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Truly speaking we give wrong suggestions to the Mind

Smt. G Padmaja

Dear brothers and sisters,

My humble pranams to all.

The topic of the seminar is from the message, “Master who leads to realization”. The above topic continues, “How do we give such suggestions? The environment creates the circumstances to have such ideas. We move in that sort of an environment.”

A suggestion is an idea or guidance. So how do we get right suggestions?

“When the individual mind is brought to the state of the cosmic mind, the manas assumes its real form and begins to give proper guidance. (SDG-13)”

There is a story “Thoughts and Actions” in Moral stories Volume III. The character Raju in this story realizes his bad conduct and seeks apologies from the bird. In reply to that, the bird says, “Where was your conduct? You acted according to the atmosphere. No one really acts according to his personal will.”

So how do we build a pure environment?

Pujya Babuji in His several messages expressed how world peace is related to individual peace and the importance of transforming oneself. It is important to have a pure inner environment. I would like to share some points for the same.

1. Inclination to God is the first step.

2. Practice methods of the system as given.

a. During morning meditation treat thoughts as uninvited guests. Morning meditation helps in regulation and purification of mind.

b. Follow cleaning method in the evening.

c. Point A & B meditation to curb disturbing tendencies of the mind.

d. 9 PM prayer

e. Prayer before going to bed.

f. Regularly taking sittings and attending satsangs.

3. Follow Commandments 1 to 10 diligently. We should be watchful of the excuses we get – “I can get up a little later. There is nothing much to do. Or I am tired after a day long’s work to pray before going to bed.”

4. One has to observe the thoughts after meditation. These thoughts can be of past or future that were fed upon or due to doer ship.

Sometimes when such thoughts bothered, seeking the help of the trainer and reading our literature helped me. Feeling submissive and just praying helped a lot.

“Actions are results of thoughts and thoughts are our own actions. SDG – Pg. 30” They can form a continuous loop and can have an effect on the environment. So think of Divine and do every act as duty to Divine.

5. Occasions such as bhandaras, seminars, workshops will help us to be in thought of Divine. As Pujya Babuji mentions in the beginning of the message, “We should utilize this occasion in getting into the Master and Master alone, which will act as food and tonic for spiritual elevation.”

Since the topic of food came, following of Commandment 8 is essential.

6. Every single event is an opportunity to learn. Miseries / Sufferings / Wrongs done by others are all opportunities to be in thought of Divine, to follow the Commandments. Recollecting Masters’ lives and how they lived with forbearance, tolerance, forgiveness, sacrifice, humility, love etc., is helping me to adopt a right attitude.

7. Be vigilant of any imaginations as they are no good for spirituality.

8. Maintain positive attitude towards life. One should not allow even a pinch of negativity to creep in. Lower mind waits for a chance to pull one down.

9. Firmly uphold the five basic principles – Satya, Ahimsa, Asteya, Aparigraha and Brahmacharya to maintain purity.

10. Rev. Sri Ishwar Sahai in Spotlight on the True Path says, “No improvement in general condition is ever possible if we go on ignoring our own errors and short comings and throw the whole blame on others. It is therefore, our own self that we have to first mend and correct”. (Page No. – 7). Constant monitoring, correcting and understanding are needed. Imperience has kindly provided us with tools that help us in evaluation. Playing “Game of Life” often helps us to be cautious of the attitudes that can become obstacles. Rev. Sir has kindly given us some attitudes one crosses, in the seminar topic, “Demolition of the past is a chapter in Natural Path” – (Bhodayanti Parasparam – Vol. V – Pg. No 137). This helps us to build fortitude, forbearance, tolerance, humility etc.

11. Pujya Babuji in the same message mentions, “Incorrect way of worship will lead to the incorrect result”. Hence an abhyasi has to put sincere, earnest efforts and follow the methods as given and not use one’s own resourcefulness.

12. Since the environment is not conducive one need not go to mountains, ashrams or forests. Rev. Babuji in the same message says, “Purity starts from being”. One has to utilize the circumstances to follow the Commandments and promote the inner environment.

“The conscience, as described in the Shastras, is made of four things – Manas (mind), Chit (deeper conscience), Budhi (cognition),and Ahankara (ego). If all these become perfectly purified, conscience will give you only correct signals”.

Before joining the system, I used to feel like going away to Ramana Maharshi Ashram for some days to feel the calmness and peace. Later, I realized that one need not run away but build a temple in one’s place. I feel it’s our duty to make this world a temple of Divine Consciousness.

Thank you for allowing me to share some views with you.