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God is constantly with us and ready to take us up at the slightest sign on our part of accepting Him.

God is constantly with us and ready to take us up at the slightest sign on our part of accepting Him


Smt. Bh. Devasena


Dear Brothers and sisters, It is indeed a great opportunity for all of us to have a seminar on the message given by Revered Dr.K.C.Varadachari garu.

I feel it as a blessing to present my small understanding on his message on this auspicious occasion of Sri Krishna Janmashtami.

The above message has three aspects in it.

1) God is constantly with us

2) He is ready to take us up – i.e., the Support given to us

3) Our part of accepting Him – i.e., our willingness to accept Him

On elaborating the above aspects the following was the understanding.

1.   ‘God is constantly with us’. This is the Truth.  In the present day world God is treated as a separate Entity and has been externalized and He is searched outside of us.

2.  In this system we understand God/Divinity through inner experience.  

3.  As we practice the Natural path we gain understanding that the sphere of God or Divinity is something that is not far away from us and not cut off from the things that we do daily but it includes in all aspects of our life. And we start understanding and follow the concept of trusteeship and feel that Master is the knower, doer and enjoyer.

4.   We are supposed to have this awareness all the time and all our actions are oriented towards the Master. By doing this we will also be abiding by the Nature. Any action that we do which is against the law of Nature or in other words not in tune with Nature it upsets or disturbs our inner peace. We act by the guidance of Master all the time. This constant presence of Divinity which is nearer to us is felt more and more in our Hearts as we progress towards the Goal.


5.   In the topic Religion (DR page 3&4  ) Revered Master mentions that:-

‘God is not to be found within the fold of a particular religion or sect. He is not confined within certain forms or rituals nor is He to be traced out from within the scriptures. Him we have to seek for in the innermost core of our Heart.’

6.  Once we know and experience that Divinity is constantly with us and the same is existing in all others also as we all have come from the same source, then Love starts flowing to one and all.

7.  Non-awareness of the presence of Divinity in us as well as in others has made us selfish and separated us from each other. This is the main cause for problems in the world leading to non-peace and restlessness.

Now with regard to the second part of the topic, “He is ready to take us up at the slightest sign on our part of accepting Him”:

8.  This is the experience of all the aspirants in our system. During the sessions of Pranahuti, the power of Pranahuti make us feel confident that Divinity exists in our Hearts and is ever eager to lift us up, the moment we yield to Him. We are lifted from the lower plane of consciousness to the higher plane of consciousness. Many times we are also absorbed in the thought of the Divine forgetting the body consciousness. Revered Master explains us that ‘The centre is yawning towards circumference.’ This is the LOVE of Master towards us. Even the freshers who come to attend the Training course on PAM at our Institute are given the taste of Pranahuti during Guided meditations. They have reported their experiences as calmness, peace, lightness, silence etc. These experiences are the clear evidences that God who is present in our hearts in a hidden state is rekindled. These experiences propel persons to take up the practice of the system and understand its efficacy.

For us the Master enables us to get experiences of Divine presence in our hearts and I am grateful to the Master for this.

Having got a capable GURU who has assured His support to take us upto the GOAL now our part of accepting Him remains. Unless we accept and follow Him in all respects and yield to Him we cannot understand the efficacy of the system and importance of a capable Guru in our spiritual career.

9.  The readiness of our Master to take us up shows His enormous Love He has towards Humanity and this can be understood better in the words of Dr.K.C.Varadachari garu,

“We have met with Gurus who have not been in the true sense Gurus at all either by their precept or by practice or both but who are trying to make the falsehood appear Truth and Truth appear as falsehood and who have got such perversities and monstrosities. Now, in order to set right that condition, a Great personality is born. Naturally He becomes the Guru. But then, it is not easy to recognize Him by the looks. I do not know how we can recognize the person when we come across Him. Even the Master says “Please meditate and hope for seeing Him”. So all that I can say is, when we meditate and seriously pray for such a Personality, He comes to us. Obviously He may not be seen by anybody. But if you pray in earnest, if we really want a guide to help us to reach the Ultimate reality, He comes. He may not come when we ask for any penultimate things of the world because it is not His duty to come for those things. He has come for the Highest Knowledge, to give us the highest Truth in the simplest possible way without complicating our body. That is why we hold that the Master’s role in our practice of training is very important”.

10. Accepting Him means accepting Master in toto. That is we should have only One Master, One Method, and One Goal. Understanding these three Truths is the          fundamental clarity that is required for all the aspirants on the path.  Faith gets strengthened gradually as we practice the system sincerely and regularly and   take Pranahuti at regular intervals.


  To conclude, I would like to state that,  In the above Lecture Revered Dr.K.C.Varadachari garu explains that “ The most important thing in this matter is we are willing to seek God or Master. That is an act of ‘Will’ not of ‘inclination’ alone. If we have decided       that we want the Master’s help for our own higher evolution or to reach the ultimate we will find that God is very near.”

Thanking you for the opportunity given to me.