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If we are in the hands of a real master, all the things necessary for ‘man to be called man’ gradually come out of themselves.

Smt. Bh Devasena

Dear brothers and sisters,

My hearty pranams to all of you.


Firstly I would like to express my gratitude to the Institute of SriRamchandra Consciousness for giving all of us an opportunity to participate in the seminar and also express our understanding on the above message of the Master through our papers.


1)      The purpose of human life is to become a real man. The real man is he who is balanced and moderated under all circumstances.

2)      When Master says that all the things necessary for man to be called man gradually come out of themselves – means our present state is that we are not expressing the qualities that are naturally required to be expressed by a man. When we analyse what are the things a man is supposed to have to be called a real man? The inherent quality or the real / original nature of a man is Divine. Our revered sir explained to us that people talk about human resource development but there is a divine resource in every man that has to be tapped for expression.

3)      To restore back to our balanced condition which we had at the beginning from the present state of unbalanced condition as a result of our wrong thinking and actions is not an easy task.

4)      Our system – Natural path is for bringing out the divine resource from every human being. Adherence to the ten commandments given by our Revered Master enable a person to live in a balanced condition which is our Goal.

5)       It is only a real master who can help and support us to reach our goal. In this context we need to feel grateful for being in the hands of our loving Master who is the Real Master continuously supporting us in our efforts to get back to our original nature. Master in His messages hints us and explains us that there are various intricacies and pit falls in our spiritual pursuit. One cannot progress by only self effort – Master’s support is indispensable especially at higher regions one cannot move without Master’s support.

6)      In the topic “ Guru” Revered Master explains the importance of a guru in one’s spiritual pursuit and in selection of a proper guide. He explains that when one is undergoing bhog only a worthy Master can push him out of the whirlpool and make him progress further. In the words of Revered Master : - “ It is only the helping support of a capable guide that can take us on up to our destination. The help of a guru or Master is therefore essential and indispensable for those engaged in spiritual pursuit.”1

7)      When we are in the hands of a Real Master or Guru then as said by Our Master, “Guru is the connecting link between God and man. It is through his medium only that we can reach God. He is the only power that can extricate us from the intricacies of the path”2

8)      The intricacies of the path are not only due to our past actions but also due to the unfolding of the intricacies. I would like mention about this aspect in the words of the Master, “Bhog does not only mean undergoing the effect of our past actions but it really means passing through the process of unfolding the intricacies of the point which we have already arrived at. Our stay at these points for the purpose of bhog is often very long and in most cases it is almost impossible to get out of act by mere self effort.”3 From the above statements of the Master we understand that how difficult it is to move on the path without the support of a capable Master. But in the context of this seminar topic, I understand that when we undergo the bhog, then the real condition comes out for expression as the result of this process.

9)      In the message, Method of Training Master talks about self. He makes us understand that unless we are away from the self we cannot be moral and the method prescribed in the Natural path helps an aspirant to gradually come out of this individual self. We can understand that, the condition of being selfless or becoming universal self is the transformation that happens as a result of progress on the path.

10)  To move and grow in the universal consciousness, the methods given by the Master like the prayer that is to be offered at 9 p.m for the betterment of all the persons in this world is one of the sure methods that can be adopted by all. This is inline with the primary goal in our system is that one should have the aspiration to move on to the higher planes of consciousness. We will not be able to think for the betterment / good of others if we are confined to our self i.e body consciousness. 9 p.m prayer suggested to us speedens our progress since it is willed by the Master. As we practice this prayer regularly , thinking good of others becomes our second nature. This nature is strengthened by attending to point A meditation at night ( before bed time prayer ).

11)  In the system of PAM, the trainer enables the aspirant  to develop human qualities by diversion of the flow from “L” to “U” through Pranahuti. Regular sittings helps an abhyasi to get rid of the impurities  and  human qualities gradually come to expression that are willed by the trainer during the sittings. And also as a result of this our mind gets regulated and our senses gradually come under control naturally without suppression or strangulation.

12)  Revered Master says “ Proper making of a man must be the natural result of the right type of training. Proper making comprises of the right moulding of mind with due moderation in the exercise of all our senses and faculties”4.

13)  Purity is our real nature.  Impurities are the coverings that we have formed and these coverings have to be got ridden off. Purification method given in our system is a unique feature of PAM where  we are able to get rid of our impurities. Trainers support through Pranahuti helps us to get rid of the avarnas that have been accumulated because of our past actions.

14)  The process of becoming a real man when we are in the hands of the real Master does happen but then it is my personal experience that during the process of sadhana there are various ups and downs. Sometimes there is a feeling that we have developed seriousness in sadhana and feel elated. At times there is also a feeling of lowliness and sadhana seems to be slow down and gets dimmed. At such moments the love and support of Master through Pranahuti again rekindles the reduced spirit of sadhana and pushes us out of the groove. This kind of a push given by the Master makes us yield to Him unconditionally with a feeling of gratitude and faith strengthening. I think most of us have such experiences and this is the reason why we can confidently declare that ‘We are safe in the hands of a loving Master’. However on our part determination and aspiration to reach the goal is a must. Master assures us that one can achieve the goal of life in this very life itself by following the system sincerely with love and devotion and becoming deserving of His grace.

15)  When we try to understand the philosophy given by our Master in the 5th,6th and 7th commandments we can practically implement them in our real life situations. When we learn to bear the difficulties in life with fortitude, we feel lightened and they also enable us to develop more faith and nearness to the Master. Qualities like tolerance, forbearance, kshama etc. come to expression naturally. The qualities of endurance, forgiving nature do define the character of man in terms of a real man.

16)   But I have also understood the term real man as one who is free i.e,  one who is free to work for the cause of humanity. The system of Natural path given by the Master is for a grihasta who has to discharge his duties towards family and society as a trustee of Master and at the same time be able to experience the freedom from all bondages so as to serve Master as His true disciple. To continue further, I would like to quote the Master from the message Spiritual way of life, “By connecting ourselves with such a person with love and devotion and by practicing meditation in the right manner, we begin to get transformed accordingly. In short we have to break down one by one the bondages which serve to keep us down under limitations and tensions”5.




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