C.Naryana garu mentioned a few words, which ring in my ears even now. “ As long as we maintain the purity of the system, REV Babuji will work through us. Other wise He has His own ways. For Him we are not a necessity. We are in need of Him”


       As Pujya Sri KC Narayana said in The New era of spirituality (Bodhayanti Parasaparam Vol5)  “It is not the progress of one individual or a group of individuals that is the aspiration we should have but we should strive to see the entire humanity elevate to this higher level of life. Perhaps in the past few entered such realms but the immediate need is to transform the rational animal to the spiritual animal.”


       For this, producing remarkably efficient persons with good understanding and practice of the Natural path, committed to Master’s Mission with full love and dedication, willingly sacrificing what ever they can in this golden period will ensure maintaining the success for ages to come. Every one here and else where should endeavor hard for it until it reaches critical mass, as God Ordained success is available with us.


       My elder daughter reminded me of her writing lesson, that one should keep the audience in one’s mind while writing some thing. Looking at this august audience filled with SriRamchandra’s consciousness, reminded me of my role and Pujya Sri K.C.N’s words “Squirrel did not construct the dam, But Lord accepted its service.” This humble self is grateful to you all for giving me this opportunity.


My humble pranams