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Imperience Day 2006 : Paper - "A few are so born who confuse dhal for boiled rice and take great pleasure in this confusion" - Sri Prabhakar Chintapalli

A few are so born who confuse dhal for boiled rice and take great pleasure in this confusion

-- Sri. Prabhakar Chintapalli

Dear brothers & sisters and Rev. Sri. KC Narayana Garu,


I feel it is a great privilege to present this paper before you this day. I shall admit that I have compiled this paper mostly from my understanding of the Master’s message titled “THEY HAVE LOST THE OCEAN”. I have tired to bring out the significance of adhering to what Master has given us for our spiritual journey and the feel for the extent of agony Master has expressed in this message.
Today’s topic “A few are so born who confuse dhal for boiled rice and take great pleasure in this confusion”, taken from the message titled “They Have Lost The Ocean”, aptly summarises the situation of those strayed away from the path.

In this message Master has alluded on:

Character development and its significance in spiritual development of an individual.
Essence of strong character and courage that lead to obeying the duty.
The agony around lack of willingness and co-operation from abhyasis to adhere to the meditational practices while resting the responsibility of any shortcomings to Master.
Agony and eagerness of the Master to uplift and help the individuals despite their lack of readiness.
Intense desire to complete everyone’s work successfully and pour all His spirituality in us. Also keen to ensure that majority of the abhyasis achieve at least His own spiritual condition in the shortest possible time.
The primary reason behind appointing many preceptors
How the method was lost in time and the associated side effects of it.
How the bondage of egoism took over the situation and the effects of it spreading across like a decease such as suggesting considerably altered methods of practice, which invariably leaves significant burden on the Master
Misdirected belief that the faith in their ego is their power

This message clearly highlights the anguish of the Master for awakening a) the ignorant that claims to be followers of natural path b) those started teaching considerably altered methods of practice.
As indicated in the message our Master’s heart is ever intent and keen to ensure majority of practicants achieve atleast His own spiritual condition in the shortest possible period of time. In order to expedite this and to ensure the message reaching the largest number quickly and in good measure, appointed many preceptors. Also it is stated that the job of preceptors is that of awakening the public so that their work can be done. So it is implicit to say that the task of awakening must be in line with what has been originally laid down by our Master because it is His work. Hence in order to become effective helpful aids for His work it is incumbent upon us to spread the message AS IS and work for the Master alone (meaning no selfish interests). That is when we can safely say we are in the service of the Master.
Whereas the irony that is pointed out in the message is that the bondage of egoism caught on with some preceptors (and seems to spread)) and they started feeling high of themselves. As a result they slowly started deviating from the idea of Master’s work while gravitating towards the idea of self. Naturally when the idea of self gets strengthened the longing towards bringing out uniqueness (separated-ness) develops thereby causing the door open for injecting their own personal ideas into the detailed practices laid down originally. Thereby the power endowed to them for the Divine work and for the benefit of others becomes burdensome and risky on Master. It is risky because even the slightest variation meditational practices can have the dire consequences. It is burdensome because it has multiplier effect and that much reversal effort Master has to expend to correct the abhyasi(s). Instead of being a helpful aid, they end up becoming negative forces; this is when the original idea of having a helpful aid (preceptor) defeats its own purpose.
It is within this context and in reference of those individuals Master states that they believe their faith in their ego is their power and they remain entangled in it. Hence the topic of the seminar “A few are so born who confuse dhal for boiled rice and take great pleasure in this confusion” can be readily understood in this context if we can rephrase as follows: A few are so born who confuse ‘faith in their ego’ for ‘power’ and take great pleasure in this confusion. Our Master also states that to bring such persons back into the path is nearly impossible due to they having gone away from their duty.
After having read this message I consider myself lucky to be part of an institute whose objectives (of spreading the message of Master in its purity of content and practice) are inline with our Master’s vision. As sincere followers of our Master every one of us have the onerous responsibility to strictly adhere to meditational practices as they are without any deviation.


In conclusion, as sincere seekers of spirituality and as a true disciple of Master, we can certainly lighten the anguish of the Master expressed in this message by closely adhering to meditational practices as prescribed originally. I sincerely pray that none of us would become or belong to the examples cited in the message.