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“The difficulty arises when we remain held up by our own resourcefulness applied for our advancement”  - Sri. M. Radha Krishna Murti

“The difficulty arises when we remain held up by our own resourcefulness applied for our advancement (P.106 of ERY)”

- Sri. M. Radha Krishna Murti

The topic forms part of Babuji's message delivered at Mysore in Dec 1965 on the "Efficacy of Raja Yoga."

To get out of shackles of bondage and gain freedom from this worldly misery and also realize one's own self is a natural longing of several individuals deeming it as their duty to aspire so. This wish finally centers round the thought and wisdom. At human level, it represents finiteness engulfed with several bondages all around. The means and methods adopted to get into infiniteness largely shapes the future advancement- basically wrong methods adding to more entanglements adding to the already existing ones, thus serving as a serious impediment for further progress. Those act as inducements for happiness, though short lived as worldly fleeting pleasures, acting as binding forces.

In addition to this unfavorable situation, religious practices already studded with dogmas, being routinely followed by a grihasta to get some solace act otherwise, barring approach to any hope of higher consciousness.

Babuji observes that "if our present level inspires within us a consciousness of a higher type of happiness of infinite character we may be awakened to the idea of going further into the sphere of limitlessness". Knowledge gained by being adepts in religious texts, if not supplemented by the required wisdom to discriminate the correct path for furtherance into the sphere of reality is seldom useful. In such a situation, a mere 'Aptavakya' may facilitate one's choosing a correct path to journey into limitlessness. God favours a really deserving individual a Master who serves as a turning point in his spiritual life, affording him a chance of exposure to higher type of consciousness. This may help an individual to gain intense restlessness for reaching a goal, which he earlier identifies. Babuji says that proper method should be not merely external but that which touches the inner core of the heart. A logical inquiry into the method reveals that the thought force in the being with the unceasing activity of creation, preservation and dissolution of several ideas in quick succession is the sole reason for unrest. This thought force, descending down to human level from the source is limited to the human level alone incapable of extricating itself from the meshes of thoughts created by its own misdirected, aimless and fanciful thoughts tormenting the individual human being continuously. It is here that the help of a worthy master is needed most to plant the seed of Divinity in the innermost core of the heart enabling starting of a journey to ultimate through various plexuses, centers and sub-centers which act as brakes at each earlier stage of progress.

Due to the effect of our wrong thinking and practice, not being disciplined in implementing the methods suggested in our pursuit of Reality serious complications arise, hence without using our own discretion and ingenuity, coupled with resourcefulness, we should follow the course as guided scrupulously. Otherwise, the obvious result would be stagnation on the path. Essential quality of an abhyasi should be to place full trust in Master, fully cooperating with him in every respect, duly developing self confidence in himself that he will certainly reach the goal. Gradual awakening of lower type of consciousness starts the journey on the path opening the way for dawn of higher type of consciousness with diligent practice.

There was an occasion when Babuji expressed His sense of dissatisfaction at the poor yield of results not commensurate with the effort made by Him in training Abhyasis which He ascribed to the grosser methods of worship adopted by those introduced into the path which included continuance by them of the earlier methods adopted by them. Not following of what is prescribed can be an act of omission, while continuing of those which are obviously detrimental to advancement in the refined method of journey to Ultimate is clearly an act of commission. Added to this feature, if abhyasis introduce their own methods it is still more dangerous as it is highly detrimental to their progress and harm their own interests. Even, as Babuji describes in the message "They have lost the Ocean", trainers, who are expected to lead others on the prescribed path are observed to have been guilty of this error of commission for which Babuji never blames them, but states that such is his fate and his fortune!

If we are truthful by any means to ourselves, following 5th Commandment in letter and spirit, there is no scope for any unfortunate situation of committing such errors of omission and commission.

Finally, Babuji says that state of self-surrender where the true devotee surrenders himself completely to the will of God, ushers in the ideal state of relationship between the Master and the devotee. This relationship alone, Rev. Babuji Maharaj observes as the only one that finally brings us up to that highest level of super consciousness, where the true character of the being is revealed.

It will be very appropriate to bring into the discussion, the state of relationship (Master and the devotee) that existed between Bhagwan Krishna and the great warrior of Mahabharat- Arjuna. A brief discussion between Lord Krishna and Arjuna leading to the situation of complete surrender of Arjuna to Lord Krishna appear necessary:--

After granting Arjuna the supernatural eye to behold His divine form and power, which Arjuna did dazed and bewildered seeing great warriors on both sides of army in the battlefield of Mahabharat entering the fearful mouth set with terrible tusks of Bhagwan Krishna, caught between the teeth with crushed heads, the Lord makes Arjuna realise that the latter is only an instrument in the scheme of things being unfurled and advises him to kill all those warriors already killed by Him. It is time to recall what our Babuji Maharaj has given us in the article "GITA". Lord took a few minutes to bring Arjuna to the state of super-conscious prevailing in Brahmanda mandal before granting him His vision. Being incapable of beholding the Sight Arjuna prays for the usual human form of lord to gain his peace, which the Benevolent Lord does quickly.

Bhagawan Krishna, later, as a means of reminder to what has already been given to Arjuna as a message earlier, details the nature of 'Svabhava' and 'Svadharma' of a Ksatriya to which clan Arjuna belongs. To quote Dr S Radhakrishnan ( vide BG Chap XVIII, V-43) " "Heroism, vigour, steadiness, resourcefulness not fleeing even in a battle, generosity and leadership are the duties of a Kshatriya born of his nature." We may say that these qualities from his 'Svabhava' and expression of these qualities in action is his following 'Svadharma'. While telling the merit of 'Svadharmaacharana' briefly as "Better is ones' own law, though imperfectly carried out than the law of another carried out perfectly one does not incur sin when one does the duty ordained by one's own nature" (BG Chap XVII, V-47), Lord clearly leads Arjuna to understand what is 'Saranagati', by further telling him, "flee unto Him with all thy being. O Bharata (Arjuna). By His grace shall thou obtain supreme peace and eternal abode." (BG Chap XVIII, V-62).

After concluding His divine message to Arjuna ( which is also intended to the entire humanity ) Bhagawan Krishna leaves the action finally to the warrior in the battle field. Arjuna stating that He has declared wisdom, more secret than all secrets and he may reflect on it fully and doing what Arjuna chooses for himself. (Yadha ichaci thadha kuru) (BG Chap XVIII, V-63)

Immediately came the reply from Arjuna which he states as all his delusions having been destroyed, gaining recognition through Lord's grace, he stands firm with all his doubts dispelled, he shall act according to Lord's word. (Karishye Vachanam thava)

From the above discussion, we are informed of the ideal 'Guru Shisya' relationship and also the importance of 'total surrender', that helps us to gain advancement in our path.

Teachings of Babuji Maharaj would make a serious sadhaka to become alive to basic truths in this world:-

1) Every embodied soul is bound to experience misery till the end of his life. there is no exception. This is a natural law in operation.

2) Thoughts do arise during meditation. it is unnatural to think of complete silence uninterrupted by thoughts. They occur till the skeletal structure drops off when the living force chooses to leave it by entering into another body.

3) In the context of the topic of today's seminar it is the duty of every Sadhaka to guard himself against any interference of his intellect gathering intelligence and trying to introduce any innovative methods. This has to be achieved by strict discipline in following what is prescribed to advance on the path. Giving margin to human failures dear brothers and sisters, let us make honest attempts to follow the path in letter and spirit.

Pranams to all.