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Reality dawns on him alone who goes back along with Nature making himself subtler and subtler 

Sri. Raghu Annaluru


Dear brothers and sisters,


In the spirit of Bodhayanti Parasparam, I seek your permission to present my views on the seminar topic “Reality dawns upon him alone who goes back along with Nature making himself subtler and subtler”.


Master says “goes back along with Nature”. For me, it means that we have to be in tune with nature and spend efforts in going back to the Centre where from all of us have descended from.  Master, the special personality, is entrusted with the task of overhauling Nature, and it is our duty to co-operate with Master in this divine endeavour so that balance can be re-established.

What is stopping us, from going back, becoming plain and simple (to be identical with nature) is, our self created individual creation/network, which we constantly feed with our personal ambitions, desires, ego, with which we are so attached, that we don’t want to come out of , even if help is offered.


To be in tune with Nature, means developing divine attributes of brotherhood, empathy, Simplicity, Service Sacrifice, among others.


My Imperiences

It is my imperience that, by doing regular Pt. B purification before morning meditation, the amount of sensual and unclean thoughts that used to bombard and wreck my meditation sessions, have greatly reduced. Now my meditations are calmer, smoother and more absorbing.

Also, it is my experience that the general condition of calmness and lightness bestowed in morning meditation, somehow gets dimmed by the evening when I come back from office. Here, doing 30 minutes of cleaning and 9 pm prayer helps in making me fresh and calm again.

To that extent I feel more in tune with Nature, after following the meditational practices.


Master says “He must also cultivate habits which will be conducive to his efforts for shattering the network”1.  A few habits to cultivate are

1.  To follow the 10 commandments (starting with rise before dawn).

2.  Regularly taking sittings and attending Satsangs.

3.  Reading & listening to Master’s works. A point to note here is that, Sri Ramchandra publishers, publish and make available books in almost all the bhandaras and unless we make it a habit to study the works daily, it is very difficult to catch up.

4.  Reducing T.V time, mindless browsing and visits to the mall.


This chapter (Peep into Reality) is categorized under the section “Principles”. On reading the message a few times and contemplating, I get a feeling that Master is giving us some principles, on how we should live our lives so that we become subtler and subtler, namely

1.  We are all grihastha’s. We should try to make our home like an ashram; by doing our meditational practices and encouraging our spouses to do as-well, talking to children about Master, thereby creating an environment where our homes help us in our transformation.

2.  Master says “As you think so you become”2. In this competitive world, we are bombarded with many thoughts, some novel and some very disgusting.  Master mentions one Jamila (charming dancer).  We are living in a world where there are Jamilas everywhere, every ready to disturb our silence. Here a strong will is necessary to stay focussed.

3.  Instead of spending time debating endlessly (with friends and relatives) about God’s existence and form, we should spend efforts for being better sadhakas first.


It is indeed our good fortune and luck to be associated with a system, in the prime of our lives, which did not arise accidentally AND was given graciously to mankind waiting in eager expectation AND which adopts natural ways for God realization. What else do we want?

We should be grateful and take this opportunity with both hands and follow ALL the meditational practices assiduously. This will definitely help us becoming subtler and subtler, plain and simple, which will enable us to have a peep into reality.





1.  Basic Writings of SriRamchandra, First Edition, April 2008,  pg152

2.  Showers of Divine Grace, Fourth Edition, October 2006, pg 62