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Some are deluded by their own thinking and some are illumined by Divine Grace - - Dr. Krishna Yaji

Some are deluded by their own thinking and some are illumined by Divine Grace - Dr. Krishna Yaji

In this topic ‘Spiritual training through Yogic transmission - Role of Master’ from Silence Speaks, Master highlights the importance and undoubted role of Pranahuti in getting out of deluded thinking. This is possible by following Master’s instructions without any reservations.
Master says ‘sceptics may say it (change in the entire course of a man’s life) is after all due to the person who wanted to change himself.’ They ignore to accept that ‘God’s ways are mysterious’.
Master reiterates ‘The heart is not satisfied even if the logic stops dead in some blind alley.’ It is felt at every moment in our daily transactions be it worldly or spiritual. Every one faces critical comments from sceptics at one or other stage of life, in fact we also might have commented so earlier. In the beginning of practice, when we are sincere with some emotional component, we might have faced ridicule of people who say that the change accrued is because of other factors like aging, circumstances, inefficiency etc. In such situations by God’s grace if we remind ourselves of the experience of calmness we have undergone and our earlier struggle/attempts to come out of unrest with futility, we learn to ignore those comments and are convinced to proceed further to learn more and more in this subject.

Manamata is always attractive; reason being every body desires to be appreciated. This applies to every walk of life with no exception. If one keeps in mind the consequences of doing so affecting the balance or happiness early or later, he will definitely resort to refraining from it or take all the precautions not to deviate from directions of his guide. Hence he will feel the necessity of help from more balanced or experienced person and seeks the same. Even then, now and then his desire for appreciation peeps out for expression. Gradually he will become devotee. It is difficult to become devotee, not to think of Murad. Many people grant themselves status of devotee before or after seriously practicing any system. That deception need not be intentional and conscious. We overcome this difficulty ONLY by His help, which is inevitable if we have longing desire towards Him. In this context I remember 2 dictums (commandments) taught during my post-graduation, which appear to be essential to learn effectively.
1. Boss is ALWAYS right
2. If you think that he is not right, follow dictum no 1.

Unfortunately if the teacher himself is deluded, naturally disciples get trapped (herds of sheep). Master revealed the results of such association for both disciple and teacher. He also gave clues to know about worthiness of teacher and method. At every moment we will be subjected to face situation in which we may be attracted to ideas of others, however short span it may be. This is avoided by attaching ourselves to Master continuously at thought plane. Here Master affirms His readiness to come forward by 10 steps to help us if we proceed by 1 step towards Him.

Few years ago our guide asked me what is normal and what is abnormal. Though it came to my mind at that time that being in reality is normal, the next possible question made me to keep quiet. His answer is ‘communicability without controversy to every one’. As far as spirituality is concerned if we consider the idea of existence of separate self as finest delusion, everybody is considered as deluded. As this is deeply ingrained since long time unknown since creation, it is unwavering. We have to manage to shatter that idea or at least show willingness to do so by the help of Master. It requires treatment from the root itself. Dr KCV mentions Master’s views that ‘The individual ray of the Ultimate has created for itself an organic organization of physical, vital, mental and supramental centres and organs…..They have become autonomous in a sense but have to be opened up for higher control. This is possible only by bringing down the highest power of the Centre and not merely the higher power just above the human. It is the necessity to mould the lower in terms of the highest through the higher which has also to mould itself to receive the highest.’ (Event Horizon – XVII)

It is common to observe that, in the beginning of practice and later sometimes, we do not believe that higher experience or happiness is granted to us. We might have held our view that we are imagining about what we have been bestowed, at least for some time. Diary writing is stressed to acknowledge the same which may/need not be understood at the time of experience, but it may be understood at a later date.

Any body is likely to be deluded (deceived) by the manifestation / expression of a thing if he has no capacity to perceive the thing behind the expression. In childhood one may assume that as he blows the train moves, though it is very ridiculous and consider it as innocence, similar type of ideation will be experienced in later stage of life when it will be considered as ignorance/ idiocy. Master warns that ‘the trainee may not feel anything at the beginning. The reason is that he is accustomed to feel only through senses. After sometime, however, he may feel results of such transmission’. This indicates that we must be careful in inferring whatever we get with due acknowledgement to the Master.

Master clearly states that Divine grace is essential for illumination. Otherwise whatever understanding had by self-effort will be from the perspective of self-only.

The power of the matter is not dismissible so easily. It casts its own effect on those who subject themselves to its effect. For that matter, any body unwilling to accept outward influence is free from it to that extent. Master explains this as He mentions Hypnotism, Mesmerism and how Pranahuti is different from them.

People are illumined by God’s grace as per their deservancy. At times it is quite possible to be deluded that we are not getting grace during Pranahuti sessions. Then we have to digest the fact that we don’t deserve it for the time being. At later stage we understand that even in the period of apparently not getting grace, we had it, otherwise we would not have survived in real sense (plateau phase of learning curve). Even though we don’t deserve it at that time, we can get it by intense craving with love and devotion, with only intention of living in HIM and nothing else. (Adhyatmikata- p 37-38). We have to cultivate such a love towards Master as put by Him ‘When I saw my master my heart was filled up with his light. And I started to remember him constantly as my Lord, my Master and my soul. May all true seekers find him. Amen!’ (Role of Master-silence speaks)