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The understanding comes when the seed at the bottom is fried up - - Dr. A.Subba Rao
Revered masters
Hearty pranams and salutations.

The topic of the seminar "The understanding comes when the seed at the bottom is fried up" is drawn from the message of the Great Master delivered at Bangalore on 30th April, 1978.The message is titled as "Simplified system of Spirituality" (SDG 2005 Edition- Pg 36).

In the above message the Great Master Sri Ramchandraji says "We have come from Divine energy and it has become our Base. But it has gone out of sight which we have to revive, if we want to maintain ourselves. Love is the way of inner awakening to the Reality. Sahaj Marg has come in the front with the Basic principle in view."(SDG - 38)

The above sentences from the Master's message is very significant in many ways. The 'Revival' of this Divinity (Divine energy) is a matter of experience amongst all of us from day one of the introduction into the system of SriRamchandraji Maharaj which is progressively and increasingly felt as we move on the path of Grace. The Dynamic methods of the system, Unique support of Pranahuti and basic willingness to participate in the Divine endeavour are very much gratefully acknowledged by all the seekers of Reality following this system.

The profound concept of 'Divine Resource Development' pioneered by our Revered Guide Sri KCN for humanity and his committed endeavour in this direction to peel off the deeper and deeper layers of understanding is a matter of Imperience of all of us. All the original works of the Great Master, the works of Revered Dr. KCV on the system and the monumental work 'The Path Of Grace', the original monograph 'The Five Kosas - Role in Sadhana Under PAM', 'Imperience Beckons', 'Practice and efficacy of Sri Ramchandra's Raja Yoga', the book on 'Pranahuti' and a series of 'Bodhayanthi Parasparam' which form the curriculum vitae of the system is known to all seekers . All the truths are to be felt and imperienced during our meditations, owned up and expressed to become a 'Real man'.

This DRD necessarily demands "Unlearning of the unreal" and "Learning of the Real". The methods of meditation and Pranahuti are sure means for such a shift, the beginnings of which are gradually experienced when flow to the 'Upper Heart' is done and the diversion of the flow of consciousness to true 'Self' (Atman). Meditations on Point 'A' and 'B' are most essential practices for stabilization and further evolution of consciousness towards Divinity. This revival of consciousness from animal (existential) to human (altruistic) is most essential and a prerequisite from practical angle towards evolution towards divinity.

Master further states that "Love is the way of inner awakening to reality". It is our experience that the seeds of love for Master/God/Divinity are awakened and all of us are expressing it in some measure or the other along with varying degrees of attitudes like Co-operation and sacrifice which are fundamental for spiritual way of life. In fact Divinity taught humanity through its own example the fundamental principle of sacrifice (Ekoham Bahushyami) with a fond hope that we shall emulate 'IT' and has generously bestowed the human with the faculty of 'Thinking' (mind). It is our bounden duty to persevere the path with confidence and courage and reach the pinnacle of human perfection. In the words of the Great Master "Human perfection lies in Realising the Master as Master in true sense, and oneself as His slave devoted entirely to His service".( Imperience Beckons - pg 57 ).

The ISRC is in the service of Eternally present Supreme Personality. Therefore it is incumbent and imperative that every practicant appreciates by heart "Service as the goal and service as the means" and participate in the divine endeavour as Master wants one to be with all humility but with abundant courage. This constructive individual development is one of the objectives of the ISRC and all of us individually and collectively are moving in that direction of total selfless service towards the divine, by the divine and for the divine.

There is a Japanese proverb which says "Thinking without action is day dreaming and action without thinking is nightmare". The spirit of the proverb demands that one should understand and perform through participation as a true servant of the divine. This is possible only when individuality and its angularities are dissolved in toto so that divinity alone expresses itself in its full bloom. That is why, as the seminar topic says "The understanding comes when the seed at the bottom is fried up" is to be understood in letter and spirit and mould oneself in the spirit of 9th Commandment of the Great Master so that as Master puts "But as Indians we are interested to produce the same environment in us, so that others may be benefited by its radiation." (SDG-pg 35). Practically we are aware that this is possible when we move and work from the realms of 'No boundary consciousness' and beyond. The essential prerequisite is development of true vairagya (moderation) which can grant such capacity for the mind and heart. This is the due attachment which is nothing but total attachment to the divine for 'IT's purpose for which one should be confident and courageous. The principle or theory of Parellelism is the basis for that courage and this is the experience of all of us.

The World Health Organization gave a slogan few years back "Think globally and act locally". We have been doing our 9 P.M. prayer thinking of whole humanity (as a unit - globally) and meditating at Point 'A' (locally) for development of True love, real faith and devotion to Master are growing in all. This is most important duty and we shall commit ourselves so that as Master says "We should try to give them real peace; that is our duty and our business" (SDG- pg35).

There is an onerous responsibility on all of us to preserve, promote and propagate the system given by the Master in its purity of content and practice. This necessarily can be had by diligent practice (do and feel) where by a true conviction is had and by which mind and heart gets natural capacities for radiation of the effects. The purity also demands that there should be no confusion in our minds about the Goal, the methods, way of life and pranahuti. The ISRC has given the humanity in general and seekers in particular copious literature on the system. Further, none should corrupt the system with ideas / ideologies which are not in tune with Natural Path and Master's works so that distortion and dilution are prevented. One has to be alert and uncompromisingly firm if need be in this regard.

Dear brothers and sisters this becomes possible only when "The understanding comes when the seed at the bottom is fried up" for which we should be prepared, willing and unconditionally surrender with the sole objective of expressing Him and Him alone. This is possible only when we develop as the Master says "Real love develops in purer mind, having its Nature divine. We can only know the unknown when we become unknown ourselves." (SDG - pg 69).