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Dr. A. Subba Rao


My Dear Brothers and Sisters,

My hearty pranams to all of you.


The topic of the seminar “Every one endeavours hard for it, but only he whom God ordains is successful” which has been taken from the First Message of the Master (SDG,pg-5,2006 edition) is the most significant message which reveals to humanity the ‘Advent’ of Special Personality in the form of Revered Babuji Maharaj on 04th May,1944.


The message is having many vital points to be understood, practiced and imbibed. The message covered most importantly a) Advent  b) The aspect of single pointed orientation to God (Master)  c) Constant remembrance  d) 9 PM Prayer and  e)The New Link. These are very significant from practical angle.


The Drastically remodeled system of Natural Path necessarily demands us to come up to the expectations of the Divine. We (humanity) have no choice but to adapt and reorient ourselves in the changed environment of time so as to justify our existence as well as deliver results as per the mandate of Divine in terms of transformation of man (Humanity) which are practically ingrained in the letter and spirit of 6th and 9th Commandments of the Great Master.


6th Commandment says ‘Know all people as Thy brethren and Treat them as such’. This fact of Fraternity is very crucial and fundamental for any subsequent action and transaction in the world. In the message titled ‘Unity’ delivered at Shahjahanpur on 10-10-1981 the Master says “There is no question of separation. We are coming closer and closer. This is a message to all”. (SDG-pg 138)


 The Master also exhorts about this in the message titled ‘Spiritual Destiny’ which was delivered by Him on the occasion of Basanth Utsav at Shahjahanpur on 30th January 1982. “We are all brethren connected intellectually, morally and spiritually – The main Goal of human life ……”. (SDG-pg 110, edition2003)

The Great Master further stated in His message in August 1982 delivered at Paris “We are all one. Natural Path is for integration.……Co-operation is the life of coming events ………. We are united in the common cause keeping towards proper order, the good of man and humanity” and He further said ‘service is better than served’. (SDG- pg.137-2003 edition)


After returning from Paris in the year 1982 the Great Master took ill and left the mortal coils on 19th April 1983 and making His Consciousness spread the Whole Universe for guiding the spiritual destinies of all. He is the ‘Living Master’ in astral form for a millennia. The Master is assisting us from the astral plane as he promised. “I shall be more useful when I (had) left my physical form”.(see letter of Revered Babuji to Dr.K.C.Varadachari dt:30-1-1958)  ( The Masters- pg. 63).Therefore the orientation of practicants of the system shall be to Sri Ram Chandra Consciousness only which is nothing but Universal Consciousness. The nature of Sri Ram Chandra Consciousness is pure and unalloyed love for all and for every thing.


Love and Piety are most essential spiritual qualities that need to be had and developed by all. The 9th Commandment of the Master which says ‘Mould your living so as to rouse a feeling of love and piety in others’ is the essential requirement and in a way is the acid test for our evolution towards Divinity and moulding of the lower in terms of the higher and so on. Therefore, it is incumbent that these truths of fraternity and oneness (love) needs to be developed by all seekers towards all and everything by ‘Loving Him who loves all’ with sincere and dedicated meditations on Points A & B and Prayer at 9 PM. The regular influxes of Pranahuti into the hearts of seekers through individual sittings, satsangs and during Bhandaras helps in developing access to higher regions, stabilization and further refinement of consciousness to enable seekers to transform themselves as potential carriers of Master’s message. This is the experience of many seekers assembled here well in tune with the system. The Pranahuti is only a support that is unique to the system of Sri Ram Chandra and not a replacement of individual effort. But this support system is phenomenal and that is a matter of experience of all disciples of Sri Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur. The courage and confidence are abundantly bestowed by the Master through His theory of Parllelism. Not withstanding any quantum of practice, one is unlikely to succeed without becoming an embodiment of fraternity. These realizations are prerequisites to enable the seeker to enter the sacred sphere of ‘Service’ mode , live in that mode , by that mode and for that mode. The realization of Service as the Goal and Service as the means has to be accepted in letter and spirit to be able to be vibrant with the motto of the ISRC “In the service of the eternally present Supreme Personality” as depicted in the Emblem.

