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Everyone endeavours hard for it, but only he whom God ordains is successful.

                                                Sri. K.C.Srihari


Dear Brothers and Sisters


The above statement taken from the First Message announces the emergence of the Special Personality SriRamchandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur, U.P., India and the nature of his Mission.  The statement follows with “But what may be the Master's Mission and the purpose at its back? The simple answer may be: When a Great Master leaves for the Brighter world, he usually appoints one of his initiated disciples as his representative to look to the betterment of his associates, for which he receives light direct from the Master himself.” (SDG Page 5)


What is the mission of Master Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Fatehgarh?  The Great Master had the task that of preparing such a personality so as to bring about a change in the nature of human consciousness itself.  Accordingly, SriRamchandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur, U.P., India was chosen and was trained and moulded for this purpose.  Pujya Lalaji Maharaj was successful to such an extent in moulding our Master that all personalities of high spiritual status handed over their work to move on to the Brighter World and our Master emerged as a Special Personality on 4th of May 1944.


A few excerpts below give us a glimpse of what the nature of the Special Personality is.


According to the Master, the Special Personality has a superfinest state of super consciousness that is reserved for Incarnation of Deity and that he enjoys practically the same position as regards the working of Nature.


In his book Dawn of Reality in the chapter realisation he says “The position of a Maha Parishad is the highest in rank. It is the last godly post and is very rarely bestowed except when nature stands in urgent need of drastic change or an overhauling of the world.” (Dawn of Reality, page 115)


The mission of the Master from the above statements clearly shows that it is not brick and mortar that is being talked about.  It is the overhauling of the nature of human consciousness that is the mission.


How is this overhauling possible?  It is when the nature of individual consciousness which is focussed on the pleasure principle, pampering the lower self is made to grow into a global consciousness where co-operation, harmony and balance are the nature of things.


Participating in this mission requires on the part of the abhyasis to own up their conditions.  Owning up requires sensitivity.  Sensitivity is dependent on purity and purity demands leaving our indulgences in superfluities and superficialities.  On purity, a story by my revered father and guide written in the book adhyatmikatha comes to mind.  It goes somewhat like this:


Once, while talking to abhyasi brothers, one of them said “Sir, I am able to rise before dawn and do my prayer but not able to take my bath”.  Rev. Sir’s reply was that “we are seeking the company of the Divine.  Therefore cleanliness of body is also necessary.” While thinking about this, he remembered an incident on a visit to Shahjahanpur.  The train as usual reached at 8:30 p.m.  The craving to see Pujya SriRamchandraji that was there even when he started in Hyderabad became more intense.  He went straight to the cottage where Pujya Babuji was sitting. Upon seeing him, and pausing a little Pujya Babuji said “Did you wash your feet and face?”.  Even though his mistake was obvious to him, he sat for a while silently.  Repenting later for his stubborness, he went immediately towards the tap for cleaning.  Thinking how inappropriate his urgency, impatience was, he came back and sat near the Master’s feet, enjoying the relentless show of grace.  Divinity is pure and clean.  Any impurity is rejected by it.  On the same subject, Pujya Babuji has explained how thoughts arise and the nature of the mind.  Only sadhakas can have an understanding of this.  It is our duty to achieve both purity of mind and body.


From the story, we can relate to the numerous times where we neglect these basic attitudes needed to receive the Master’s grace.  An attitude of reverence and etiquette is needed for this.  We say that we are oriented to the Master.


Orient is defined as a point of reference.  For abhyasis that point of reference while following the system cannot be anything other than the Master.  So, to orient oneself would mean to have that point of reference in whatever we do.  All actions are done with the inputs taken from the sense organs.  Any action will be using the instruments of sight, touch, smell, hearing and taste.  Let us consider few of these instruments and how they need to be moulded to the point of reference that is the Master


Taste:-   “The modern civilisation is a dinner civilisation” (K.C.V Complete Works Vol I page 84).  All that we see over the weekends nowadays is people thronging to restaurants and eateries.  Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj has detailed importance of eating in the thought of Divine and how it changes our entire fibre.  The mouth is also used for speaking.  One must exercise restraint in speaking.  The mouth must be used to speak about the Master, the system and the methods given by him.


Eyes: - There is a saying that ‘eyes are the windows to the soul’.  Eyes must be trained to see or read the works of the Master.  Questions arise as to ‘what about the job related books?’.  By all means we should read what is necessary in our field of work.  At the same time, the point of reference must also not be forgotten.  Reading the books of the Master, referring to the articles from which the daily inspirations are taken, reading seminar articles that refer to a daily inspirations keeps one oriented towards the Master.


