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“Every one endeavours hard for it but only he whom God ordains is successful” 


Sri Vidyadhar Joshi


Dear Brothers and Sisters,


Humble Pranaams.


Unlike our earlier deliberations on Master’s thoughts, this topic is of quite a different nature. While we deliberated on our understanding on one of His thought or message before, the topic of this seminar is a statement that refers to Himself and His work. We also refer to Him, Pujya Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur, U.P, India as the Special Personality in whose service stands the Institute of Sri Ramchandra Consciousness as depicted in our emblem. I feel, that to talk about the Special Personality on any respect is like trying to put my puny hand in the ocean to know its depth. But this much we surely know by our imperience of Pranahuti, we feel Sri Ramchandra Consciousness in degrees that fairly give us the confidence in our heart to accept Him as our Master guiding our spiritual destiny. It is a supra rational belief that arises direct out of this imperience which is granted to us out of His love towards us and not out of any dogmatic acceptance or belief from our side.


When we look at the “First Message” from where the topic of this seminar is chosen, the message reverberates with a feeling of simplicity and plainness of things as they stand. We see a proclamation of the Master and His means. It announces the Advent of the Special Personality in a way which is marked by utmost humility, yet candid enough to announce the Advent as well the purpose.

The message however starts with His own sadhana as follows.

“I have devoted the major part of my life to constant remembrance. I was twenty two when I gained access to the holy feet of my Master, Samarth Guru Mahatma Ram Chandraji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, who brought me up in the lap of his grace and affection.”


Mark the humility that the first part of the “First Message” He places His position of being only a humble and devout disciple of His Master whom He has taken in His heart as the Ultimate object of worship. The gift of Special Personality to the erring humanity transpired as a result of this unparalleled submission of Pujya Babuji Maharaj to His Master Pujya Lalaji Maharaj so that human transformation is effected. The unflinching orientation Pujya Babuji Maharaj displays towards His Master is something for us to emulate in our own sadhana.


He further mentions in the article how one makes or mars himself and emphasizes what kind of Master is required to make oneself from the marred state.

“Let us now consider for a while how one makes or mars himself. The world is composed of the finest Paramanus (Sub-atomic particles) which are dense and dark, but in between there exists a faint glow also. That confirms the idea of the presence of both Purusha and Prakriti side by side. The wise and the prudent, inclined towards Divinity, take into view the brighter portion and get profited by it. On the other hand those held up by the charms for material objects get themselves linked with the darker Paramanus and go on contacting the grosser effects thereof, which get solidified by the effect of their continued thinking. Thoughts create impressions which go on growing stronger, forming coverings. They offer a fertile ground for the Mayavic effect to settle in. The effect thus cast upon the particles of the body, being thereby focussed on the membrane, is reflected upon the centre of the brain. This leads to the formation of Sanskaras which having deepened make him easily susceptible, making his mind all the more rigidly adhere to environment and association which tend to support his evil tendencies. Thus he goes on from bad to worse. At this stage, it may only be the power of the Master that can save him and help in the transformation of his darkened inner state.

A true Master can be he and he alone, who possesses such wonderful power and can at a glance create a state of light in an aspirant, diverting his thought from darkness to light till his tendencies, which were previously directed towards darkness, begin to absorb brightness within them. His passage towards light thus becomes smoother and his own internal power begins to act for it. His problem is thus solved and he is saved from all adverse influences, imbibing only that which is to his advantage. Another remarkable thing, which if adopted will leave no stage uncrossed, is that one should try to copy Master's merging. I did the same and it helped me to attain my present state. May God grant you all the capacity for it.

One thing which I like to introduce in our Satsangh is that at 9.00 p.m. sharp every abhyasi, wherever he might happen to be at the time, should stop his work and meditate for 15 minutes, thinking that all brothers and sisters are being filled up with love and devotion and that real faith is growing stronger in them. It shall be of immense value to them, which their practical experience only shall reveal.”


We see that He is giving a glimpse of the problem of human life as well as the solution that lies in yielding to the Master of the day.  The preceding sentence of the seminar topic says,

“Happy be the time that brought forth the present day which promises fulfillment of the Master’s mission.”

I see this sentence charged with beaming hope and an assurance directed towards an ailing and groaning humanity. In the context of the above sentence, we can understand the mission of His Master, i.e, Pujya Sri Lalaji Maharaj’s mission from the following as given in the message given by Pujya Babuji Maharaj in Mysore.


“Great men are not born accidentally. They are born when the world waits for them in eager expectation. Such is the phenomenon of nature. At the time when spirituality was tottering helplessly and the solid materialism had usurped the position of spiritualism in human life and Yogic transmission had become quite obsolete, the Great Soul of my Master descended down to earth in the form of Samartha Guru Mahatma Ram Chandraji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, U.P. This spiritual genius was born on Basant Panchami day, 2nd February, 1873. His life marks the advent of a new era in spirituality. He was in fact the nature's prodigy and his work in the spiritual field is beyond common conception.” (Page 9, SDG, 4th edition.)


