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Volume -10
Indian Philosophy
Reconstruction in Indian Philosophy
Budhism and its Influence on the Indian Systems Abroad
Abhava and Anupalabdhi or Non-Existence and Non-Perception
Sanskrit our Imperative Need
Sanskrit Poetics
Is Indian Philosophy Pessimistic?
Brief Philosophy of Sri Vedanats Desika's Bhakti
Alvar Sathakopa's Vision of God
The five forms of Srinivasa
Srinivasa and Vednata Desika
Srinivasa and the Divine Doctor
Indian Philosophical Systems and Social Problems
A Critique of Dialectical Advaita
Karma and Rebirth
Vision in Indian Philosophy
Religion and Religious Life
Mythology and Modernism
Rabindra Nath's Philosophy and Religion
Psychology and Religion
Religion and the Modern world
Sri Aurobindo and the New Evolution
Some baisc concepts of Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo
Sri Aurobindo (wherein Lies His Greatness)
Mysticism - A Critical Study
Materialistic Mysticism and Mystic Materialism
Personalistic Mysticism
Socialistic Mysticism
Theistic Mysticism
Erotic Mysticism or Bridal Mysticism
Knowing Ourselves
Man's Aspiration and his Quest
A Critique of ways of Knowing
The Future of mankind
Huma Rights - Reflections on Culture
Meaning of History
Philosophy and Life - 1
Philosophy and Life - 2
Messiah and the Monk
Time and Space and Reality
Spiritual Foundations of Cultures and Civilization
Concept of man and the Philosophy of Education in East and West
Kabandha Philosophy and Rahu Philosophy
Emotional Measurement
The Religious Moral and Spiritual Background
Omnipervasiveness of God
Humor in Philosophy
Ancient hindu thought and Modern movements
Philosophical Studies in India during the Period of Crisis
Towards a World Philosophy
The Concept of Progress
My Philosophy
A way of Life for the Modern Man