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Truly speaking we give wrong suggestions to the Mind

Sri. Vivek Joshi

Revered Dear Sir, Brothers and Sisters,

My Humble Pranams to you all. Today’s topic is from the book Showers of Divine Grace (page 30, October 2006 edition) and appears under the message “Master who leads to realization” delivered by the Master on the birth centenary of Revered Lalaji Maharaj.

The entire message is structured in a way that First the desired result is put forth by the Master i.e how to know or get the ingredients of a real life, also termed as “Life in Life” by the Master, Second, the stumbling block that we encounter in achieving “Life in Life”, namely the complex interplay of thoughts and actions leading to wrong suggestions that we ourselves give to the mind and how the current environment plays its own part in keeping us at bay with such a Life and Third and the last the Master explains that to achieve “Life in Life” what is the way and how one would automatically start getting the correct signals as purity increases more and more.

We will try to understand the first part of the message. The message was given by the Master on the birth centenary of Revered Lalaji Maharaj and he exhorted all those present to utilize the occasion to be in the remembrance of the Master alone. When we make conscious efforts and remain devoted to the remembrance of the Ultimate, true to the Masters statement that the Center is yawning towards the circumference, the Ultimate also responds to our call and we start imperiencing it and our senses start getting purified. As Master further explains, “When they (Senses) are summarized they become a new force for our regeneration” (SDG, page30).

“When the base is formed within us, the charging with its contents, is also there affecting the entire fiber of our being. These contents are the ingredients of real life which we can safely call “Life in Life”. (SDG, Page 30)

To achieve that real life, we first have to think in the right direction, only then the corresponding action having the desired result would materialize. This is where the interplay of thoughts and actions come into the picture. Actions are the result of thoughts and lest we forsake the thoughts as not being ours, the Master says that thoughts are our own actions. Thinking in the right direction becomes all the more difficult with the environment having a strong influence over what we think and do. Here I would like to recall the story given in the book Moral Stories for Children Vol III. The story, which I am sure all of you would have read, is titled “Thoughts and Actions” has a character called Raju who first deceives the bird despite promising the bird half the reward given by the King, this happens because treachery is in the atmosphere. Next, he tries to kill the bird since Violence is in the air. Last, he surrenders the entire reward amount to the bird with repentance only because there is peace and trust in the atmosphere. On all the three occasions, Raju has not acted as per his volition, rather according to the environment. The story is meant to convey how the environment has a complete sway over what one thinks and does, contrary to what one wants to think and do.

What then, is the solution? Because given the environment today, peace and trust in the story above would be really hard to come by and even if it comes, it may take ages. Should we live at the mercy of the environment waiting for it to become peaceful or should we gather enough courage and face the environment with firm will and with the confidence that it can be “made” peaceful. Here, I am reminded of the previous seminar topic “Lion hearted men alone dare approach reality and men are made so by Natural Path”. It becomes obvious then what the choice should be and what the path should be. Rather than being spectators, we can be part of the process itself. To cooperate in such an endeavor requires that we first prepare ourselves for it. We start our preparation by thinking in the right direction.

“If a man wants to work out the problems of his life easily, he should give right suggestions to the mind. It is the condition which comes by Practice and proper moulding of one’s self” (SDG, page 32).

Here I would like to emphasize on the power of mind and how one can start thinking in the right direction.

As I understand from the article “Mind Power” (Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 3), the main reason for not having the correct suggestions in the mind, is the gap between our goal and our belief system. To clarify this further I have taken the below excerpt from Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 3.

“The main point for focus now is how to keep our belief system in alignment with the goals we want to accomplish. As Master has stressed we should be clear about the goal from the beginning. Master has emphasized the need to fix the goal first. It is very essential for every one to fix his thought at the very outset, upon the goal which he has to attain so that his thought and will may pave his way into it.” (BP, Vol-3, page 150)

Having fixed the goal we have to now ensure that our belief system is also aligned with it. The following excerpt from Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 3 makes it clear how our belief system can be aligned to the goal.

“To change a belief system that is not in congruence with our goal we have to analyze our thoughts. We need to list all the thoughts and beliefs that we have about achieving that goal. For example: If we want to make speedy progress in spiritual life we should first think why we think we cannot make such a progress and what is the cause of this lack of faith in making speedy progress. We need to change our notions and thoughts to correspond with what we want. This can be done by persistent efforts and by regular monitoring of our beliefs and making amendments whenever required” (BP Vol 3, Page 151)

It can be seen from the excerpt above that how by making conscious effort; we can bridge the gap between our beliefs and goal. However, as we have agreed in the initial paragraphs, the effect of environment is strong enough to taint any efforts which we are prepared to put in. Our system so graciously given to us by Babuji helps us in overcoming these downward pulls of the environment. It is never an over emphasis to repeatedly tell about the benefits of methods of the Master. By following these methods and commandments assiduously, one constantly remains in the upper level where purity reigns. Once purity starts, there can only be correct signals to the mind and it becomes a base for higher approaches.

To summarize and conclude, we give wrong suggestions to the mind and the environment does have a part to play in it, but we cannot be totally driven by a singular factor. Living a Grihastha life means that living in the very same environment; we have to make the best out of it. The method of PAM is very well equipped in bringing out the best and we all do experience it sometime or the other.

Dear Revered Sir, Brothers and Sisters I thank you all for allowing me to share the thoughts.