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Some are deluded by their own thinking and some are illumined by Divine Grace - - Sri. Vivek Joshi

Some are deluded by their own thinking and some are illumined by Divine Grace - Sri. Vivek Joshi

Dear Brother and Sisters,

My Humble Pranams to you all. Today’s topic has been taken from the book Silence Speaks (page 229, Second Edition May 2007) and it appears under the title “Spiritual training through yogic transmission”.

Let us first look at the context in which the Master has made this statement. He starts with a question that how come great personalities like Lord Krishna, Swami Vivekananda or Rev. Lalaji are able to change the entire course of man’s life. How is this done? A skeptic will argue that it was because of the person who wanted to change himself and the Guru or the Master was for namesake only. To further illustrate their way of thinking as correct, they may quote many more such instances. However, Master says that these obvious instances need not deter a true seeker from seeking the reality.

A true seeker would be one who admits his helplessness to understand the divine ways and surrenders to it. On the contrary a skeptic would use his thinking and intellect to understand the divine ways and in the process only delude himself. Once having understood the divine, there is no further need for an enquiry and therefore the search ends there.

How can a journey towards what we term as infinity end so abruptly and so soon? As Master explains, logical speculations are no substitute for the cravings of the heart. The heart is not satisfied even if logic stops in some blind alley.

The Master emphasizes further in one of his messages that “It is a matter of pity that people remain entangled in their amusements thinking that to be the reality and end their pursuit with them”

“ Mil gai jis ko ganth haldi ki
us ne samjha ki hun mai pansari”
“One who got a piece of turmeric considered himself to be a grocer.”

Delusion as has been explained in DR pg 83, is an “Inducement based on outward show of knowledge, eloquence or power and promotes blind faith leading to disastrous results. A conscientious man will never allow himself to be led away blindly into delusion by such false impositions which have no real significance in the spiritual field.” At the same time, one who has the potential of getting illumined by the Divine Grace are positive thinking people…at a minimum. What becomes subsequently essential for such people is to fix their eyes on the absolute reality with faith and confidence and to adopt ways helpful and conducive to self realization.

This is where our method of PAM comes in with a worthy and capable guide of the highest caliber. This is also where there is need to show faith in the Master. Help from a capable Master is indispensable for higher spiritual attainments.

We may not have absolute faith to start with, but just like we start our meditation with a “mere supposition” so we start our spiritual pursuit by reposing some basic faith and confidence in the Method and the Master. As we practice the system more and more, the faith becomes stronger by the day. Really speaking, faith is the entire structure of spirituality itself. Faith in reality, faith in the right course adopted for realization and faith in the worthy Master (DR pg 82)

Ours is a complete system, in that it provides all the necessary structure required for our spiritual progress.

The concept of faith that we talked about in the preceding paragraph is not mere philosophy. The methods given by our Revered Master, grants us that imperience which is much needed to supplement the initial faith. Once supplemented by our imperience, the faith grows and motivates and inspires us to do our Sadhana more assiduously. Thus we can see that how through an iterative and self complementary process, the spiritual progress takes off.

Lest we rest on the way, thinking the intermediate states to be the final, the unique concept of Pranahuti comes to our rescue. It helps maintain the restlessness and pushes us to higher and higher states of consciousness. Meditation on points A and B together with 9 PM prayer and bed time prayer ensures that the process of divinization of man stays on course. Thus gradually we start getting illumined by the Divine Grace. Masters Grace no longer remains a mystery but can be imperienced by all sincere seekers of Rev. Babuji’s method of PAM. There is thus no scope for delusion in our system if we do the Sadhana and follow the commandments exactly as advised by the Master.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I may have shown some misunderstanding in presenting today’s topic, for which I sincerely beg your pardon. I thank you all for allowing me to share the thoughts. I would like to end with a sincere prayer for spiritual elevation….

O, Master!
Thou art the Real Goal of human life.
We are yet but slaves of wishes
Putting bar to our advancement.
Thou art the only God and Power,
To bring us up to that stage.