Without this conviction, committed participation as a fraternal duty (Service-towards transformation of man) one is unlikely to become dearer to the Divine. 

From the autobiography and works of the Master it is evident that as a Unique Spiritual event a Special Personality came into being on 4th May, 1944 in the form of Sri Ram Chandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur, U.P., India. It was Sri Lalaji Maharaj, the Adiguru of the system who moulded Sri Ram Chandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur (Pujya Babuji) to become Special Personality. His Master (Pujya Lalaji Maharaj) and all the earlier masters have merged in the Special Personality including Bhagvan Sri Krishna. Pujya Babuji Maharaj stated “It is in dutiful compliance of my Master’s wishes revealed to me as His representative that I have established Shri Ram Chandra Mission after His name and in His memory. The Mission aims promulgation of the ideology set forth by the Great Master of Fathegarh, U.P. through the newly introduced system of Sahaj Marg to meet the need of time and to awaken the sleeping masses to Divine Consciousness” (Sruti, vol.1-pg 650).The SRCM is doing its job in popularizing the message of the Great Master and humanity is grateful to it.


A devoted band of abhyasis following the system of Sri Ram Chandraji with an explicit idea of spreading the system of Sadhana in its true form, content and character founded The Institute of Sri Ram Chandra Consciousness in August 1991 at Hyderabad. The inspiration behind this great endeavour is Pujya Sri K.C.Narayana. The endeavour was stupendous as it involved the genesis of a New Order- Revered Dr.K.C.Varadachari Order. The Master Sri Ram Chandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur, U.P. India wrote in his letter to Sri K.C. Narayana Dt. 22-10-1979 “You know Narayana that I have done whatever the need was for the spiritual life of man and the work is still continued. The system is there, my support is there, yet it is for the persons like you first educate abhyasis and then do further research work. I have great hope from you”.

The Institute has got clear cut objectives and scientific method of working on the lines of Revered Babuji Maharaj’s system and methods. Sri K.C.N. has been sharing all his spiritual experiences in the spirit of Bodhayanthi Parasparam and authored the most monumental work ‘The Path of Grace’,

‘The five kosas –Role in Sadhana under PAM’, and most importantly on ‘Pranahuti’ have illumined many seekers. In addition the clarity given on 64 points, the experiences beyond Sahasrara and Rings of Splendour bear testimony to his masterliness in the system of PAM. and has been fulfilling his Master’s wish of making masters.


The ISRC through ‘Imperience’ (Centre for Research and Training) is conducting education, trainings and research work in Pranahuti Aided Meditation. The ‘Imperiance’ has developed the evaluation tools to assist seekers on the path in their evaluation and work is continuing under the able guidance of Sri K.C.N. to substantiate the Scientific Nature of the system and methods as desired by Pujya Babuji Maharaj.

 Those of us who read the autobiographies of Masters understand a profound uniqueness in all which is to extinguish themselves totally and abide in the realms of Negation and beyond. In all of them ‘Beej Dagdh’ has happened well in advance. Therefore these personalities are chosen by Divinity (God) and they are successful. It is to be appreciated that God is not a person and Godly Consciousness is the truth (realms of Divine). Such personalities while in body attained human perfection and Master says “Human perfection lies in realizing The Master as the Master in true sense and oneself as his slave devoted entirely in His service” (Dus Usool,-pg.57). The servants of the Divine who have opted for the service to the Master and permitted by Him need to have this attitude firmly and serve with all humility and reverence those who seek service. The great Master says by developing and maintaining this attitude “One created in himself a state of negation which attracts His direct attention and establishes a link with Him. Now it becomes incumbent upon one discharges duties in like manner keeping the link intact so that the Masters Greatness be engrossed upon his heart and he may be in His direct view”.( Trainers manual- pg 25)


Therefore all the seekers need to understand that the goal of Masters is transformation of man. While individual transformation and realization are prerequisites and essentials, one needs to come out of one’s undue concern and obsession with his own progress so that he becomes dearer to the Divine and as the topic of the seminar says “Every one endeavours hard for it, but only he whom God ordains is successful” gains meaning in one’s Consciousness and expresses dynamic participation in the spiritual regeneration of mankind.