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We can only know the unknown when we become unknown ourselves.

Smt. Bh.Devasena


Dear Brothers and sisters

My humble pranams to all of  you.

1.  The above sentence is an extract from the message of the Revered Master “Easiest way” delivered at Madurai on 30.04.1977 on the eve of His 78th Birthday celebrations.

2.  In this sentence the word unknown mentioned by Revered Master means He is referring to Divinity. To know about this Divinity Revered Master says that we should become unknown ourselves. Our present state is that we are aware of ourselves more rather than unknowning ourselves. This is because of the importance we grant it to our self or ego. Only during the sessions of receiving Pranahuti we forget ourselves many times effortlessly being in the company of Master, but immediately after completing the sitting or satsangh we become aware of our self. We are asked to remember and contemplate on the condition we have experienced during the meditation and try to own it up by sincere sadhana. This exercise only helps us to remember Master constantly rather than remembering ourselves.

3.  In various messages delivered by Revered Master it was explained that God is simple, God is subtle and we can achieve Him only when we adopt a simple method and become subtle ourselves. Extracts of the following messages of our Master explains these points:-

4.  “Unfortunately the basic fact that God is simple and can be achieved by simple means is lost sight of. It has been preached from almost all platforms that the Realisation of the Absolute is beyond the capacity of the common man” (page 93 of SDG of second edition)

5.  “God is the subtlest being and in order to realize Him subtlest means are the only way. This does not mean that for realizing God one has to ignore the needs of physical body or empirical world. If perchance we fall upon the means which go on adding grossness we shall definitely remain away from the vision of Absolute Reality. It is an established fact that meditation is a subtle method provided, the object of meditation is not concrete. That is why under Natural Path we advise to meditate supposing the presence of Divine Light in the heart. The Upanishads also corroborate this. This practice supported by the transmission of the Divine Effulgence becomes subtler and subtler until it becomes the subtlest.” (page 93 of SDG of second edition)

6.  The feeling of subtleness cannot be defined as such. As we progress on the path the feeling of subtleness gets rarified. I feel may be because of this reason Revered Master used the word Unknown for Divinity.

7.  How to become unknown ourselves? This is the toughest aspect of sadhana. To get out of the feeling of self is a difficult thing though not impossible. Lot of humility, yielding, submission to Master have to be developed to come out of self. Trusteeship concept given to us by the Master has to be under stood and adopted in all our dealings. Every aspect of the method has to be followed sincerely with lot of determination with Ten Commandments as our natural way of living.

8.  Our Goal must be kept in our view always. The first sentence of the prayer says that the Master is the goal of human life. But where is the Master? He is not anywhere outside but He is residing in our own hearts. Hence our Goal is very much inside our hearts. To achieve the goal means is to express Master in all our dealings in life. That means we are going to end our activity and allow the Divinity to act in all our dealings. When we express our Master we are not there rather when we express ourselves Master is not there.

9.  When we contemplate as to what is the difficulty in expressing the Master we understand that our wishes are the barrier for our advancement. These wishes are separating us from others. So long as we have individual wishes we cannot progress. But when our wishes turns as our aspiration to bring universal love ,peace and harmony then we will be able to forget ourselves and remain in the company of Master and serve for His cause. This type of altruistic existence when takes over, then we will be out of our selfishness, possessiveness encasing us all the time.

10.                    Our aspiration should be to move out of this bondage of body ie., the Name and the form. Our consciousness should not be bound to this body only. We should strive hard to move to higher planes of consciousness. 9.00 PM prayer done sincerely and regularly helps us to achieve this and gradually this prayer should become our second nature.

11.                    Maintaining purity is the fundamental responsibility of every abhyasi. I understand that this comes by owning up of the conditions blessed by the Master by constant remembrance, regular practice and taking individual sittings and attending satsanghs. When there is purity our will gets strengthened and determination also grows stronger.

12.                    As we are progressing our faith in the Master and the method granted by Him and our confidence to reach the goal become stronger. Our spiritual guide Sri K.C.Narayana garu explains in his talk on Faith and surrender as follows:-


13.                    The Divinity is willing to accept all of us. Once if we know this, then we will have the confidence. Then how do we know that? How do we know that the centre is yawning towards us, this is a practical point which we experience during our meditation. The power of pranahuti makes us all the more confident that Divinity loves us more than we love Divinity. So this faith is based on this fundamental experience we have. This is why Revered Babuji was always saying “don’t question, sit before me, see for yourself. You will understand it”. Not just sitting, closing eyes and going. But, if we have thought about what makes Him flow into us and give a certain amount of calmness to us, we will know what is the love He has, that strengthens our confidence in us, that we can reach Him.” (page 226 of BP VOL.I)

14.                    Finally I would like to conclude my understanding on the topic that we should learn to become unknown of ourselves to know what He is. For learning this sadhana coupled with the support of the Master are required. In the words of our Spiritual guide Sri K.C.Narayanagaru:-

15.                    “Now what is sadhana about? Having understood the goal of human life, that is to live with the feeling of Divinity in us and in others all the time and working as a trustee of the Divine, how do we achieve this? It is possible only when a certain annihilation of self is also established. How do we do this? That requires sadhana. And what exactly is the sadhana in this system that my Master Sri Ramchandraji has given? He says “meditate”. He says “clean yourself” He says “feel humble before Divinity”. These are the three things he has asked us to do. The humility that is expected before God is what we call Prayer”.


Thanking you for the opportunity given to me