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Lion-hearted men alone can dare approach Reality and men are made so, by Natural Path

-- Dr.K.Madhava

My dear brothers and sisters,


The topic of the seminar is very important because it deals with one of the most vital and indispensable ingredient for success, which is the attitude. If proper attitude is lacking however long one may do practice spiritual success remains elusive.

Here Rev Babuji Maharaj says lion hearted men alone can dare approach Reality. Here lion hearted means, it evokes basically the ideas of courage and fearlessness.

Courage and fearlessness are qualities, which are exhibited by various people in various walks of life, and we hear stories of several courageous characters. Most commonly we hear about courage and fearlessness amongst soldiers, who fight battles for the sake of country against oppressors or enemies.

We also hear about courageous people amongst sports persons who fight against insurmountable obstacles to achieve excellence in a particular discipline. So also we hear about Mountaineers, seafarers, explorers who seem to battle hunger, loneliness, extreme cold weather or extreme hot weather, battle against dangerous predators and achieve their objective.

We also hear several stories of common people in all walks of life responding courageously and fearlessly to situations like floods, earthquakes and Tsunamis, civil wars etc.

These are objective external behaviours, which have been recorded and seen by people.

But there is an important and invisible dimension of man which is the inner thought / feeling world to which he alone is privy. No other person has access to it. Great men like Mahatma Gandhi have proved that non-violence; cooperation and spiritual values like truth, ahimsa and brahmacharya can bring about political and social success. Upholding values like truth and ahimsa requires no less courage than a soldier battling physical odds.

Every person who uses his God given gift of thinking properly and who introspects and looks into his inner world of thoughts and feelings knows how much one adheres to truth.

Mind in its undisciplined and unregulated state indulges heavily in self-deception, takes to subterfuge, denial and thus compromises with Truth. One has to observe oneself and others and see the illegal, immoral, corrupt activities which a modern, secular man indulges in and rationalizes his actions and claims himself as a moral and just person who practices truth. But the inner conscience, which can never really die, knows certainly what is the truth. Why is it so? Why man cannot adhere to and practice truth?

The answer is plain and simple. He is a slave of wishes. He does not really enjoy freedom from sense cravings. The hold of pleasures, comforts, pelf and power and vital urges is so powerful that man finds himself puny, weak and emasculated to practice truth courageously.

Lion hearted i.e. courageous people are few and far in between and that too it is exhibited only in certain situations and that too for certain causes. A thief, robber, terrorist and a suicide bomber also exhibit courage but they do not show the same courage to face the truth. Their courage may not be for Truth and Righteousness.

Rev Master Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj is the only Master who has shown light at the end of the tunnel. He opened the way out of the tunnel. Without Him humanity is doomed in the cave of darkness with no exit path.

He has discovered the points A and B and if one practices on these points as described with sincerity, clear understanding and aspiration for freedom, one surely gets out of the clutches of animal mind and exhibits the courage to approach Reality.

Apart from these practices the impulse of Pranahuti received from a true guide puts one in touch with the original divine nature and feelings of awe, reverence and sacred arise along with silence and simplicity. Repeated exposure of Pranahuti enables one to become familiar with our own divine nature and link between Master and self becomes strengthened. You feel Him closely and even before you get into the prayerful mood, He starts responding to you. And when He is so close to us in one’s own heart, how can fear reside along with His holy presence? Fear vanishes and one gradually gains more and more courage to give up attachments, mania of friendships, ideas and ideologies. One wants to give up every thing except His holy company.

Now the question is the topic of the seminar is a claim of the Master. I can honestly say that His method, His blessings in the form of the work of the guide have made me courageous to approach Reality and His claim stands vindicated.

If the method is practiced sincerely with the proper attitudes, success in the spiritual field is inevitable. But during the process of travel on the path, imperfections and failures are bound to be there and the world will judge the Master harshly and may even cast aspersions. It is our duty to validate His claims. Otherwise we have to live with a miserable feeling when some body casts aspersions on our beloved Master. Only way by which we can live with clear conscience is when we live Ten Commandments and in such a case nobody can lift a finger against us.

Another important factor in spiritual life is the role of a guide. One can never achieve success in spiritual life by reading books or thinking only. You require motivation and inspiration and that only a guide provides.

Rev Master has said “A number of people merely ask questions pertaining to Divinity. But to attain it, is not generally found in the minds of such people”. Clear concept of Divinity, real intention of how to attain it, this goal clarity probably also requires the grace of Rev Master.

Since we have the grace of Rev Master and His presence amongst us it is only our girding up of our loins that need to be done.