It can be understood from the above that birth of Pujya Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Fatehgarh is a Divine decree to assure the humanity which is immersed in solid materialism that a solution is quite at hand. Humanity was given the solution in the form of structuring of a Special Personality who is given the charge of overhauling the nature of human consciousness. The need for a Special Personality is well elucidated in the article “OUR MASTER – SPECIAL PERSONALITY” on the website as follows:

“The appearance of the Supreme Personality is a necessity that was felt by Nature and He has come into being. He covers in Him all the earlier prophets, saints and messiahs. In Him are merged the Masters and there is no difference between Him and the Lord Krishna or Lord Buddha.”


“Mankind has so far been not able to get out of its clinging to animal nature though it has been realized by nobler souls that transcending the animal (asuric) nature is an absolute must if the world has to be a peaceful place to reside.

The bestial nature of man and his clinging on to the desire of satisfying his own wishes at any cost globally has resulted in affecting the eco system and is now the greatest evil that has to be corrected. While the Master asserts that passion and anger are gifts of God, He demands that they are harmoniously blended and moderation maintained in life.

Such a balanced existence alone can enable continuity of the Divine will for expression otherwise the Divine creation itself is under threat. The Personality in existence is given all the powers to ensure the Divine will to express is not thwarted by human nature.

This Special Personality (Babuji Maharaj) himself leading a grihastha life realised the Ultimate by the grace of His Master (Lalaji Maharaj). He generously gave the humanity His method of Yogic Sadhana to enable everyone to realise the true goal of human life (Ultimate) without any distinctions of race, caste, sex, age etc. in His infinite compassion and love to humanity, He made available to mankind His researches in the field of Spirituality. This Eternally Present Supreme Personality is guiding the spiritual destinies of all.” We certainly feel in our sadhana, the transformation experienced in our life by following the Natural Path presented to the humanity.

In the message, “Tasteless Taste of Mergence” (SDG, page 104, 4th edition), Revered Master writes “Transmission gives a new life to the sleeping condition of man, and prepares for the highest approach reserved for human beings. Not only that; it transforms the whole being, shattering all the obstacles in the way of progress. The true meaning of Realisation is 'Death of Death' or 'End of End'. If a man is absorbed in this condition, it means, the way is clear now. The time has changed to such a great extent that so many persons in India do not know what transmission is. It is my Master alone who gave light to the Original Source, which was nearly dried. His message to mankind may aptly be pronounced as 'O Bounded ones, now start to look for becoming free'. (Aseero karo ab rihaayee kee baathain)”

Mark the last sentence by Pujya Lalaji Maharaj. It is an assurance to the humanity. Sri Ramchandra Consciousness is all pervading and ever willing to breathe into every heart. This, experienced as Waves of the ocean of bliss by those who yield to the Master of the day is offered through the process of Pranahuti.

Pranahuti, that is the central to the Natural Path, stokes aspiration for the Highest and makes us sensitive to Divine impulse which hitherto had been subdued by our preoccupation with anything and everything other than Divine. For many of us ordinary folks, such an aspiration would have been out of question if not for this wondrous process. The Natural Path promises the transformation of human psyche

Pujya Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj in all humbleness and humility never states directly that He is the Master guiding the human destiny. But in the light of the statements He makes about His Master, His own sadhana notes and above all, the taste of Sri Ramchandra Consciousness provided to us graciously by Him, it just seems so right in the heart that He is indeed the Master who has been chosen by Divinity making relevant the statement of the seminar “Every one endeavours hard for it, but only he whom God ordains is successful. “

Why He is ordained for the task and not someone else is not a point to question or even analyze when we see He Himself stating that it is ordained by the Divine.  I feel emboldened to say this out of the imperience we get by yielding to the Master as I mentioned in beginning. This alone gives us the confidence that we are not subscribing to any personality cult for the Special Personality has no form but it can be felt as pure unalloyed Consciousness when we yield sincerely in our hearts.

He is the chosen One to fulfill the Mission of the Grand Master, not necessarily as a head of any spiritual organization though He was the president of SRCM while still in his physical form. This point is very well explained in the article “LIVING MASTER”, a talk delivered by Pujya Sri K.C Narayana Garu on the occasion of Janamasthami 2007.  

At the end of the message, He gives a subtle hint to all that now there is only one link to the Divine. That this is through Him and He exhorts that all have necessarily have to come up to it.

 “You may also be surprised to note that the link of connections which existed so far is now no more, since it has been cut off under Divine directions, and another one has been established in its place which every one has necessarily to come up to.

It is therefore essential for you all to turn round - the sooner the better - towards this new link and offer me an opportunity to mend and correct your connections without which one shall remain deprived of the Master's infinite Grace.”

I end with a couplet from Marfat song composed in the glory of Pujya Lalaji Maharaj who structured such a Great Personality beyond our comprehension but yet within reach of our hearts.


Aaj hai fazlo karam sey terey vo roshan chiraag

Roshini pathey hain jis sey aashiqaney marfat

Chashmey haq bi dekh ley bismil nigaanye shokh sey

Phooltha phaltha hai kaisa bostaney Marfat

Transliterated to:

The light of your benediction has illumined countless lamps of Love and devotion

The discerning eye beholds the garden blooming with fragrance of Bliss Divine