Hearing: - By the efforts of the Institute, we have access to hear the Master’s messages.  It is the experience of abhyasis that everytime we hear the messages, we get a fresh perspective and something new about the system.  It speaks a lot about the dynamism of our system.  One must endeavor to listen to Master’s messages everyday.  It would be blasphemy to equate the stotra patams to Master’s messages.  One must not delude himself.  As Master says ‘Some are deluded by their own thinking and some are illumined by Divine Grace’.  We must also cultivate the habit of not hearing things against the Master.


Smell: - Traditionally the offering of flowers to the Lord is present.  We do not have any such practice.  But, we are asked to offer our prayer with a heart full of love and devotion.  These are the two flowers that we can offer and which can take us to the garden where the grace of the beautiful flowers can be seen and their fragrance can be tasted.


“Actions are results of thoughts and thoughts are our own actions. Truly speaking, we give wrong suggestions to the mind. People can object to it. How do we give such suggestions? The environment creates the circumstances to have such ideas. We move in that sort of environment.” (SDG Page 30). When our thoughts are moulded for a higher purpose, the actions done accordingly will also be of a higher nature.  This moulding of our thoughts happens through the influx of Pranahuti that gives us repeated dips into the realms of higher consciousness and we eventually start living at a higher level with right suggestions and proper utilization of the inner environment by starting to breed divine thoughts.


All of the above said things are preparations on our part to become more sensitive, driving us towards purity.  “The mind that has come to the lowest end and is in suffering must turn back to get at the source or purity itself.” (Dr. K.C.V Complete Works Vol I page 206).  This purity of mind and body is possible in this system where our tendencies of mind which are individuated and isolated are moulded to think in an integrated, encompassing way.


Man has to realise that “Co-operation is the life of coming events also but if they are wavering they will be wasting power.”  Unless his consciousness is brought to a state of balance, it will not be possible to see everything in the same colour.


Master has prescribed 9:00 p.m. prayer in this message where every abhyasi, wherever he might happen to be at the time, should stop his work and meditate for 15 minutes, thinking that all brothers and sisters are being filled up with love and devotion and that real faith is growing stronger in them.  It is the experience of every aspirant as to what are the factors preventing us from following 9:00 p.m. prayer.  TV shows, dinner parties are a few of the culprits.  Even if the resolution is there, the thought is confined to a few good persons around us.  It has to grow beyond this to reach levels of cosmic, para cosmic and beyond.  Only when we love Him who loves All, it will be possible to effectively perform this prayer.


Our thought pattern has to change to think like that of the Master.  In any situation, ask the question what would the Master do in such a case?  You may not like the answer, but courage is one of the qualities to be developed in this system.  The organism slowly moulds itself to think in Universal consciousness through the help of the trainer and our determination to be in that consciousness.


All our efforts must be focussed on developing our will as can be used by the Divine for its purpose as it deems fit.  Feelings of co-operation, tolerance and realizing that humanity does not have any other option is coming to realization of people faster than ever before.  When we perform acts without any selfish motive,  it will have the backing of the Divine.

Master states towards the end of this message that “You may also be surprised to note that the link of connections which existed so far is now no more, since it has been cut off under Divine directions, and another one has been established in its place which every one has necessarily to come up to.

It is therefore essential for you all to turn round - the sooner the better - towards this new link and offer me an opportunity to mend and correct your connections without which one shall remain deprived of the Master's infinite Grace.” (SDG Page 8)


The nature of consciousness of SriRamchandra is pure, unalloyed love.  When we say that we are participating in His Mission, it means that we are having or trying to develop such qualities of co-operation, tolerance, harmony with ourself and other, sacrifice, service to name a few.  The commandments of SriRamchandra are given for us to evaluate ourselves with respect to this.  The methods of meditation are given for us to develop these qualities.  The prayer is given to us to repent and express helplessness when we are not able to do so.  Complete yielding to the will of the Master makes the Divine express itself to the fullest.  Our understanding develops to a state that our very existence is meant for this purpose.  Without Him nothing is.


I end this paper with this statement taken from the book Path of Grace on the Special Personality.  “Human dignity would lie in understanding this spiritual fact and work in co-operation with Him who is effecting the much-needed change in the fabric of human life.” (PG  Page 278)