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“The difficulty arises when we remain held up by our own resourcefulness applied for our advancement”  - Smt. I. Madhavi

“The difficulty arises when we remain held up by our own resourcefulness applied for our advancement (P.106 of ERY)”

- Smt. I. Madhavi

My heart felt pranams to my beloved Master, and to my dear brothers and sisters.

This statement of the Master is very thought provoking. Master hints that one needs to have the wisdom in fixing up the Goal. The Goal of human life is to be that of just and balanced. Therefore any puja or worship that we do should enable us to grow more spiritual i.e balanced and feel more and more dependent on God. If not now, later we have to get back to our homeland from where we have come far away . It is not by choice but by necessacity that one has to take up to spiritual path for this. God is subtle therefore one has to adopt such methods and means which are subtle which can help him for sure to move in that direction. It is our duty to realize our true nature. Only subtle methods can help us in this process. It is for oneself to judge whether the practice one follows is enabling him to progress in that direction or not. Basically it should bring in the transformation in us by growth in our consciousness helping us to develop moderation. Therefore one needs to make a self introspection and analysis so that we take up the method/system firmly with conviction and understanding.

Most often many question what is wrong in my way of externalized worship to realize oneself? Even I too had the same thought. Except for the methods graciously gifted by the Master to humanity it would be impossible for me even to come out of that idea. At the outset I feel that the method of worship should bring in harmony and openness and balancedness in us. We by restricting our thought of Divinity to a particular form or sphere, our wisdom which is a precious resource gets blurred and we fail to understand Him as He is formless, limitless and all pervasive.

The problem I experienced in worshiping Divinity by conferring some form which is conceived something to be external and alien is that we get attracted and attached to that form and refuse to accept Him as He is or It is as it is. Thought fixation is what happens. We get charmed by the beauty of organizing things in a ritualistic way. Even I observed people being obsessed with respect to it that they start comparing from one to the other. Most often we get tired, and our thought gets locked in the letter rather than the spirit of it. By trying to limit the limitless and externalizing, it is our consciousness that gets limited to a particular sphere and struggles to experience freedom. Divinity is something which enables us in experiencing freedom. Therefore anything contrary to it we feel it as some drag or pressure in our heart rather than experiencing freedom.

Where it takes years and lives for people struggling to experience certain amount to calmness, peace, detention, or a sense of freedom it is given to our experience right from the beginning of introduction into the system due to the influx of Pranahuti. With little willingness and cooperation this has been my experience at the very first introduction into the system of PAM propounded by the Great Master Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Shajahanpur, U.P India. And this we need to understand and be sensitive to grasp and discriminate otherwise this is rather time consuming with our resourcefulnesss.

Also, it is not by our greatness but by the Grace of Master one can experience this shift in thought of conceiving Him from some form to that of consciousness which is of infinite in character. It is the efficacy of integrative-ness of the methods given by the great Master which do not allow us to stagnate at any point of time by the influx of Pranahuti imparted by the trainer. We should not confuse ourselves it to be our capacity.

Every method suggested by the Master is dynamic and purpose oriented. It is by regular practice coupled with repeated influxes Pranahuti during sittings and by attending satsangs is enabling me gradually understand the spirit of the methods. Every aspect of the sadhana looks wondrous.

While offering prayer we express our incapacity to realize Him as our goal and seek His help to get to that stage. We feel helpless and seek His help. It is only when we realize our incapacity we seek the help. If we feel that we can do by ourselves we tend to fail miserably. Similarly, the object of meditation given by the Master which is divine light without luminosity is what we fail to grasp or perceive by our senses. Here by implication he is suggesting and hinting us that by yielding and submission and adopting a waiting attitude only we can experience Him. By properly meditating, we feel our heart is not getting restricted but becomes free from our conception of Divinity.

As we keep on doing meditation we also learn to ignore the thoughts during meditation, as advised by our beloved Master, by which we are experiencing lot of freedom from thought botheration. We feel liberated from those thought fixations and their networks. Resourcefulness or effortful-ness here would be counter and also contra productive.

Master also repeatedly grants us the experiences of nothingness during the meditation as a blessing enabling us to understand our true nature of being nothing and incapable by our own devoid of Him.

We transcend the realms of physical limitations of time, place or body. We are able to meditate effortlessly. Pranahuti is what is enabling us loosen our binds and rigidities of various nature with respect to our samskaric binds but also the rigidities developed with respect to our understanding of our practices. We observe a dynamic shift in our consciousness i.e thought patterns are not confined but are expanding. We are experiencing freedom. Our heart fills with inexpressible happiness and feel balanced. We are becoming more flexible and open.

The internal changes that happen to us are of no use if they are not finding their expression in worldly life. Regularity in practice with correct understanding enables us to follow the commandments in letter and spirit. This moulding of external behaviour is our duty. This happens when we realize the invaluable thing that we are experiencing day in and day out i.e Sri Ramchandra Consciousness which is ever willing to transform the human consciousness, we develop gratitude, love and devotion for Him. I sincerely feel that it is because of the sincere prayers offered by many people I am blessed to get a fragrance of that consciousness. It is for sure because of my Guide's support which is ever rejuvenating the divine resource in me and helping me to move on the path and also helping me develop more and more faith on the Master.

The transformation that is taking place in me is due to the benevolent grace of the Master made available through Pranahuti by my Revered trainer is:

" Attitudes like complaining for what is not given has transformed into accepting everything to be given by Divine with an understanding them to be a part of fruition of samaskaras.

"Levels of accommodation, love for others etc is improving more and more. etc

Just as a beautifully blossomed flower cannot confuse it to be its own capability and capacity for all its beauty except for the nourishment provided by the plant. It by itself does not have any long life. It sustains as long as it is connected with the plant. So as our capacity to think, and wisdom that dawns on us is because of the efficacy of the methods and Grace of the Master, these are the resources bestowed by Him. Without the constant support of the Master whose consciousness is acting as food and tonic for our growth and sustenance that has to be utilized for His work. How capable are we? How competent are we? How resourceful are we is a constant question for me? Therefore the wisdom gained should enable us to yield to the Supreme Master Sri Ramchandra Ji Maharaj of Shajahanpur which is the easy and the best solution for our spiritual advancement rather than confusing ourselves to be the designer of our growth. Our life is given to us as a trust to express Him fully subduing our individuality.

I conclude with a sincere prayer that may we all find our head and heart turn towards Him, always connected and live up to His expectations by living in His consciousness.